Meet the allies hetalia episode

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meet the allies hetalia episode

In the Allied Forces base, America conducts a meeting to discuss how to take down the Axis Powers, but his speech. The fourteenth episode of Hetalia: Axis Powers was broadcast on April 24, from Axis Powers and a strip from the original webcomic Allied Forces arc. Italy meets an attractive woman in the desert and attempts to charm her, but is. Germany introduces Italy to Japan and informs them that they'll be forming an alliance. A worried Italy wonders.

At this time, Napoleon has become a successful commander of the Italian forces. England experiences the Industrial Revolution and becomes the factory capital of the world. France takes over nearly every territory except for England and Turkey.

Hetalia: The Beautiful World Ep. 06 (DUBBED)

Alluded to in Episode 10 of the anime The nations of Europe hold the Vienna Conference as the Napoleon Wars reach their end, as Europe has fallen into a state of chaos. Prussia, Russia, Austria, and England form an alliance. France later manages to work his way into the alliance, changing it from a quadruple one to a quintuple. With the help of England, France and Russia, he manages to break free and defeat both Turkey and Egypt. America travels to Japan's homeland to demand he begin trade with the West.

Japan and America form an alliance. Black Ships Have Come! The Kingdom Of Italy is established, reuniting both Italy brothers under the same roof. However, the complete unification would not be achieved until Austria and Hungary sign a pact to support each other in wars.

They proceed to marry, forming the dual monarchy of Austria-Hungary. The protests of his people and the growing political unrest cause Russia to mentally crack and go on a massacre that would come to be known as Bloody Sunday. He takes Italy captive, but sends him back home after the war ends due to him being an annoyance.

This is not preparation for war!! I also made stuff for the war!

meet the allies hetalia episode

I made one especially for you too! Ah… for me too? I pulled an all-nighter making them by hand! You can also use them with the girls you date!

meet the allies hetalia episode

I think we need a team name. Italy and I thought about it earlier. It mean—we are all connected together by an axis, and when we prevail, the world will turn on that new axis.

No… it better to confuse with obtuse metaphor. Episode 6[ edit ] England: Bring on the hell. Set everything ablaze so that no trace remains.

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Bring on the fire… America: Ja… but they kinda have a big hole in them It occurs to me. I wonder how Mr. Austria is doing right now. How did I not see him?!?!?! Episode 7[ edit ] America: Would you please just stop eating! My vocabulary can be intimidating. Ah… and the hero is me!! Hey Germany, check it cool! This is my big brother Romano!

Now say hi to my friend!

meet the allies hetalia episode

Suck my balls you dumb potato eater. Uh… what do you want…? I have created a secret weapon for such singular purpose and stealthiness that you will be helpless to its powers!

You look-a so very stupid, with your big bushy mustache like some hipster at an art school party! Uh… you do know it looks like you have the mustache from where I stand… Romano: Episode 8[ edit ] Italy: Germany, Germany, a stranger said he would take me to a tasty dinner so I went to go get the pasta, but it turned out he only had hamburgers the whole time! Yo Britain, I totally just caught Italy. Please, but, but, oh. Let's hit him violently and get what we can out of him. No need, I'll tell you everything I know.

This dude is lame. Maybe we should make him work Italy: Okay, so what now. I wrote a letter to Germany. Also, he will die if he accidentally learns French, so be careful' Italy: They said they were sending me back because I was too much work for them!

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Germany, Germany, there was a pretty girl so I hit on her, but it tuned out the pretty girl was France in disguise! He's such a pain, let's put him in jail or something. Alright, I'll feed him.

America captures Italy, but he and England are unhappy to learn that he makes a terrible prisoner of war and servant. The pair then return him to Germany. In a side story, America reads about Canada's history and wishes to discover Canada, not realizing he had been interacting with Canada the entire time he had been reading. Another side story explores Japan, England, and America's reactions to a ghost. Strips Adapted in Episode 07 of the anime.

The Sixth Man Adapted in Episode 19 of the anime. Adapted in Episode 11 of the anime. France and Russia Adapted in Episode 13 of the anime. Squished Adapted in Episode 29 of the anime. Back to the Axis Powers Adapted in Episode 08 of the anime. England's Secret Weapon Adapted in Episode 13 of the anime. Snake vs Mongoose Adapted in Episode 13 and Episode 26 of the anime. America Cleans Out His Storage Room America attempts to clean his storage room, a place filled with clutter and relics from the past.

He finds toy soldiers and an old jacket that remind him of growing up with England as his older brother.

Hetalia: Axis Powers (season 1)

He decides to throw them away for being old or useless. He eventually finds a musket he had used the day of England's surrender, and flashbacks to England's last stand on the battle field: England rushes America and disarms him, but finds himself unable to shoot at his younger brother. England breaks down while America solemnly states that England used to be "so big. However, he hides it when England visits. Three side-stories follow the main plot of the chapter.

In the first, England is greatly injured by a developing weapon and attempts to confess something to America.

meet the allies hetalia episode

He is interrupted by the Grim Reaper and seems to die, wakes when America invites the Reaper to celebrate over England's death.