Les mills combat meet the trainers

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les mills combat meet the trainers

Find out how the Les Mills UK Trainer Team trains and develops. Meet some of the Trainers by clicking on their names below: You can meet. She also holds certifications with AFAA and the Les Mills programs in Body Combat, Body Pump, Body Jam, and Body Attack. The enjoyment of sharing her. Our expertly trained instructors are with you every step! Meet Our Instructors: Jody teaches group fitness, and is certified to teach, Les Mills Bodypump, She is a certified Body Combat instructor and has been teaching group fitness.

The Gym Box - Meet the Instructors

After completing college, working as a high school teacher, and coaching a cheerleading squad she decided to start teaching group fitness as a way to stay in shape personally. Four kids and many years later, Jennifer is one of the most down to earth instructors you will ever meet. Despite being a busy mother, instructing is a time for her to do what she enjoys most. There is something about teaching a great class while working up a good sweat herself that leaves her rejuvenated, not to mention the reward of watching others get stronger as they reach their fitness goals.

You'll leave her classes feeling like you had fun, worked hard and can't wait to come back for more.

les mills combat meet the trainers

She felt like most of the classes she took weren't meeting her fitness needs. They were inconsistent, unchallenging, and sometimes boring. When she first began teaching 4 years ago, she was looking to help herself.

Four years later, she has seen the difference regular and effective exercise can make in people's lives.

Les Mills Combat

Now she devotes countless hours preparing and delivering consistent, challenging and entertaining classes. Part of Dana's preparation includes the education necessary to keep her among the most elite group fitness instructors.

She has trained with Nike Master trainers in the Nike Rockstar program and traveled all over experiencing and learning new skills for her fitness toolbox. Whether she is elevating your heart rate in one of her stimulating dance classes or calming your mind and body with the power of Yoga, Chrissy wants you to experience everything her many years as an instructor has taught her. John has a PhD in clinical psychology and practiced for ten years.

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After working with his own personal trainer and attending fitness classes for years, he developed a passion for health and fitness that lead to a major career change.

Even after practicing Yoga for nine years, John still sees personal gains in his own fitness level and loves to see others achieve their own personal discoveries and advancement. You'll leave John's workouts with a sense of calm, relief and the satisfaction of knowing you got a great workout!

Ashley trains because she loves the feeling of being healthy and strong and she wants everyone else to be able to feel the same way. After any of Ashley's Pilates or weight training classes you'll feel rejuvenated and powerful. I finally gave in and registered for training — then the doubts came: What if everyone is in better shape than me?

les mills combat meet the trainers

Will the members at my gym take me seriously when I go from the back row of class to the front as the Instructor? I was a nervous wreck when I drove to training in Greenville, SC. But the most inspiring two days of my life followed. I met incredible people with even more incredible stories.

They were just like me, with the same worries. I was stunned, but even more humbled to train alongside them. One man in particular still stays with me.

It was at this moment that I understood the power we have as group fitness Instructors — we remind our members that there is hope, no matter how far they think they are from their goals.

Where there is the will to pursue, there is always hope. I think there is one story that impresses me most, though.

Out of respect for her privacy, I will call her Jane. Jane moved to South Carolina for a change in her life. As Instructors, we understand it can be scary to put yourself out there in a group fitness class. Most of us can spot a first-time attendee from their body language: They look around the room for some sign of a welcoming face to make this a little less scary before they bolt for the door. This was Jane on her first visit to my class.

les mills combat meet the trainers

I ran over to her as fast as I could because I knew I was about to lose my chance to engage her.