Yata and fushimi relationship

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yata and fushimi relationship

Lost Small World and Fushimi Thoughts I'm not normally all that interested in Fushimi since I tend to find relationships more So, we all know Fushimi was Yata's friend in middle school and they joined Homra together. saruhiko and yata's relationship “an analysis of the biggest issue in when fushimi was in homra (from “lost small world”), not only anna but. Yata Misaki and Fushimi Saruhiko grew up as best friends through out with the "damn monkey", even though their relationship turned bitter.

K 13: Yata & Fushimi analysis

By reviving Fushimi Niki. A sweet girl who grew up in the same family that created Niki, a dysfunctional heap of brilliant minds and no parenting skills.

She fits neatly between the absolutely disgusting individual who was Niki and the only part of this troika who did everything right.

yata and fushimi relationship

Instead of spending his entire time being a lazy prick or trying to make an impression the completely wrong way, he uses his considerable intelligence for the good of the people, to uphold order and peace.

He too challenges Saruhiko on an intellectual level, through the puzzle during their first one-on-one for example, but does so in a way that allows Saruhiko to meet him on neutral ground. The puzzle has no meaning other than seeing and understanding the extent of genius on both sides.

Munakata understands Saruhiko is on a different level than him but instead of being condescending he allows Saruhiko to use his own head to solve his problems. Munakata uses his genius to help Saruhiko in subtle ways. He makes an effort to understand Saruhiko as a person and not as a potential asset to his Clan.

Munakata challenges that mindset by refusing to let Saruhiko believe it. Munakata responds by drawing the blueprint of Scepter 4 headquarters with his powers.

But Munakata is a troll too, only different. He teases Saruhiko relentlessly and does so with an almost childish glee but never in a way that would make Saruhiko uncomfortable.

yata and fushimi relationship

And Munakata genuinely enjoys it when his favourite trolls him back. The Irregularity, Yata Misaki Fushimi Saruhiko grew up around geniuses and people who only needed him when they wanted something from him.

  • Misaki Yata

Around that time, Yata also began to idolize and respect Mikoto, often laughing or otherwise spending his time with the man. One day, while in a dark alley, Yata was told by Fushimi that he had gone out and joined Scepter 4. Infuriated, Yata asks why he would "betray" them and join such an organization. To his subsequent shock, Yata watches as Fushimi burns his own insignia and mocks him about it, then explaining that he loathes their Clan to its core. Yata becomes even more raged and threatens to kill Fushimi, thus ending their friendship.

Yata brushed it off. Before beginning the fight, they perform their signature war cry, which Yata takes part in. Sometime later, Yata went out to play baseball with his fellow Clansmen, serving as the pitcher of the group.

yata and fushimi relationship

When it was Mikoto's turn to bat, Yata expressed worry, and attempted to throw his ball at a faster speed than normal. However, Mikoto ended up hitting the ball anyway, even scoring a home run, to both Yata's surprise and disbelief. He would scold Eric for his apparent bad manners and questioned whether he was a foreigner who didn't speak or understand Japanese; in response, Eric insulted at him in English, shocking Yata.

With memories swarming in, Yata was offered preserved pickles by Totsuka. They continue talking about Eric; included in the conversation is Yata remarking whether Eric should leave once he'd found a home. He continues to show obvious frustration at the fact Eric continued speaking condescendingly towards him, additionally in English. Yata would remark on his bad attitude at times. When the horse revealed itself to be a Strain, Yata took note on the expression it made.

One day, Yata watched as Totsuka attempted to use his skateboard for trick moves, laughing and teasing him after several failures.

He demonstrated how to execute a trick properly. Afterwards, he tried helping Totsuka position himself on the skateboard. When Totsuka fell off the skateboard, Yata claimed that he sucked and that his hobbies were very "old".

He listened as the passive Clansmen as he argued with him. Yata later remarked that Totsuka was exaggerating over the fact that Anna wanted him to sing. However, he quickly set his snide comments aside to listen to Totsuka's song once he began to play.

Almost three months later, Yata and Kusanagi rushed to a rooftop where they found Totsuka lying in his own blood. Yata rushed to Totsuka and asked if a King had attacked him. However, he was told not to ask any more questions so that Totsuka can rest.

What makes Yata and Fushimi such a popular pairing

Yata reassured the wounded Clansman that he would quickly get help from a hospital. He was told not to worry about it, however. Totsuka then touched Yata's face with his bloodied hand, leaving behind a mark on Yata's cheek, before he then died in Yata's own arms.

Witnessing such a scene caused Yata to break down and sob for his fallen Clansmen. Once the videos are done playing, Yata goes to smack Eric on the head, reminding him that the whole Clan has something that they need to finish. He then leaves the building with the rest of his Clansmen, save for three others including the Red King. This fear was clearly evident when Mikoto broke out of the Scepter 4 Jail.

Saruhiko Fushimi

Fushimi raised his saber but couldn't use it against his former king and was instead shaking at the thought of facing Mikoto head on. Whenever Fushimi is alone with Munakata, it is noticeable how Munakata often speaks almost casually to him, even taking the time to tease him once in a while, much to his annoyance; he is most likely the Blue King's favorite because he doesn't hesitate to say what is on his mind, although he has a great amount of respect for him, and although he won't admit it, he views Munakata as the father he never had.

Even with different clans and different paths in life, he still hasn't really given up on his best friend Yata Misaki. Referred to In the Radio Drama 'Izumo's Room' he indicated that if he had been in Yata's place he would have followed his best friend to Scepter 4.

Much of his taunting of Yata in the series is a childish attempt to regain Yata's attention. He cannot tolerate fading into the background of Yata's life and would rather have the negative attention given an enemy than none at all.

In the drama cd, he attempted to help her get out from between two vending machines when he noticed that she was stuck, and in K: Days of Blue, he helped her and Tatara Totsuka escape a deluded strain who had his eyes on her after he found them visiting the strain horse Anna had befriended.

Although he seems awkward around children, and seems to want nothing to do with them, he often ends up indulging them; they seem to enjoy his company, and animals also seem to be quite fond of him.

All in all, even though he tries to deny it, and not many people see it, he is a kindhearted person, but just doesn't know how to go about it since no one ever really taught him to be. Relationship As it goes through the first season K. Misaki and Saruhiko have a very horrible relationship, even when you consider their middle school friendship.

【I NEED YOUR LOVE】Sarumi - K Project

Misaki wishes that he could just 'have his best friend back' in only a certain way and shows a lot of hatred towards Saruhiko. Where Saruhiko, he wants to grab Misakis attention. He doesn't care what KIND of attention, any attention is fine by him.

Even if it has to be hatred, it's better then nothing at all. All of this goes throughout till the last season. Though in the movie K: Saruhiko actually helps Misaki find Anna so he can save her. Showing that he still thinks about him.

Isn't that a good enough clue!? On the last episode of K: It shows Misaki saving Saruhiko from Gojo Sukuna. When the two were escaping the angered J-Rank, Misaki started to talk about how 'his king was Munakata all along' and that he understands that now.

Leading them back to their old friendship. Well, at least some sort of friendship. My Opinion Honestly, I ship these two like hell is loose. Let's start out with Saruhiko's opinion on Misaki.