Zabuza and haku relationship goals

So haku is a guy, riiiiiiiiiiight : Naruto

zabuza and haku relationship goals

Zabuza gave Haku a purpose in life when he previously didn't have any . The ONLY teacher-student relationship besides Zabuza and Haku. Feb 22, Soon he just happened to come across Haku, an orphan with a bloodline trait. Zabuza promised to take care of the boy and train him if he vowed to s. ZabuHaku is the term used to refer to the romantic relationship between Zabuza Momochi and Haku. He then met Zabuza Momochi, who had "the same eyes" as him. They later fight again, Zabuza battling Kakashi while Haku fought Naruto and Sasuke.

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zabuza and haku relationship goals

He didn't know his opponent could be so fast and it would cost him. When he noticed, it was too late. Haku kicked him on the back and sent his body flying to the other side of the bridge.

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Sasuke stood up soon after falling, refusing to lose after a single kick. He dashed towards Haku, kunai drawn, and attempted to stab him, but Haku grabbed his wrist before the blade connected with his skin. He had him "Who says I can't? Sensatsu suisho" said Haku. Water rose from the puddle where they were standing. Their shape changed into needles and they froze. The Uchiha let go of the masked shinobi and jumped back. The needles flew towards him and he tried to do the hand seals for his Goukakyuu, but the needles were too fast.

They impaled themselves on his body, but he refused to acknowledge the sting of pain he felt through his body. Back with Kakashi, he wasn't faring any better. Both he and Zabuza had some wounds, but they couldn't get distracted or the other one would use up the opportunity to their advantage.

zabuza and haku relationship goals

Sasuke is just warming up" "Yeah, right" mocked Zabuza "Then why does he have so many wounds while Haku has none? Sakura was getting worried about her teammate. It looked like he was struggling to keep up, yet he wouldn't admit it.

She also was worried about her boyfriend. What was taking him so long? Sasuke needs your help! Haku appeared on one of them and looked at Sasuke. This is made from my Kekkei Genkai, so it won't work" Sasuke ignored him as he rushed to the mirror where Haku was. He punched as hard as he could, but it was no use. It didn't even crack and Haku had disappeared from it. He kept trying multiple times, combining his fire techniques along with brute force, but nothing seemed to work.

zabuza and haku relationship goals

He was pissed off and frustrated. Nothing he did seemed to work. Haku decided it was time to hit back, so he started to move between the mirrors and throw senbon to Sasuke.

Some of them managed to hit, but he blocked and dodged some. Sasuke felt something on his eyes. Like they had changed, yet he didn't know what happened.

Zabuza and Haku... Ummn... What was the deal there?!

He could see the next wave of senbon Haku threw and it was then that he noticed what had changed. He had unlocked his Sharingan.

He could now follow Haku's needles. But what he hadn't expected was that Haku would change his tactics. He felt a fist connect to his cheek and he flew onto a mirror. It was too fast, even for his newly awakened Sharingan.

Out of nowhere, a black and yellow blur rushed next to Sakura and she smiled, recognizing it. The blur continued until it reached the mirrors and the one he connected with, shattered. When it stopped, the blur turned out to be Naruto. The mirror that had just shattered reformed itself, locking Naruto inside along with Sasuke. He couldn't believe this was the same teen he had met some time ago.

zabuza and haku relationship goals

He also couldn't believe someone so young was so strong. It was the first time someone had actually destroyed one of his mirrors. He took a large number of senbon with both of his hands and threw them to Naruto. Sasuke noticed and pushed Naruto out of the way, receiving the hit himself. Naruto was shocked to see that Sasuke took the hit for him. It looked like Sasuke would be unable to continue to fight.

He won't die" said Kyuubi "But tell him you will do it. It will help your friendship with him if you do" "I will, teme, but don't worry. I will take care of Haku and I will take you back to a hospital" said Naruto "Don't worry about me, dobe. It's too late for me" said Sasuke as he fell down unconscious Naruto moved his body to the side, as Haku watched. Haku knew Sasuke would live, as he didn't like killing people, but he wasn't aware Naruto also did.

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But don't cripple him. Remember the plan your sensei came up with" said Kyuubi Haku nearly pissed his pants when red chakra started to swirl around Naruto as his features became more animalistic.

His nails grew like claws, his teeth became as sharp as razors, his eyes turned red with slits and his whiskers, normally three thin lines on each side of his face, deepened giving him a more feral look.

The chakra was so powerful, it reached Kakashi's and Zabuza's fight, temporarily stopping it. Kakashi and Sakura didn't worry about it, as they knew about the relationship between Kyuubi and Naruto, but Tazuna, Haku and Zabuza were scared. They had never felt anything so strong in all their lives and Tazuna, being a civilian, nearly fainted.

Naruto let out a loud howl and shattered all the mirrors with the vibrations that came from it. Haku barely managed to jump out before he too was killed along with his mirrors. He wasn't fast enough to dodge a punch that hit him on his cheek, breaking his mask. His face could now be seen. Naruto was careful not to put so much chakra as to break his jaw. Naruto didn't say anything; he just gave him a punch on the gut that left poor Haku with no air. The boy fell to the floor, unconscious.

On Kakashi's and Zabuza's fight, Kakashi decided to mock Zabuza. I thought you could take care of this, but you proved me wrong" said a short man in a suit with long hair and sunglasses, behind who were at least a hundred men all with different kinds of weapons "I don't have any further need for you. Kill him" "Kakashi, since my employer technically fired me, you're no longer my enemy" said Zabuza "Fair enough" said Kakashi without lowering his guard "Truce?

Naruto had taken Sasuke and Haku back to where Sakura was and laid them on the floor. Both Naruto and Sakura were really cautious to remove the impaled senbon from Sasuke's body, as not to accidentally hurt him. Haku was slowly regaining consciousness and took in his surroundings.

He was lying on the floor next to the bridge builder he was sent to kill. He looked towards where his father figure had been fighting and did it just in time to see Kakashi and Zabuza nod to each other before disappearing on blurs, while bodies fell to the floor. How do you wish to die?

He was at Zabuza's mercy, not that he would have any on him, though. The man crawled backwards in fear until he reached the end of the bridge. He would have fallen if not for Zabuza, who now had a kunai. He pulled him up and while he was in midair, he stabbed Gato on his heart, ending his life.

The body of the tyrant fell on the bridge's border before Zabuza kicked it and the corpse fell to the water. That was the end of Gato. Zabuza started to walk back to where Haku was; intending on leaving now that he had nothing to do, but Kakashi had something else in mind.

zabuza and haku relationship goals

He and his team had discussed this one day during their training and had already gotten the Hokage's authorization through Pakkun, who Kakashi sent. So, what do you say? Do you come with us, or not? With a sigh, he made his decision. Before he could thank them, the ground started to shake as a large group of people, lead by a small kid they recognized as Inari, ran towards them all with makeshift weapons. They looked shocked when they saw the large amount of dead bodies, having expected that it would be them who would deal with the threat.

They were relieved, nonetheless, to see that they were free at last. The people went towards the mess the shinobi had made in their fight, and started to clean it up.