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apprentice 2014 meet the candidates flyer

The Apprentice was an American reality television program that judges the business skills of a The losing corporation attends a boardroom meeting with the show's host and their advisors The contestants (who are referred to as " candidates") have come from business .. Archived from the original on October 19, Meet the candidates competing for Lord Sugar's £ investment. For this series he is also sending the candidates around the UK; to Glasgow to of this year's business hopefuls in the iPlayer exclusive Meet the Candidates . The Apprentice returns on Tuesday 14th October at 9pm on BBC One .. Moving up from his first job on a paper round to starting a leaflet.

During the show, the contestants live in a communal dwelling, a "penthouse suite", in New York City save for Season 6 which took place in Los Angeles. The candidates are divided into two teams, treated as "corporations" within the show. These corporations select a name they are subsequently referred to through the rest of the show.

Each week, the teams are assigned a task and required to select one of their members to lead the team as "project manager", who is to take responsibility for organizing the team and making executive decisions.

Tasks are generally business oriented and tend to highlight one of several business skills. Tasks most commonly revolve around sales selling the most items or earning the most money and marketing producing a specific marketing material or campaign that is judged by a company's executives.

apprentice 2014 meet the candidates flyer

During the tasks, the teams are usually visited by one of the host's "advisors" for that week. Tasks typically lasted for one or two days. After the completion of the task, the teams meet with the host and his two advisers in "the boardroom ".

Boardroom meetings generally proceed in three stages. In the preliminary stage, all of the remaining candidates on both teams gather in the boardroom to be briefed on the task by the host and his advisors. Team members are asked about how the task went and whether there were any strong or weak players. Teams are sometimes asked to comment on materials or products produced by the opposing team. At the end of this stage, the host or his advisors reveal the results of the task and announce which team was the winner.

The winning team wins a reward usually a unique, luxurious experience and are excused from the boardroom while the losing team returns to the boardroom for an elimination. In later seasons, winning teams have been permitted to view the next stage of the boardroom on the TV in their suite.

The entire losing team remains in the boardroom and are confronted with their loss. They are interrogated as to the reasons for their loss and which players contributed to it or failed at the task. Then, for the final stage of the boardroom meeting, the project manager is asked to select a certain number of teammates typically two, but on occasion one or three to bring back into the final-stage boardroom meeting.

The remaining teammates return to the suite while the project manager and the selected teammates step out of the boardroom momentarily so the host can consult with his advisors.

apprentice 2014 meet the candidates flyer

Upon returning to the boardroom for the final stage, the host and his advisors continue interrogating the remaining players about their loss. The project manager is sometimes further interrogated about his or her choice of teammates to bring back into the boardroom.

The host has broad discretion to fire candidates outside of this usual process, including firing multiple candidates at a time. The eliminated contestants are shown leaving the boardroom with their luggage and entering a taxi cab, during which they given time to recount on their elimination that is shown over the episode's credits.

When only three or four candidates depending on the season are left, they are interviewed rather than being assigned a task. Executives from various companies interview the finalists and report their assessments to the host. Based on the interviews, a "boardroom meeting" and firing take place, leaving two candidates.

The final two candidates are then each assigned a different final task. Each is given a support team of previously fired candidates. I was blessed with both in abundance. He also admits that being too trusting has been his downfall in the past.

The Apprentice Intro Theme 2012 (Meet the Candidates)

I just keep going. Senior Marketing Manager Lives: He claims to use charisma and charm for both negotiating and building morale within a group.

apprentice 2014 meet the candidates flyer

Frank admits he can sometimes play people off against each other to get what he wants. He says he can be brutal when he needs to be and does not stand for people who are lazy or shirk responsibility. London Having sold her company in and published a business book inJackie says she is a trailblazer within the sponsorship industry and wider business community and credits her success to her positive attitude. Learning and Development Manager Lives: West Midlands Jasmine has built her career on training others to better themselves and develop their skills and says that she loves enabling and empowering people.

Jasmine admits to being very stubborn and says she likes to get her own way, however aims to use her charm and charisma to see her through the process.

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Cheshire Professional speaker Kayode delivers talks to inspire young people all over the country. Brimming with ideas, Kayode throws himself into new ventures. Owner, Eco Cleaning Company Lives: Lincolnshire Having run her own eco-friendly cleaning business for the past 3 years, Khadija considers her people skills to be her best business asset.

He is inspired in business by his father who started his own airline. Kurran gets irked by people who are out for themselves rather than working collectively for the team and gets especially rattled by people who lie.

He says that simply being himself will help him to breeze through the process. Lancashire Rick says that one of his best qualities is his confidence and assertiveness and that being able to separate business from pleasure means he is good at getting the best from others.

People will have to like it or lump it. Owner, Tennis Events Company Lives: Middlesex Sabrina has had her eye on making money from the age of 14, when she set up a business selling retro sweets as part of a Young Enterprise Scheme. She plans to throw herself feet first into the process and use her positive energy to get involved in everything. Manchester Sarah owns and runs an acting academy for children. Sarah says she wants to be a role model to her young daughter and hopes her hard work and life experience will aid her in the process.

Sarah hopes her charm and persuasive skills will see her through to the end and believes her creativity will be her biggest strength. My personality sells me, my passion to succeed and work ethic.

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Teesside Alongside her role as Director at a law firm, Sarah Ann has also run her own nursery furniture business since Owner, Swimwear Brand Lives: Leeds Sian owns and runs a swimwear fashion brand, with clients including celebrities and celebrity stylists. She believes she has been brought up to win and every task will see her being calculated, collaborative and ruthless where necessary.

Owner, Tree Surgery Firm Lives: Southampton Having struggled at school, Tom now runs a successful arboricultural tree care business. The Apprentice just got a whole lot tougher. Claude is already well known and loved by Apprentice viewers — and feared by candidates — thanks to ten years as an integral part of the formidable interview episode.

Meet the Candidates

In his new role, he will join Baroness Karren Brady in following the candidates during each task and reporting back to Lord Sugar on their progress, successes and failures. I will now be assessing their performance in the process, individually and within their teams.

He will no doubt take a very different approach to Nick. These have included start-up, AIM listed and fully quoted companies.