World wide web and internet relationship advice

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world wide web and internet relationship advice

The World Wide Web and Internet are part of everyday conversation, but many don't realise that they're actually different things. So, what's the. The Web is all about relationships, and has made these relationships possible Sir Tim Berners-Lee is considered to be the Father of the World Wide Web. Innumerable histories of the Internet and the World Wide Web are Be sure to read the HELP screens or searching tips screens that are.

The web used to access all the websites and services with the help of various protocols. We usually assume that the internet and world wide web commonly known as the web or WWW are the same things. So, what is the internet?

world wide web and internet relationship advice

The Internet is the physical network of network of networks, and so on. The devices connected to your home router can be called as the part of local area network LAN.

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I will be writing a detailed article on LAN, MAN, and WAN in future In a nutshell, an uncountable number of small, medium, and large-sized networks contribute towards a massive network known as the Internet. It consists of various end-user devices, routers, switches, data servers, etc. And, what is the World Wide Web?

World Wide Web

Let us take an example of a talking club. Consider the people sitting in the club as the devices connected to the internet. Now, they can communicate over many mediums. For instance, they can talk to each other or write their thoughts on a piece of paper and pass it on. You can relate the world wide web as one of the ways to exchange information on the internet. Usually, we define WWW as the information space where web pages and other things are identified using their URLs Unique Resource Locatorsinterlinked using hypertext links and can be accessed over the internet.

Usually, we define WWW as the information space where web pages and other things are identified using their URLs Unique Resource Locatorinterlinked using hypertext links, and can be accessed over the internet. You can ask one of them about their thoughts web pages by speaking the web. In reality, the hypertext links are the clickable links you find on websites.

You can find many links on this page also, click on them to know more. Now, there might be rules in the club regarding how you should talk.

For example, it might be compulsory to speak in a low voice, or you need to close your eyes while talking. We have the protocols to maintain a smooth flow of data from a web server to your web browser. Post moves into the digital age - Embraced in the earlier days by the tech-savvy, the internet soon appealed to the average user through commercial ventures, such as online bookstore Amazon and AuctionWeb, which would later be rebranded as eBay.

Mr Pesce, also an honorary associate in the Digital Cultures Program at the University of Sydney, says Netscape's Navigator browser offered many people their first opportunity to surf the net.

InHotmail appeared on the web offering users an email account hosted online.

world wide web and internet relationship advice

It meant emails could be accessed anywhere, anytime. While email was faster than traditional post, the internet's instant messaging offered an even speedier solution to personal communication. One of the first mainstream instant messaging services was ICQ, which launched in While some were using the internet to chat, many others were exploring the opportunity to enjoy audio, often streaming live from concerts and other events.

Mr Pesce said it was around this time that "there was a sense this [web] thing was more than just text". After launching the domain Google. Meanwhile, a community of writers began sharing their likes, lives and thoughts with the World Wide Web via the emergence of early blogging sites.

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Peer-to-peer file sharing website Napster arrived on the internet, and grew enormously in popularity as music fans began illegally sharing files. The website was shut down by court order in The emergence of social networking - Byonline information hub Wikipedia emerged. Initially hosting a similar number of entries to a children's encyclopaedia, the website grew when the Encyclopaedia Britannica edition entered the public domain, Mr Pesce said.

world wide web and internet relationship advice

Apple's iTunes soon provided music enthusiasts with a legal alternative to downloading their favourite commercial tunes. Despite launching with justsongs, it reached sales ofwithin 24 hours.

A brief history of the internet over the past 20 years and the role of the World Wide Web

Building on the concept of peer-to-peer networks such as Napster, Skype was soon born. Using similar technology, it allows users to make free calls to others using the program.

It later branched out to include video messaging, videoconferencing and began offering an alternative telecommunications service for users wanting to call regular phone numbers.

Video technology was soon considered for use in other industries, such as medicine, allowing doctors to examine and in some cases treat patients thousands of kilometres away.

While chat rooms and instant messaging proved popular in the preceding years, social networking sites started to emerge offering an alternative. Meanwhile, Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg introduced his peers to The Facebook, a social networking site he built for students at the university in More than 1, students signed up in the first day.

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With web-based mail proving popular, Gmail entered the market enticing users with greater storage than many existing mail providers at the time. The smart phone revolution - Ten years after the World Wide Web was released onto an unsuspecting public, 70 per cent of households had internet access. But for many, using the internet was slow on dial-up connections. Nearly half of all subscribers used dial-up internet with DSL growing in popularity. Only 10 per cent enjoyed speedier cable access.

The first video uploaded to the site showed one of the founders discussing elephants.