Yoh and anna relationship help

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yoh and anna relationship help

I present, 30 truths on the twins relationship, HaoYoh style! But that was only until when Yoh said his eyes reminded him of the devil - Anna. to donate their tongues, muttering something about needing to help the poor. In Shaman King, Anna is the fiancée and later wife of Asakura Yoh and is a second Anna and Asakura Hao seem to have an odd relationship of their own - Anna . the Oh-Oni kidnapped Anna and took her to Mount Osore to help it absorb. Yoh & Anna's Romantic Relationship In Shaman King otakusiren: “ I have so that Yoh could help cure Anna of her Oni summoning abilities.

He soon came back to the house, with more serious injuries. When asked why, he simple stated, "God… It was unbelievable. Yoh had made sure none of them came back running back to Hao. He did that by shouting, "Anna The Bill persons are here" Short of cash at the moment, she did the honors of kicking them out one by one.

No flowers were sent even though the wives had suffered a big pain in the butt disease. Her normal trashing only came after they were finished. Faust, accidentally, bought it and came two days later, asking them to donate their tongues, muttering something about needing to help the poor. Actually, he needed it to comfort a PMS-ing Eliza in the process.

People soon learned not to go a mile near Yoh if they still value their life. It only came into play after Anna had thrown Hao out of the house and forced him to stay out in the rain for 5 days. But it was cut short to 3 days due to Yoh constant cries for Hao. Again, the art of peeling onions came into action. But few lived to tell the tale. Again, many had to agree that it's kinky.

Ren was regarded as the best man, the spirits — ring bearer and Manta, who was forced into a dress — the flower girl. Anna was closed into anger and tears as Yoh walked up the aisle, beautiful and gracefully. Because of this, she began to hate others, Which would involuntarily manifest itself as an Oni. Thus she tried to avoid going out as much as possible, usually confining herself to her room.

Anna and Yoh met when they were ten years old in the year at Mt. Yoh was traveling with Matamune to visit Kino, but then he saw Anna on the stop after going out of a store to run after Matamune. He ran into an Oni, on his way home, and if Matamune didn't arrive in time, Yoh would have been hurt. The Oni itself actually came from her. Yoh eventually learned that Anna does not release the Oni intentionally; it comes out of its own will.

Anna seems to have gotten used to the Oni, saying that it won't return unless it destroys something. The second time that the Oni came out in front of Yoh, it was an oni which was bigger than the previous Oni, it was now called the Naka-Oni.

Yoh tried to fight the Naka-Oni just to protect the people from destruction; Anna, seeing Yoh's determination, was able to subconsciously call back the Oni. They arrived home after the Oni ordeal and Yoh made a promise to her that they will go to the temple shrine to make a promise that he will free Anna from the demon.

Anna agrees reluctantly, fearing the worst possible outcome. The worst arrives then when they were at the temple. He knocked it down and went to Yoh who was supporting Anna who seemed to have a hard time breathing because of the Oni using a lot of spiritual power. Since they were at the temple, a lot of people visited, therefore, Anna could not control her power to read other peoples thoughts especially during the new year, when they speak their thoughts out loud to make a new year's wish.

The demon eventually grew into an Oh-Oniby absorbing the power of the nearby Onis. This Oni could now talk, which was unique because Onis typically do not possess the ability to speak. In order to have more power, the Oh-Oni kidnapped Anna and took her to Mount Osore to help it absorb the power of the lurking spirits. Yoh and Matamune realized that there are many spirits in Osorezan, if the Oh-Oni used Anna's power there, she could die of exhaustion or loss of Furyoku.

Yoh decided that this had to end once and for all, so using Matamune's necklace as a medium, Matamune was sacrificed and he became a sword similar to the final form of the merged Harusame and Futsunomitama.

Yoh was able to beat the Oh-Oni easier when Anna was finally able to overcome it.

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They were able to beat the Oni and Anna was free from the curse; unfortunately, Matamune was gone and the only thing remaining was a necklace with three black claws. Anna then grew to love Yoh because he was able to free her from the darkness that haunted her every day. From there on, she constantly trained him to become a better and stronger shaman as a gratitude, and almost never gave him any reprieve.

Coming to Tokyo Edit Anna is first seen carrying a bag entering Yoh's hospital room. When Yoh refuses, she forces him to see things her way when she notes how difficult it was for him to defeat Tao Ren and cites his recent injuries as proof. Yoh leaves to go the bathroom and explains to Manta why he is so scared of Anna.

Anna reveals that the Shaman Fight will be in Tokyo this time and proceeds to torture Yoh all summer.

Anna and Yoh’s relationship explained in two - Honestly, I don't know either.

She also begins attending Shinra Private Academy, where Yoh also must endure her training regimen and remains scared of his wits at her constant presence. During Yoh's battle with Tao Jun and Lee PyronAnna demonstrates her skills as an itako when she decides the battle has gone on long enough and summons Pyron's master.

When a rickety old man is summoned, she worries about Yoh, but the master quickly surprises everyone by easily defeating Pyron. The gang watches Pyron and Jun leave as friends. While he complains about her harsh training regimen, he expresses gratitude when he realizes it has made him stronger, and complains less from that point on, obviously appreciating her efforts.

In the manga, there is a scene in which Anna is in slight danger. But before he can even near her, Yoh immediately stops him and calls him back to the fight, drawing the danger to himself, rather than Anna.

In the anime, before Yoh leaves for America, there is a tender moment between them. He asks her to go for a walk with him, his way of giving her a proper farewell. While they sit talking in what appears to be a park, Anna rubs her hands together and shivers. Yoh immediately buys her hot chocolate, which she warms her hands with and holds to her face.

This shows that he cares for her feelings and wants her to be comfortable. In a shortly following scene, Yoh is outside talking to Manta, and holding what seems to be a can of hot chocolate exactly like the one he bought for Anna. He holds it very tenderly, and seems to linger on it. If anyone knows this is for certain, please let me know!

In another episode, a low-level female villain has the ability to turn her spirit-ally into the form of whatever person her enemy most wishes to see. It is different for different characters, but the form she takes for Yoh is that of Anna, proving that he does indeed want to see her again, even more so than his best friend Manta.

Obviously, he was thanking her for allowing him to see Anna again. Anna and Yoh are soon reunited in the series, and their relationships picks back up where it left off. They can sit for long hours without even speaking, and seem to have an uncanny understanding of one another. Hao views humans as disgusting weaklings, and even many Shamans who do not meet his standards of power.

Hao is very picky with his company, only surrounding himself with the most powerful of Shamans. After Anna defeats his guardian-spirits who were watching over his book which detailed his techniquesHao wonders who in Japan could have done such a thing.

When he meets her for the first time, he instantly figures out that it was she who defeated them.

Asakura Anna

His interest was piqued. Anna was bold when she walked right up to him, assuring him that Yoh would never join him and that Yoh, not he, would be Shaman King. While others cowered before Hao, terrified of his power, Anna looked him right in the eye and told him exactly what she thought.

yoh and anna relationship help

It was during their first meeting that the single most important occurrence in their relationship happened. Hao teleports directly behind Anna, and she whirls around to slap him, as she slaps anyone else who questions her.

It is possible that he intended to kiss her considering he was leaning in so closebut Anna suddenly slaps him with her left hand, surprising everyone. For once, he was thrown off-guard.

yoh and anna relationship help

Instead of retaliating, as he normally does, he simply leaves. Their relationships is somewhat rocky, but always interesting. I, for one, believe Hao has romantic interest in her.

Character Opinion: Yoh and Anna

At the very least, he is fascinated by her and impressed that she does not fear him. Anna, on the other hand, is far too devoted to Yoh to even consider Hao is a possible romantic partner.

However, if Yoh were to die or utterly reject her both are highly unlikely in the seriesI think she would rethink Hao. The only difference is that Hao has longer hair and very different fashion sense. Also, she seems to like boys who are easy-going and laid-back.