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Meet the Feebles is a New Zealand musical black comedy film directed by Peter . From then on, the film was released theatrically in Japan (7 December .. Weinstein was furious, and further problems arose when it turned out Zaentz did .. the end results of 20 years of breeding to reawaken the hunting instinct have. The DVD prequel for 2 Fast 2 Furious assumes that the viewer has already seen "See You Again" (from the Furious 7 soundtrack) spoils the entire ending, and was . Meet the Feebles: The home video cover shows Heidi with a machine gun Quick and the lead female character (May) meeting and consummating their. Eagle Eye (); End of Days (); Enemy at the Gates () Fast Five; Fast and Furious 6; Furious 7; The Fate of the . Men in Black 3 (); Meet the Feebles (); Menace II.

A weta is an insect found primarily in New Zealand. Today Weta is the largest digital facility of this type in the area. The Lord of the Rings trilogy took seven years to create. They made 48, props. The company is also entering the merchandising arena, currently holding the rights to Lord of the Rings and The Muppets. They are currently working on a show for Disney called Jane and the Dragon. At the time of our visit, Weta had been on Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe for 24 months.

Film Critic, Esq.: Meet the Feebles ()

Taylor knew Adamson beforehand from his work as an assistant visual effects supervisor on The Frighteners. Weta is responsible for the design of creatures, cultures, insignias, heraldry, weapons and environmental pieces.

The designs draw on a vast array of mythologies dating back to Grecian, Egyptian and general European. How did the Weta staff respond to all the recent success?

We got some yahoos and hugging. It's interesting for us, because we are at the farthest edge of the industry, down here in New Zealand.

This plot twist is spoiled in an ad for The Matrix Onlinewhich mentions the factions fighting over "the legacy of Neo's sacrifice. And then the DVD release did it again. The home video cover shows Heidi with a machine gun and the soundtrack cover actually has a screencap of her Roaring Rampage of Revenge in the climax - this in spite of the fact that the trailer warned people not to spoil the ending for other people If you're about to watch the film Mommy and you don't already know about the aspect ratio change, don't worry - It's literally the first thing you see on the DVD menu.

A Shot in the Dark was the second film in Peter Sellers ' Pink Panther film series and it's the one where all the elements of the later films in the series are introduced.

But because it doesn't have "Pink Panther" in the title, it's likely to be one of the last films of the series you're going to watch.

There are two elements in this film that were played as plot twists that became unsurprising running gags in the later films: Early in the film, a sinister looking Asian man attacks Clouseau in his own bedroom! It's Clouseau's own manservant Cato, whom Clouseau has actually ordered to constantly attack him so Clouseau will always be Crazy-Prepared for an attack. Later in the film, a shadowy figure stalks Clouseau and makes several attempts on his life!

Is it the killer? It's a fairly big plot twist that Barbossa has been resurrected as shown in the Stinger for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chestto the point that the actors themselves were told that it would be Anamaria, who was mysteriously absent from Dead Man's Chest and the rest of the series as well. Despite this, there are still some people who don't know the ending. The cover of the 20th anniversary collector's edition of The Princess Bride makes it quite clear who the Man in Black really is.

There are also several fake movie posters that give away several of the plot points of the film. If you didn't know that Jigsaw died in Saw IIIyou may wish to steer clear of the trailers and DVD boxart for Saw IVwhich show Jigsaw's body lying on an autopsy table and his disembodied head being weighed on a scale, respectively. The iconic scene from Say Anything It's on the original theatrical poster. Kevin Spacey is never shown in ads or posters and his name isn't even in the opening credits.

This was a man who was meant to get top billing. While there is an attempt to avoid spoilers largely by having some of the commentators refer to events in the film obliquelyreading through the guide reveals most of the ending — the bandits are routed and the villagers are saved and the symbolic return of their harvest is shownKikuchiyo is killed during a climactic battle, and a photograph spoils the three surviving samurai — Kambei, Katsushiro and Shichiroji — who are left feeling aimless and unsure after their Pyrrhic Victory.

The music video for Gloria Estefan 's track "Turn The Beat Around" for The Specialist aired at the same time as the movie's release plays a chopped-up, fast-forwarded summary of the film that spoils nearly all of the major plot points, including in order The Reveal that Ray Quick is a bombmaker, Quick and the lead female character May meeting and consummating their relationship via a Shower Scenethe villain walking towards a hotel room only to lose most of his goons when the room blows up and falls away from the buildinga final confrontation where May opens a cigarette case and learns that it's a bomb, the duo are confronted by the villain and then both leads fleeing from an exploding building through an underground tunnel.

It even spoils part of the final shot of the film! The Search for Spock.

‘Furious 7’ Original Ending Revealed by Writer Chris Morgan

Did something happen to Spock in the last movie? One could call it downplayed, in that while it establishes that something happened to Spock in the last movie, it doesn't establish what — he must be separated from the crew in a dramatically interesting way for them to search for him, but that doesn't mean he has to be dead.

In fact, him being dead is the least logical of any conclusions to be drawn from the title alone, considering the fact that death is one of a few things that is hard to be found from. At the end of Star Trek: First Contactit is revealed that the species the humans had their titular first contact with were the Vulcans. Apart from the fact that this was already back then a quite, er Enterprise puts quite some emphasis into the early years of these two races' relationship, for example.

The synopsis on the back of the Star Trek: Into Darkness DVD names Benedict Cumberbatch's character as Khan, despite the fact that his true identity as the iconic super villain is not revealed until halfway through the movie, with the character using an alias up until that point. The and Fullscreen VHS boxset releases of the trilogy opened with a trailer for the full trilogy on video, including the line "Is Darth Vader my father?

Letterboxed copies don't have this preview, preserving the twist. Palpatine wasn't actually named on film in the original trilogy, being referred to only as "Emperor" his name comes from the A New Hope novelization.

So, theoretically, if you never saw any of the action figures, comics, books, or other non-movie material, or paid attention to the credits and realized it was the same actor in the prequels as in Return of the Jediyou might not know.

Until the last film came out, there was some discussion among Star Wars fans who obviously would know that Lucas might pull one out of the hat and reveal Sidious wasn't really Palpatine. Trailers for Revenge of the Sith naturally gave away the transformation of Anakin Skywalker into Darth Vader as the main selling point for seeing the movie in the first place, and attempted to subvert the trope by teasing the audience into exactly how this transformation comes about.

People who had been reading supplemental materialshowever, knew it would happen in a Battle Amongst the Flames between Anakin and Obi-Wan. The movie posters for The Phantom Menaceshowing young Anakin's shadow, as formed by his mushroom-top hairdo, forming the outline of Darth Vader's helmet. Lampshaded mercilessly by Ansem Retort: Darth Maul, who was shown as being oblivious that Qui-Gon died, complaining to Marluxia that "some people haven't seen this movie yet.

The tagline is a hint. Kevin Spacey aka Verbal Kint is the only one who's over his name.

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These promotional spots were shown at theaters, on several cable channels. Billy Crystals opening monologue poked fun at the change between the time he had hosted the ceremony inand the current one, Things were so different then and you know how different it was 4. Hippopotamus — The common hippopotamus, or hippo, is a large, mostly herbivorous mammal in sub-Saharan Africa, and one of only two extant species in the family Hippopotamidae, the other being the pygmy hippopotamus.

The name comes from the ancient Greek for river horse, after the elephant and rhinoceros, the common hippopotamus is the third-largest type of land mammal and the heaviest extant artiodactyl. The common ancestor of whales and hippos split from other even-toed ungulates around 60 million years ago, the earliest known hippopotamus fossils, belonging to the genus Kenyapotamus in Africa, date to around 16 million years ago. Nevertheless, they are threatened by habitat loss and poaching for their meat.

The common hippopotamus is semiaquatic, inhabiting rivers, lakes and mangrove swamps, during the day, they remain cool by staying in the water or mud, reproduction and childbirth both occur in water. They emerge at dusk to graze on grasses, while hippopotamuses rest near each other in the water, grazing is a solitary activity and hippos are not territorial on land. Hippopotamuses are gregarious, living in groups of up to thirty animals, a group is called a pod, herd, dale, or bloat.

The hippopotamus is the genus of the family Hippopotamidae. The pygmy hippopotamus belongs to a different genus in Hippopotamidae, either Choeropsis or Hexaprotodon, Hippopotamidae are sometimes known as hippopotamids. Sometimes, the subfamily Hippopotaminae is used, further, some taxonomists group hippopotamuses and anthracotheres in the superfamily Anthracotheroidea.

Hippopotamidae are classified along with other even-toed ungulates in the order Artiodactyla, other artiodactyls include camels, cattle, deer and pigs, although hippopotamuses are not closely related to these groups. Genetic analyses have tested the existence of three of these putative subspecies, a study examining mitochondrial DNA from skin biopsies taken from 13 sampling locations, considered genetic diversity and structure among hippo populations across the continent.

The authors found low, but significant, genetic differentiation among H. Untilnaturalists grouped hippos with pigs, based on molar patterns, the common ancestor of hippos and whales branched off from Ruminantia and the rest of the even-toed ungulates, the cetacean and hippo lineages split soon afterwards.

The most recent theory of the origins of Hippopotamidae suggests that hippos and this hypothesized ancestral group likely split into two branches around 54 million years ago. All branches of the anthracotheres, except that which evolved into Hippopotamidae, merycopotamus, Libycosaurus and all hippopotamids can be considered to form a clade, with Libycosaurus being more closely related to hippos 5. Rat — Rats are various medium-sized, long-tailed rodents of the superfamily Muroidea.

True rats are members of the genus Rattus, the most important of which to humans are the black rat, Rattus rattus, many members of other rodent genera and families are also referred to as rats, and share many characteristics with true rats. Rats are typically distinguished from mice by their size, generally, when someone discovers a large muroid rodent, its common name includes the term rat, while if it is smaller, the name includes the term mouse.

The muroid family is broad and complex, and the common terms rat, scientifically, the terms are not confined to members of the Rattus and Mus genera, for example, the pack rat and cotton mouse.

The best-known rat species are the black rat and the brown rat, the group is generally known as the Old World rats or true rats, and originated in Asia.

Fast & Furious 7: did the ending make you cry?

Rats are bigger than most Old World mice, which are their relatives, the term rat is also used in the names of other small mammals which are not true rats. Examples include the North American pack rats, a number of species loosely called kangaroo rats, Rats such as the bandicoot rat are murine rodents related to true rats, but are not members of the genus Rattus.

Male rats are called bucks, unmated females are called does, pregnant or parent females are called dams, a group of rats is referred to as a mischief. The common species are opportunistic survivors and often live with and near humans, therefore and they may cause substantial food losses, especially in developing countries. However, the distributed and problematic commensal species of rats are a minority in this diverse genus.

Many species of rats are island endemics and some have become endangered due to loss or competition with the brown.

Wild rodents, including rats, can carry many different zoonotic pathogens, such as Leptospira, Toxoplasma gondii, another zoonotic disease linked to the rat is the foot-and-mouth disease. The average lifespan of any given rat depends on species is being discussed. The black and brown rats diverged from other Old World rats during the beginning of the Pleistocene in the forests of Asia, specially bred rats have been kept as pets at least since the late 19th century.

Pet rats are typically variants of the brown rat, but black rats. Pet rats behave differently from their wild counterparts depending on how many generations they have kept as pets. Pet rats do not pose any more of a risk than pets such as cats or dogs.

Tamed rats are generally friendly and can be taught to perform selected behaviors, inClark University in Worcester, Massachusetts established a population of domestic albino brown rats to study the effects of diet and for other physiological studies 6. Walrus — The walrus is a large flippered marine mammal with a discontinuous distribution about the North Pole in the Arctic Ocean and subarctic seas of the Northern Hemisphere.

The walrus is the living species in the family Odobenidae. Adult walruses are easily recognized by their prominent tusks, whiskers, adult males in the Pacific can weigh more than 2, kg and, among pinnipeds, are exceeded in size only by the two species of elephant seals. Walruses live mostly in shallow waters above the shelves, spending significant amounts of their lives on the sea ice looking for benthic bivalve mollusks to eat.

Walruses are relatively long-lived, social animals, and they are considered to be a species in the Arctic marine regions. The walrus has played a prominent role in the cultures of many indigenous Arctic peoples, who have hunted the walrus for its meat, fat, skin, tusks, and bone. During the 19th century and the early 20th century, walruses were widely hunted and killed for their blubber, walrus ivory, the population of walruses dropped rapidly all around the Arctic region.

Their population has rebounded somewhat since then, though the populations of Atlantic and Laptev walruses remain fragmented, the origin of the word walrus is thought by J. Tolkien to derive from a Germanic language, and it has been attributed largely to either the Dutch language or Old Norse and its first part is thought to derive from a word such as Dutch walvis whale.

Its second part has also hypothesized to come from the Old Norse word for horse. For example, the Old Norse word hrossvalr means horse-whale and is thought to have passed in an inverted form to both Dutch and the dialects of northern Germany as walros and Walross.

An alternate theory is that is comes from the Dutch words wal shore, the species name rosmarus is Scandinavian.

The Norwegian manuscript Konungsskuggsja, thought to date from around AD, refers to the walrus as rosmhvalr in Iceland and rostungr in Greenland. Several place names in Iceland, Greenland and Norway may originate from sites, Hvalfjord, Hvallatrar and Hvalsnes to name some. The coincidental similarity between morse and the Latin word morsus supposedly contributed to the reputation as a terrible monster.

The compound Odobenus comes from odous and baino, based on observations of walruses using their tusks to pull out of the water. The term divergens in Latin means turning apart, referring to their tusks, the walrus is a mammal in the order Carnivora 7. Adultery — Adultery is extramarital sex that is considered objectionable on social, religious, moral, or legal grounds. A single act of intercourse is generally sufficient to constitute adultery.

Historically, many cultures have considered adultery to be a serious crime. Adultery often incurred severe punishment, usually for the woman and sometimes for the man, with penalties including capital punishment, mutilation, such punishments have gradually fallen into disfavor, especially in Western countries from the 19th century.

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In Muslim countries that follow Sharia law for justice, the punishment for adultery may be stoning. There are fifteen countries in which stoning is authorized as lawful punishment, though in recent times it has been carried out only in Iran.