Yachiru and kenpachi relationship test

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yachiru and kenpachi relationship test

The most obvious of relations in the anime/manga and with Yachiru specifically is with Kenpachi, or as Yachiru says; "Kenny". Twenty truths about the relationship between Kenpachi Zaraki and Retsu Unohana. He would like to leave them for her in his quarters too, but Yachiru have passed the test, and may be excused from the rest of the class.). Kenpachi is like Yachiru's guardian and the only person that truly understands him. Yachiru is the first person who accepted him regardless of.

Kenpachi refrains from discussing with Retsu the possibility of the happily-ever-after he hopes for, because she doesn't. She'll take happily-ever-after if it rolls around, but won't sacrifice quality control within the relationship to get to it. He knows that if he doesn't mention it, they don't have to fight about it, which betters his chance of getting it.

Because he wants that, Kenpachi courts Retsu all over again every time they meet. This also betters his chance of getting what he wants.

yachiru and kenpachi relationship test

As part of this strategy, Kenpachi leaves tokens of his affection usually small packets of beautifully-wrapped lingerie in Retsu's quarters. He would like to leave them for her in his quarters too, but Yachiru Kusajichi knows that any wrapped package she finds there is meant for her.

yachiru and kenpachi relationship test

She didn't know what to do with the contents of a package left for Retsu, and brought the red velvet bra and panties to Ikkaku Madarame for explanation.

Kenpachi asked Retsu to shop with him for a sheath cover his blade might like, since the blade assisted him in a critical purchase of lingerie for her. She blinked at him when he proposed this, and eventually made a recommendation in jest which he took seriously. He now sports a black-suede sheath cover with a long cascading fringe. It was necessary for him to punch one but only one of his squad members for shooting him the peace sign the first time he wore it in public.

The blade likes the idea of a decorative sheath cover, but feels that the fringe is 'waaaay over the top. Knowing just how far her idiot swordsman will go to please her tickles her more. She talks to him more frequently now that she knows he is willingly a fool for love. The zanupakuto have a relationship just as do their wielders. Both relationships include sex, but so far neither has resulted in babies, tadpoles, or a set of kitchen knives which will instantly heal you if you cut yourself while using them.

When Kenpachi and Retsu are about to enter the Senkaimon, a brisk round of "You first" may take place, since each is very fond of watching the other's butt.

However, this occurs only if they are dressed in jeans, as there's not much point to ogling a shikahoushou-shrouded arse.

yachiru and kenpachi relationship test

Kenpachi allows Retsu to choose his western clothing for their forays into the Living World. He was quite mystified by her insistence that he wear that type of western fundoshi called "briefs. I have included information about this from the one-shot as well. I've edited this version a bit, and have set it twenty years and some months after my Child Rearing story. It's not a factual, true sequel, I've just put it on the same universe and timeline as that, and used the same pairings and back-stories.

If you have the time, please, do read it.

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My readers assure me it's time well wasted. There will likely be some lemons, or at least some rather explicit indication, or language, that that is what is going on.

This may be un-beta'ed at times, because it's for my beta. This is dedicated to kyokoaurora. Please enjoy, read and review! He thanked Kami that no one was currently in the office with him to see. Civil became a meaningless word when you involved Yachiru. Why, after all this time, she still chose to enter a building through a window rather than a door, Byakuya still did not know.

He looked to her, quirking a brow the slightest bit. Please take whatever it may be and return to your own division," he declared, voice icy and dark as always. It's all shiny and everything!

You have to open it, and I don't even want candy or nothin' for it," Yachiru declared, obviously proud of herself.

yachiru and kenpachi relationship test

Feeling a great sense of dread, Byakuya tried in vain again to make Yachiru leave him be. He finally replaced his fukutaicho with Rikichi, some time after Renji took a taicho position.

He wanted to shove the paperwork on him and shunpo away from the office, leaving him to deal with Yachiru instead. If Rikichi did not happen to be on holiday this week.

Yachiru Kusajishi

Of course, as predicted, the simple one word answer did not sway the adamant young lady to drop her pleading. After ten minutes of trying to ignore her, Byakuya gave up and turned back to face her. He examined her more closely. Was she wearing makeup? Was she not still too young for that?

Relationship between Kenpachi and Yachiru?

With a second thought he decided that she would not be considered too young anymore. She now stood about four and one-half feet tall, her hair still as pink and long as ever.

yachiru and kenpachi relationship test

Even her eyes had changed a bit. Their deep brown seemed to be tinted with pink to contrast her hair perfectly. She still begged for candy, but the incidences seemed to be fewer and far between. In fact, when he considered it, the last visit she gave him was some three weeks ago. How things change so drastically, and only within a short two decades.

She made another attempt to force the icy taicho to accept her gift, and this time success was in the air. Her eyes filled with tears, making it appear she might cry at any moment. And, because a man's worst fear, no matter how noble and stoic and refined he is, is a crying woman, Byakuya reluctantly conceded.

I see that you will not leave me be until I have accepted this gift of yours. Do enlighten me," Byakuya broke down.

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Had he been female, he might have cried from all the years of torture Yachiru set him though. Yachiru perked right up, her tears drying immediately, and fished a small velvet covered box from her shihakusho.

Her sensei taught her more than how to pout and cry on cue. Her constantly growing assets, now beginning to look like when fully developed they would rival her sensei, proved to be useful in several ways.

Yachiru fiddled with the box for a few brief moments, suddenly looking like she might be unsure of what she was doing. Finally coming to a decision, she dropped to one knee, kneeling and bowing her head low. Whatever Byakuya could have been expecting certainly was not that. Not even in his wildest dreams could he have predicted it. He felt himself being faced with two options.