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MTB – 'Meet the Buyer' is a programme of one to one appointments between Senior Managers/Technical Purchasing Managers/Superintendents and Senior. How to secure your boat and the property in it. goods never assume the property is legitimate – check out as much as you can about the item and the seller. Over shipping professionals from the Greek Maritime buyers and providers of marine insurance for a day and focused on improving.

Without these meetings I would not have been aware of some British manufacturers. Sam Stenberg, Baltic Yachts The event has delivered what it promised; new relevant contacts for the future. David Elderkin, Plastimo A great way to meet suppliers and manufacturers easily in a friendly environment. Well organised and followed by a very professional staff.

The idea is great and we met a lot of interesting suppliers. I think that we can build up a future relationship with some of them.

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The program was nice and the organisers were very kind. We really liked the attention given to the planning and matching of the meetings, 20 minutes was a perfect length of meeting for an introduction, and the whole meeting rooms and hotel were very nice.

During the event we host a number of events where buyers, British Marine staff and the International Development Committee have an opportunity to network. On 9 December the representatives of the sponsors awarded scholarship prizes to 44 top students during a ceremony taking place in the Main Hall of the University.

As a panelist at the panel discussion: Mr Tsavliris described the advantages of LOFs namely simplicity, speed, flexibility and corporate responsibility. The consensus was that the LOF is the most user friendly contract. ICS celebrated its 10 years in Greece, and Mr Tsavliris expressed his pride for the Branch's accomplishments, namely the students' distinctions within a framework of transparent international competition.

Introducing the topic of the Forum he conferred the view that shipping is a risky business and often relays "that sinking feeling", with the issue of when the market will rise again being uncertain because of the many at play.

George Polychroniou, was asked for his opinion to the Media "E" Channel on the incident of the passenger ferry "Norman Atlantic" which caught fire on 27 December in the Strait of Otranto, on a ferry run from Patras to Ancona. This will depend upon requirements. Has any work been completed to map the required processes for the digital services?

Similarly, can you please explain what methods and techniques have been used and the level of details completed e.

Meet the Buyer 2018

How does MMO currently evaluate the digital health tools it develops - is this a manual process? On a case by case basis.

'Meet the Buyer' days

Please can you clarify what will be the controlling scope that determines the completion against Discovery scope? These will be agreed on a case by case basis. Have existing third party suppliers been working with MMO to help shape your thinking on this project? If so, who has been involved to date?

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Work has been progressed by a mixture of Business analysts and resources both permanent civil servants, contractors and suppliers - including Transform resourced through both MMO and Defra Digital Transformation Services. Will a GDS compliance assessment be undertaken during the project? We have a list of engaged stakeholders and users which will be shared with the successful bidder. Could you please confirm whether the opportunity is inside or outside IR35?

It is outside of IR You mention having a core team onsite. Can you please explain in more detail what you mean by core team? This will be agreed on a case by casis basis depending on the work. This will be agreed on a case by case basis depending on the work.

What is the target architecture? In particular the workflow management systems you have in mind? Can you please clarify what these 2 services are and who carried out the Discovery work? Discovery reports will be shared with shortlisted candidates. Are there any constraints on the MMOs office space, such that it would be useful for the supplier to be able to use their own office space?