Yoona and donghae relationship quiz

I miss when Donghae and Yoona used to date - Random - OneHallyu

yoona and donghae relationship quiz

Around , Donghae patted Yoona and she looks very happy. . According to Pyro, their relationship became strained after SJ's 5jib. Donghae twitter update in rhein-main-verzeichnis.info Y Lyric. Looking at you, I can only smile. A smile that is troubled. Looking at me your. I think Yoona is in a relationship with Siwon, they are so stiff with each other if donghae because he's not manly and yoona type want have boyfriend not manly .

And then hug him out of pity. But honestly, where is that cunning beast whom swore to snatch Yoona at Chapter 1? He seemed to have cowered into hiding.

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More cunning Taecyeon please! He is like a lost little puppy now. Thanks for the new chapter!

Yoona and Donghae Dating ! (YoonHae Comeback to each other)

Makes me feel like I'm stalking something, your story to be more exact. Maybe next time i will reply on soshified if you update there before I read it here: Yoona is such a player, and absolutely coy to the maximum. And so the relationship complicates to include Changmin as well?

It's as though she's attracting boys to her as easily as a moth flutters to a fire. All I know is that when all her oppas realize that Yoona is keeping in contact with taecyeon, someone is going to get beheaded. Goodness, does Yoona still have a crush on Changmin, or more accurately yearn for him.

yoona and donghae relationship quiz

I can't understand why did she confront him about their relationship when her relationship with Donghae is left hanging. For me, trying to guess what Yoona is thinking. Thanks for the new update! Looks like you got your muse right next to you recently ; devilgrins chapter And I am so glad for that. I didn't expect you to update this one, but it's really great you did.

Taecyeon is taking things slowly and trying to understand Yoona as well as her dynamics with the Super Junior oppas.

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Good job boy, that's absolutely brilliant of you. And the 9PM performance, well, we all know how that is going to turn out, awesome!

yoona and donghae relationship quiz

It seems like you might follow the real timeline and start to include Family Outing 2 in as well? Hmm, honestly when I was watching FO2 it seems as though the program exploited their chemistry too much, to the extent that it spoiled the scandal somehow.

This Taecyeon here is just so sweet like a little boy, while Yoona is so innocent, and yet curious and daring at the same time.

yoona and donghae relationship quiz

I can't wait to see the big blowout. D Yeah, i'm a little sadist. Because if not for us then people were probably never aware of the actual YoonHae more than beautiful and irreducibly with words. Yoona and Donghae loves child.

Leeteuk Played a Big Part in YoonA and Lee Seung Gi’s Relationship?

Yoona at Chinchin Radio Donghae also said. Donghae at Super Junior Adonis Ep. Donghae has the type of woman with a beautiful forehead.

Even Taeyeon, Yuri and Leeteuk as well admit it. This is their conversation on a radio: Her forehead is very beautiful right?

Donghae dating eunhyuk

Besides that, Yoona also rarely wear bangs, she more often showed his forehead. Donghae always pratice with Yoona. Donghae likes girls who have beautiful eyes.

Is Yoona have beautiful eyes? Here is the story: Moment occurred on July 17,Donghae was in an interview. MC told Donghae to choose his favorite eyes.

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There are 3 picture of eyes dan Donghae was looking for that. Yoona was born in and Donghae was born in Yoona lahir tahin dan Donghaethe difference in their ages is 4 years!

yoona and donghae relationship quiz

In my opinion, yes! She would think it was funny.

yoona and donghae relationship quiz