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2 hip meet the street

Date: october 20, Place: Palm Springs, CA. Organisation: Ron Wilkerson Mike Daily go february The obstacles this time comprised a triangle. (He later pioneered the sport's first street contest series, called Meet the Street). . rhein-main-verzeichnis.info: APRIL 30, LAKESIDE, CA—MEET THE STREET#1. A stadium full of , BMX fans for a BMX race and 2hip invitational KOV JAM. .. Imagine The trip APRIL 30, LAKESIDE, CA—MEET THE STREET#1.

I wish they would have had a quarterpipe down there and a berm right here. It was a figure 8 contest. Gatorade and Chapstik sales must have been booming. Injuries kept Dave Voelker and Brad Blanchard sidelined from the beginning, while Pete Augustin and Mark Kirunchyk were forced to withdraw from the competition after taking big bails during practice.

The Disgustman ate it on a table topped triangle ramp transfer, and Mark K. Pete later claimed, "I would have lost anyway," but hisschralping begged to differ.

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He's been riding hard and it shows. Vic Murphy sickened the crowd with his tabletops and hella tweaked variations held past the point of panic, but even more so when he opted NOT to enter the contest.

2 hip meet the street

His Top 3 reasons? Kevin Martin once again delivered his brand of zany and insightful announcing, and Gregg Hansen handled the industrialized musical entertainment cranking from the speakers. And speaking of cranking, here's a synopsis of who did what for what and why. He heaved large lookback 's, smooth tail taps, jump-ramped fakies, boned airs, and his bio bonelesses for first.

The wispy-beardded wiseman might not practice much, but what he has floooooows oh so well. Ruben Castillo takes care of business when he rides in contests, hitting tricks like clockwork and quickly setting his sights on the next obstacle to attack.

He was pulling 's everywhere, tail taps to nosepicks over the spine, tail tappers, and more on his DBI frame and fork "The Dirt Brothers are gonna rule the grasslands, just like Pete said. The result was second place. It was amazing that anyone could even RIDE this ramp, it was so unstable The normal shredding going down for some spectators.

2 hip meet the street

The 1st King of Dirt ever held. Tim 'Fuzzy' Hall wins it.


Blyther is crowned the King of Vert. Highest air turned into sickest highest trick: Voelker 6'Johnson 5' tailwhip, Hoffman 6' fakie. Hoffman pulls the first !!!! What is this "Woodward" place?

2 hip meet the street

Greg Flowers proposed to his grrl on the deck of the vert ramp- are they still married? Karl Rothe was there. Pepsi sponsored the event bringing huge crowds; Pepsi girls; andyet the bleachers for the crowd were too far from the ramp!!!

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Thousands of riders for the 2-HIp rebel-style jam If you had the privilege of being there, you know. The Energy of this jam- a onceinalifetime occurrence Even hold a contest.

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Ron Wilkerson, 2hip series promoter and the Bill Cosby style of freestyle, decided to do just that. It was left up to each individual rider to decide on the amount of safety gear worn, with most opting for minimal amounts due to the scorching sun. The action was intense.

2 hip meet the street

Each rider spent the time wisely, experimenting with the new terrain and perfecting moves. The new street contest format was forcing riders to adapt to new environments and create new variations.

As one o'clock rolled around, Ron called all of the contestants and officials together for a rider's meeting concerning contest rules and judging procedures. Instead of the usual expert" and "pro" classes, Ron split the contestants into classifications of "good" and "great. The top eight scoring riders in each class would move on to the finals, which consisted of two, two minute runs. As mentioned earlier, the riders were granted use of anything within the boundaries, and each was given 30 seconds before his run to move any obstacle to fit his routine.

By the time the meeting had been adjourned the riders and crowd were stoked and definitely more than ready to begin. There were some HOT riders out there competing for the first place prestige. They were terrorizing everything within reach.

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Popular tricks were fakies and wall rides in all imaginable places. Some riders used the launch ramps to try a few of the BMX jumping styles. With each new competitor, the green car received another dose of bashing.

2 hip meet the street

The hot rider seemed to be Vic Murphywho was pulling off a wide assortment of moves on all parts of the course. Scott Towne adapted plastic fast food trays into his routine by slidin' around on them. After two rounds of fierce competition the crowd and judges voted wildman Vic Murphy as winner.


Todd Anderson looked good, but equipment problems dragged him down to a sixth place finish. The "good" class was full of radness, surprises, and fun, but kept everyone wonderin' what was to come with the "great" riders.

A little more practice ensued as the judges turned in their scores to be tallied. Witnessing the "great" riders shred the course was definitely a treat to the eyes. Most riders were primed for their runs, but a few began to fatigue under the hot afternoon sun.

Practice ended and the "great" riders began tearing the place up, one after the other.