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Cross-Platform Multiplayer · Steam Achievements · Steam Trading Cards · Captions available · Steam Workshop · In-App Purchases · Partial Controller Support. When Miss Pauling questions Medic on how he managed it, Demoman is seen fighting and destroying the rest of the robots, and the Medic. Medic +++ Pros: Heals other teammates, has regenerating health, is the .. Make sure there aren't any torrents running on your network or whatever. . How do I discourage said sub-optimal tactics in teammates*? . Have I shoehorned my INCREDIBLY BORING story about how I met James Corden at the.

Spy Holding his knee in pain: Not good enough, evidently. Nah, it woulda fooled me. Thing is, I know Fred so well To pluck my eyes out and replace 'em with these. Damn things see through everything. Can't sleep at night.

Team Fortress 2 - Meet the demoman - Hd English subtitles

They see through my eyelids. But lemme tell you Before you kill me. The TFC Sniper's back is turned away from the room's windows, preventing him from seeing Sniper inching his way towards the room's open window from the outside.

But take one of mine. Sniper is halfway there, a trail of blood left against the windows. I don't want you smokin' one of them cyanide cigarettes you boys like so much. TFC Sniper is still oblivious. Don't want you goin' quick. I'm gonna take my time with this. Sniper has crawled into the room, aiming TFC Sniper's own rifle towards him.

TFC Sniper sighs, and puts both hands up in an act of surrender. Now just think this through for a second, son. I'm sittin' on a- [Without a moment of hesitance, Sniper delivers a fatal headshot to the TFC Sniper, silencing him and killing him instantly. TFC Sniper's body drops onto the ground in a puddle of blood. If I forgot to mention it before now You Snipers are the worst people on the planet. He wasn't a Sniper. He was a sadist. Snipers don't muck about with gutshots and monologues.

We just take the shot. Yes, you're credit to the institution of shooting people from far away. Some of us would have enjoyed torturing him first, by the way. Let's have one of them cigs. Both do not lock eyes. Medic and Demoman are sitting in front of the rubble of a Tank Robot. Medic is stitching up Demoman's leg, while Demoman drinks from what seems to be a bottle of scrumpy.

So after ye shot Sniper Technically I was only present. Medic gets up slightly: Could I trouble you with the hydrogen peroxide?

This won't take a moment. Y'know, Doc, I always wondered Oh, of course I can. The procedure is quite simple, really. Demoman takes a swig from the bottle, and takes some time to process what he just heard] Demoman After a moment of thought: Ye mean ta tell me, all these years Ye could have put me eye back in any time ye bloodly liked?

My friend, I've given you your eye back at least eight times. And every time it functions normally until Halloween night. At which point it grows batwings and attacks us. We've fought a giant your eyea brain-in-a-jar your eye, a knife-wielding ventriloquist dummy your eye. One year it traveled back in time and tried to be our parents. That eye socket is haunted. Demoman looks at him suspiciously] Demoman: Wait, why don't I remember any o' this?

I scooped that part of your brain out so you'd stop asking me. I did just ask you. Sadly, brain-scooping is not an exact science. My advice would be to try not to remember things. Got- [Demoman suddenly gets a nosebleed and leans back, seemingly stunned as Medic watches. He suddenly runs off happily, apparently forgetting everything that had happened, even the Medic's name itself.

Medic waves a hand in the air and smiles. Also, your leg is fixed. I even gave it its own little brain! So get out there and let's see what that does. Demoman Smiling but oblivious: You've got it, kindly stranger! Suddenly, two pair of feet appear behind him. Here's what's gonna happen.

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We're going back to your lab. And we're gonna figure out how to stitch this thing into me. Let's get you on an operating table and- TFC Heavy: No, you're gonna tell my guy how to do it. Medic keeping his eyes on TFC Heavy: I am a Doctor. You will not die on my table. I'll just kill you here. TFC Heavy stumbles and clutches his face, bleeding from a deep gash. It has started to rain. What the HELL did you just do. He bravely keeps his gaze on the surprised TFC Heavy. Let me show you.

To his surprise and horror, TFC Heavy grabs onto the Ubersaw and pulls it out of his stomach while standing up. The rain bounces off his shoulders.

You've been a coward since the day I hired you. I did NOT see that comin'. Now you got my full attention. Medic begins to beg for his life while TFC Heavy keeps a crazed smile on his face. I'm the only one- TFC Heavy: You were just the closest. And now I know where she is. Hirin' you was the biggest mistake I ever made, Doc. Now it's my turn. And sewing 'em up your- [He is interrupted by a Minigun barrel nudging his face - Heavy stands behind him, revved-up Minigun ready to fire] Heavy: Do not hit Doctor.

Ah, the big guy. Heard a lot about you, big man. I ain't gonna lie. I've been lookin' forward to this. Y'got me dead to rights here. You want a good death? I can give this to you. He has a gun I should have known you would not want fair fight.

See, here's the thing Yeah, you caught that, huh? That sound fair to you? You want a fair fight, big man? Now you got one. Locked and loaded, you got everything you need? I got bullets in my gun, if that's what you mean.

I don't got everything i need. Not this again, Greg. The boss going crazy? Trying to live forever? How much time do we really have left? I know you're dealing with a lot of stuff right now, but we got men to kill here. Ross, when has money ever made you happy?

What would you give right now to go back and do it all over? Do it right this time. That old safehouse in Newark? We clear those grenade crates out It'd make a hell of an orphanage, wouldn't it? Are we doing this? TFC Scout Let's do this.

Both of the men put a smile on their face We are going to have an endless supply of kids to Then their smiles drop Ross, why are you covered in gasoline? We're gettin' frickin' swarmed here! Did Spy just leave?

Yeah, leavin's about all he's good for, trust me. And what the heck happened to Pyro? Oh, there he is. Hey, there's Soldier 'n' Zhanna! What did I tell you? I've done this a million times! The wind on your skin!

The looks of terror on your enemy's and teammate's faces! At first I am agreeing with everyone that this is tactically and morally and sanitarily wrong! But now I see! I have never felt so free! You said it, son! There are no barriers between us and the naked carnage we are committing! I love you, and I love America! Why don't go fight somewhere less I'll catch you up.

Admit it, Sax- You're gonna miss this. You made your point! You get what I'm saying here? We could both live for- [Heavy headbutts TFC Heavy, after which he lifts him up and bashes his back against his knee] Heavy: You killed my friend. I do not need to live forever. Just long enought to sit here You might not wanna sit down just yet, big guy Gettin' this thing workin' I wonder where the others are Yes, I was wondering the same thing.

Except about your pants. And when you'll be putting some on. It's nothin' but robots and rubble here, mate. We're not exactly sneakin' through a pants store.

I still don't see why you couldn't have stolen pants of the dead man. Y'do know what people do in their pants when they die, right? It would still be preferable. Sniper Pointing at Spy: Give us your coat. I said give us y- Spy Interrupting Sniper: The clot is from silkworms raised at a suit microfarm in Tuscany, from a secret pattern passed down by monk tailors since the seventeenth century.

I will let you use it as an adult diaper See all these robots? Last one got a couple of lucky swings in though. Does it look bad? It looks good right? Yeah, I'll probably be okay. Man, am I tired by the way. Give us a moment. There's something I need to tell you. Make it quick though. I am real tired for some reason. I'll be right back.

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Shining light is directed towards Scout Oh hey, a bright light, that's somethin' I could walk toward I knew you'd come, Tom Jones. Do you know my hit song, Sex Bomb? I'm an alive human on earth ain't I? Check this crap out. It's a Sex Bomb tattoo. Scout, 27 years ago I dropped a "Sex Bomb" on your mother.

I was young then, and I ran from the explosion. But now the fallout of that Sex Bomb has caught up with me. This is where the analogy starts to break down, so if it's alright with you I'll retire the Sex Bomb metaphor now. He sits down next to Scout You're stronger than you'll ever know, Jeremy.

I'm proud of you. I've always been proud of you. Scout Just about to pass out: You're in Heaven, dummy! Thank god you're dead! Now we can finally hang out! Holy crap, you guys got a foosball table up here? Oh, dearest child [God shows 3 foosball tables, and a vending machine to Scout] Scout: Holy crap, Heaven is the best! Scout Talking to himself: This is the most important flex you'll ever do probably.

The ladies back on earth. They've all lain with you, right? Why, were they supposed to? You were my GIFT to them! Geez, that's what I've been saying God: Of all the ungrateful Ooo, that does it.

I am gonna send a Oh, why even be clever? I'm just going to blow up the earth. They're good people at heart. Just a buncha dum-dums tryin' their best. I'll send you back.

But I swear, this is their last chance to all have sex with you. Well, you'd better get going. I wish you were my son. But I already got a dad. And his name is Tom Jones God: But your father isn't- God corrects himself Oh, right. Tom Jones is your father. Man, I just dropped a Sex Bomb on that steam room! Say, who's up for some foosball?

How about you, young fella? You look like- Tom Jones then gets necksnapped by an angel Scout: What was that crackin' noise? We're making popcorn you need to go [God farewells Scout as he leaves Heaven] God: See you in December 4th, ! Should we bury 'im? If you're hiding a Shovel, rinse it off and give it to me. I could use a weapon. There's another wave coming! Lube me up, sweetie! I am going out in a blaze of honey! We cannot fight unlubricated!

Then we would just be naked. What else we got? Here are drums of gasoline! Zhanna, you are a genius! Now you can light me on fire! I will light us both on fire! Oh, you are gonna love it! Our eyes will be the first to boil away! The ears will be the next thing to go. Then they begin to thing about it twice On second thought do not light us on fire.

We killed so many robots Miss Pauling is buried under a pile of them. I am concerned for her! But also proud of us! Yes, she made a worthy sacrifice. She will be missed. She is clearly still alive. Phone phone phone phone Come on, come on. Where have you been? Well now, I can't say where I am. But I am with her.

An' I hate to put a rush on it But I'm gonna need that Australium y'all were lookin' for. Engie, it's gone, it's Well, it's sort of in space. I'm so sorry Engineer: I'll give her the bad news. Well, she can't come to the phone right now. I'll have her call ya back. Engineer ends the call Miss Pauling: Who is on phone? Zhanna, can I tell you a secret? Yes, this is fine. She's planning something big She's been planning it her whole life. For a lot of lifetimes, actually.

And I think I screwed it all up. You have broken something. So you will fix it. And we will help. For what I said at back there in the submarine. You are a part of the team. You are weak woman, but you have strong skull. Miss Pauling, I also want to tell you you a secret. Stay away from my man. I see you watching him. Any woman would want this. What are you gals gabbing about? I am telling Miss Pauling I will kill her if she looks at you again.

For shame, Miss Pauling! You are my boss! You have been undressing me with your eyes since we escaped! My eyes would have to dress you first! Because you have been literally naked the entire time we've been on this island! I have fought naked my whole life. But I have never felt naked until this moment. For shame, Miss Pauling. For shame Miss Pauling: You idiots Why can't you be Spy, naked Sniper, and Scout arrive I've been looking through your file.

You've been a real monster up there. Honestly, you probably would have ended up here anyway. I feel silly that we even bothered with a contract. I'd say you got the better of us on this one. Still, a deal's a deal, and here you are.

I'm sure you'll find the paperwork in order. Now this is interesting. Here in article nine section seven it says the contract is only binding if you own a majority stake in my soul You sold it to us.

Originally, yes, this was the case. But you see, I've since surgically added eight more. Let's put it to a vote: Who thinks I should go to hell?

So that's one vote for hell and eight for Heaven. If you could call me a car There is another option. If you were to send me back to earth, say, for another fifty years You're a clever man. You tempted me once, after all. I'm sure you'll figure out a way to trick me out of my other eight souls.

Medic looks at a pen on the Devil's desk In fact: I said that's a lovely looking pen. Would you give me a soul for this- Medic: See, you're well on your way! I don't like my chances. At any rate, I should really get going. I'll give ya this For a buncha losers, you guys sure are hard to kill. You are a coward. Could I trouble you for a moment?

But I shot- How- Is that a pen? At one point, yes. Now it's a detonator. More of an inductor, really. It is distributed online through Valve's download retailer Steam; retail distribution was handled by Electronic Arts. In Team Fortress 2, players join one of two teams comprising nine character classes, battling in a variety of game modes including capture the flag and king of the hill.

Announced inthe game once had more realistic, militaristic visuals and gameplay, but this changed over the protracted nine-year development. The finished Team Fortress 2 has cartoon-like visuals influenced by the art of J.

Today the mask comes off. It's time to Meet the Pyro. Team Fortress 2 is Free to Play. For more information about the game, visit our website: This video highlights visual details in texture, lighting, animation and physics.

Electronic Arts retailSteam online Designers: John Cook, Robin Walker Composers: Mike Morasky, Engine Source Platform: Microsoft Windows Release date: October 9, Genre: So please stop writing It doesn't work Important: You need to connect to a server, which has modified files, which allow you to build more than 1 sentry at the same time!

Using your thumbs on trackpads is kinda weird. It's still a work-in-progress so be sure to give Valve some feedback if you have suggestions to make it better. I upload tf2 content far more frequently than i do here.

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