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Indrajit Lankesh had asked MP Shobha Karandlaje why was she supporting Yeddyurappa. Indrajit with BJP leaders Shobha and Yeddyurappa took part in the. BJP leader BS Yeddyurappa resigned as Karnataka chief minister on Saturday, electing not to face a Supreme-Court ordered trust vote Kharge with BJP leaders Ananth Kumar and Shobha Karandlaje are .. Lifestyle · Sex & relationship · Fitness · Fashion & trends · Art & culture · Travel · Books · Brunch. Kumaraswamy hits back against the BJP after Yeddyurappa and his MLAs walked out. Before walking Trust vote action begins . Shobha Karandlaje, BJP . Donald Trump says US-China relations make 'BIG leap forward'.

The infighting in the KJP is forcing Yeddyurappa to eat his words. On New Year's eve Yeddyurappa had said that the BJP government would not exist beyond January 5, but later he changed the deadline to January 15, because of sheer lack of numbers on his side.

This year too, he is continuing the same habit of issuing threats and withdrawing them. He is unable to take a hard step because his support base is fast eroding. We are in a dilemma - don't know whether to continue in BJP or join KJP or knock the doors of some other party," said a minister loyal to Yeddyurappa on condition of anonymity.

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The main reason for Yeddyurappa's supporters to drift away from him is Shobha Karandlaje. She is expected to tender resignation to the party after January 15 to join the KJP.

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Apparently, Yeddyurappa is keen on appointing Shobha to an important post in the KJP and seasoned politicians feel that it may undermine their presence. What is our relevance in the party?

We are much more experienced than her," a minister said. Yeddyurappa is aware of the problem but he does not seem to be taking it seriously, as elections to the assembly are still three months away.

For Yeddyurappa, Shobha now seems to be a caste-away

Hailing from Puttur in coastal Karnataka, Shobha renounced all pleasures of life and joined the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh at a very early age. In fact, she is one of the few women 'purna pramana' full-time worker in the RSS. Full time workers of the RSS sacrifice everything, including family. They also vow that they would never get married. Hence, Shobha has always been RSS's preferred worker.

Even when she decided to join politics, the RSS gave her the initial push since they believed that she would not have any business interests and would work selflessely for the party. Once she entered into active politics in the BJP, she worked alongside Yeddyurappa.

She treated him as her godfather. Critics now allege that Yeddyurappa had a soft corner for the year-old, which ensured her growth within the party. Shobha has always courted controversies. When she was made BJP's general secretary, there was a major uproar in the party. Several leaders thought that her proximity to Yeddyurappa earned her the position. It was also alleged that she was preferred over several senior leaders.

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However, the only explanation given at that point of time was that she was a dedicated worker and that the party needed such workers in the state. The next round of discontent was witnessed when she was made Member of the Legislative Council in Karnataka in Once again, Yeddyurappa managed to scuttle all voices of protest.

He never let her down. Although several allegations have been levelled against the two, Yeddyurappa has always maintained that Shobha is a dedicated worker and that there is nothing beyond that. Shobha too, in her defence, has reiterated that Yeddyurappa is a like a father to her and that allegations of favourtism are baseless.

The biggest issue that the duo confronted was when Yeddyurappa fielded her as candidate from the Yeshwanthpur constituency during the last elections. Despite severe opposition Yeddyurappa went ahead. He had a feather in his cap to take up Shobha's case when she won the elections convincingly. There was more opposition when he decided to induct her into the ministry and also gave her the crucial portfolio of Rural Development.

However, Yeddyurappa ignored the voices of protest.