Watanuki and yuko relationship counseling

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watanuki and yuko relationship counseling

(Doumeki x Watanuki) He didn't exactly want to feel like this. Falling in love with Advice from Yuuko-san helped the two. Especially Domeki. At the beginning, Watanuki has a mentor-student relationship with Yuuko and he only respects her because she is older, wiser and obviously. The connection between Syaoran and Watanuki is finally revealed in the Clow's future arc. Syaoran explains to the party what happened when he met Sakura.

With that as your background, how do you expect to make a promise to yourself? But the opposite way…there are risks there, too, of course. If a person sacrifices himself to save another, then that person should know just what kind of scars that action leaves on the rescued person. Surely, if you keep wishing, they'll come true. That's how strong the power of people's wishing is.

But, if you wish for someone's unhappiness, you'll also become unhappy, proportionally to the strength of the wish. Those who feel they are unhappy now, are bitter towards someone and wish for someone's unhappiness. But this one here is the one and only "Star Staff".

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The price paid by Sakura [Kinomoto]-chan, true inheritor to the magic woven by Clow. It was as their parents wished it Syaoran [Li] changed his face, and even his family name. Through that name, this child [Watanuki] was kept hidden.

Domeki was the one to bring Watanuki home - the hospital didn't exist for Watanuki. Watanuki being Watanuki didn't like the idea of the most athletic boy in school helping a weak and scrawny kid as Watanuki was back then. The megane yelled at Domeki, saying how it wasn't necessary for Domeki to bring him home. Domeki glanced up from what he was doing and tightened the bandage on Watanuki's arm, making the other hiss in pain.

watanuki and yuko relationship counseling

That was where it all started. A couple of years passed with the two casually sitting next to each other during lunch. High school came around and Himawari accompanied them on their daily lunch. That was when things started to get more serious.

Watanuki started to distance himself from Domeki more and more as the weeks progressed. Domeki started to get annoyed and followed Watanuki home one day. That was where he met Yuuko-san. The powerful magician who can grant any wish, but with a price. Domeki started to get involved with the spiritual matters surrounding Watanuki.

Watanuki had no choice but to unwillingly being Domeki back into his bubble. Then, things started to get heated. Blame it on the hormones, but things between Domeki and Watanuki took a sudden turn. Scared after helping Yuuko-san with a wish, Domeki hugged Watanuki in a tight embrace. Domeki just hugged tighter. That's starting to hurt! Watanuki tensed for a moment and sighed, wrapping his arms around his friend. Not when you're there to protect me," Watanuki said, blushing slightly after he realized what he said.

This was after the few hours Domeki stood in the rain, waiting for Watanuki to resurface after being consumed by hydrangeas. He had desperately tried to dig to who knows where, but it didn't work. Advice from Yuuko-san helped the two. Especially Domeki who actually showed expression while trying to rescue Watanuki. I'll always be there to protect you. He brushed an area in Watanuki's mouth that made the megane shiver and relax, giving in to the kiss.

That was when Domeki felt something prod his own tongue, Watanuki. After a few more seconds, Watanuki realized what he was doing and pushed Domeki away. Both were breathing heavily after the lost contact. Watanuki sat there, staring at Domeki. A heavy silence surrounded the two before the taller one spoke.

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Watanuki blinked at the way Domeki was acting. But there was no reponse. How he gave in, wrapped his arms around Domeki and grunted a bit. He then proceeds to tell Doumeki that even though he is free and has the choice to come and go as he pleases, he will stay in the shop and wait for Yuko.

This shows the desire that Watanuki really feels for Yuko because even though he saw a dream version of her, but not the real one, he will keep waiting for her just for the hope that one day a miracle will happen and he will be able to see her just once again.

Here, the series ends, leaving it that Watanuki will wait for Yuko for as long as it takes. It is also revealed that Watanuki is a descendant of Clow's.

Clow also gave him his appearance, purposely. Chibi Kitsune Watanuki and Chibi Kitsune are good friends. Watanuki met him for the first time at his and his father's oden stand that cannot usually be seen by humans. The two form a friendly bond but do not see each other often since they live in two different worlds. Once, When Watanuki went to the Monster Processionall the monsters realized that Watanuki and Doumeki were humans and chased them, trying to kill them when Chibi Kitsune interfered and told them all what a good person Watanuki is until the monsters spared him.

Later on, to express his thanks, Watanuki send Chibi Kitsune a dream in a balloon from the dream collector which he had traded the broken arrow from one of his dreams for five of the dream collector's dreams. Kitsune He's Chibi Kitsune's father and he's very kind to Watanuki. He first met Watanuki at night in his oden stand. Watanuki always compliments Kitsune on his cooking, especially his famous oden a type of stew.

watanuki and yuko relationship counseling

Kitsune is especially kind to Watanuki because Watanuki and Chibi Kitsune are friends and Watanuki is very generous, giving him a dream balloon and a sacred arrow, to Chibi. Himawari and Watanuki are best friends at school, often eating lunch together and walking home together after school, but there always seems to be something more than friendship between them.

Since Himawari was first introduced, Watanuki already had a deep crush on her. He often says that he loves Himawari he only says this in his head or to Yuko Ichihara or Watanuki and Himawari on xxxHolic anime Season 4 cover Shizuka Domeki but in reality, this is just a mere infatuation. Whenever Watanuki is asked why he likes Himawari, he answers that it is because she is kind and cute and even though these are good traits in a person, it is not nearly enough reason to be in love with someone and so all of his friends know that this is not real love but just a crush.

Watanuki also reveals in Vol. Later on in the series, Watanuki falls out of the second story window of the school and nearly dies until Shizuka brings him to Yuko's shop where she heals him. This is when Himawari displays care for Watanuki by paying half of the price to Yuko for healing Watanuki which was taking all the scars that Watanuki beared from the fall.

When Watanuki finally wakes up, Himawari talks to him and reveals to him that she is bad luck - literally. Himawari had been born with a bad luck curse at birth which meant that she brought bad luck to those whom she meets, talks to, or touches with the exception of her parents.

Himawari then tells Watanuki that they should not be friends or speak to each other any more because she does not want to hurt him.

Watanuki then stops her and tells her that even though she is bad luck, he always felt lucky to have met her and that no matter what she said, he would still try to be with her.

He then reveals that he likes her and promises her that he'll never do anything to hurt her or to make her cry. Later on, Watanuki asks Yuko if there is a way to remove Himawari's curse and Yuko says that she can but the price it will be all her happiness. She asks Watanuki if he is going to pay the price but Watanuki says that if he hurt himself for Himawari's sake then she will be sad and it will hurt her more than him.

Watanuki decides that the only thing he will do for Himawari is continue being her best friend and making her truly smile every time. Yuko does agree to help Watanuki with his relationship with Himawari by giving him an egg and telling him to sleep with the egg beside him and whatever he wants to emerge out of the egg, it will appear. In dreams, Watanuki wishes that something will be born that will keep Himawari company so that she will not be alone and so Tanpopo is born, a bird that is immune to Himawari's bad luck.

Himawari remains the same but it can be seen that she starts developing feelings for Watanuki after his personality changes a bit. They spend more time together since Watanuki is being carefully after being with her.

The last time Himawari appears is after giving some cookies to Watanuki made by herself. In xxxHolic RO, Watanuki and Himawari grow apart and their relationship ends in a "more than friends, but less than lovers" relationship.

watanuki and yuko relationship counseling

Because her misfortune affliction and the shop cause problems to occur, she promised to never enter the shop except on Watanuki's birthday. Even if they only can see each other once a year, Himawari falls in love with Watanuki, however in Chapterit is stated that Himawari is married with a unknown businessman who knows about Watanuki and accept their friendship. Watanuki sends Himawari and her husband a chrysanthemum wine to give them fortune and good health.

Shizuka Domeki Watanuki and Shizuka's meeting happened before the manga started. They had first seen each other on the school stairway and Watanuki, annoyed with just Shizuka's face, started yelling at him. The first time we see the two together in the manga is after gym class when the two had been playing soccer. Himawari was telling Watanuki what a good soccer player he is and that he almost scored a goal. Watanuki said that he didn't score any because he felt bad for the goalie.

Shizuka, whom was the goalie, then appeared and started arguing with Watanuki calmly though Watanuki at this point was scolding him furiously. Through Yuuko's bidding, Watanuki asked Shizuka to use his temple so that they could tell ghost stories an Shizuka agreed. After the event, Yuuko concluded that Shizuka could purify spirits while Watanuki attracted them, and so while Watanuki and Shizuka are near each other, Watanuki will not be bothered by spirits.

From then on, Yuuko sends Watanuki and Shizuka on missions together in order to grant various customers' wishes. Much to the annoyance of Watanuki, Shizuka is always asking for food and eats so much that Watanuki complains.

Kimihiro Watanuki

The two are always fighting in a typical manner: Shizuka speaking and rationalizing calmly while Watanuki always compared to an angry cat is scolding and yelling. They don't get along at all though they will always stay together even when angry and help each other when the situation calls for it. They share a deep bond that cannot be broken by either words nor actions.

In xxxHolic Ro, Watanuki and Shizuka are still good friends and Shizuka often helps Watanuki with things like shopping that Watanuki cannot do himself due to being restrained to the shop. When Watanuki gets wounded when dealing with clients, Shizuka comments that it is times like these [he] wishes he studied medicine," but notes that if he did so, it would be too difficult to remain by Watanuki's side along with the fact that the wounds Watanuki gains by supernatural means may not be effected by modern medicine techniques.

By the time of his marriage to Kohane Tsuyuri, Shizuka experienced a series of nightmares that expressed his doubts in regards to his upcoming wedding and in relation to his relationship with Watanuki. This, coupled with the fact that the two married for the sake of bearing children who would eventually take over their roles of guardians and assistants of Watanuki, hints at the possibility of him having strong, probably romantic feelings for Watanuki.

Kohane Tsuyuri herself has looked towards Watanuki as a parental figure, due to the care he showed her when she lacked a proper family and was going through tumultuous times with her mother. As such, she would likely agree to a "professional" wedding in order to bear children which can protect Watanuki, who, to her, represents strong familial values. Kohane Tsuyuri Watanuki and Kohane met under a haunted cherry tree.

Even though they had just met, a connection was made as Yuuko often pointed out. They both sensed that they were similar with their abilities. Despite constant protest from her mother, he keeps in contact with her, all while trying to make her feel happy. For this, she develops a strong bond of friendship with him. After Yuko grants her wish, Kohane moves in with the old Fortune Teller, but keeps on visiting Watanuki in the shop.

She is the only one to call him by his name, "Kimihiro-kun. This is likely due to how he saved her and represents familial bonds, as well as safety. In many ways, Watanuki was more of a "motherly' figure to Kohane than her own mother was.

Kohane agrees to marry Doumeki in order to have children with him; children who can protect Watanuki as his assistants since Watanuki stopped aging.

In the anime, Zashiki Warashi has more appearances and even finds herself involved in some of Watanuki's tasks. Perhaps one of the greatest indicators of her feelings towards Watanuki was when she found out that Watanuki's eye was in the custody of Jorou-Gumo. She personally went to Jorou-Gumo herself and asked the Spider Lady to give it back to Watanuki but was ultimately captured instead. Watanuki went to save her in exchange of losing his right eye forever causing Zashiki Warashi to feel very guilty for his loss.

Watanuki apologized to her instead for getting her involved. Much later when rumor reached her about Watanuki's near fatal accident, Zashiki Warashi went to visit him in the company of Ame-Warashi.

During the exchange Watanuki noticed that her voice sounded a lot more mature than it had previously. According to Ame Warashi, the Vestal Sprites feelings for Watanuki had caused her to age and become more of an adult.

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During her final appearance, she gives Ame-Warashi flowers to send to Watanuki which sprout thanks to the former's deep feelings for him. It is also implied that she wanted to bring the bouquet to him herself despite the request having originally been made to Ame-Warashi but was unable to due to the sun light intensity, which would have been toxic to her.

This again is a demonstration of strong feelings for Watanuki ten years down the line. Given the infrequent appearances of Zashiki Warashi it is unknown exactly whether or not Watanuki returns the Vestal Sprites feelings especially since in the early stages Watanuki was originally fawning over Himawari. Even so, it is evident that Watanuki does think very highly of her despite rarely seeing her and cares very much about her well being.

When he learned that she was captured by Joro-Gumo he did not hesitate to join the Karasu Tengu in trying to rescue her, and upon coming face to face with the Spider Lady was more concerned about rescuing Zashiki Warashi than he was in getting his eye back.

In both the manga and the anime Watanuki said that whilst he has only meet and talked with the Vestal Sprite on a few occasions he thinks that she is a very nice girl and recognizes how important she is to people like the Tengu. Recently within XXXHolic Rei Watanuki has learned that Zashiki Warashi is in danger of disappearing but for some unknown reason she does not want to see him.

Watanuki was left both shocked and upset by this remark, wishing that he could meet with Zashiki in order to find a way to save her. Quotes "Yuuko always says there are no coincidences in this world, there is only inevitability.

When I first heard it, I thought there was no way that could be possible. What's the point if everything is inevitable? But now, little by little, I'm starting to believe that's the truth. Just getting to see you puts me into a good mood for the whole day.

When you call me Watanuki-kun, and smile, and talk to me, I feel like they're all wonderful things.

watanuki and yuko relationship counseling

I consider meeting you, Himawari-chan, to be one of the happiest moments of my life. With all my heart! I met all kinds of people, and even those that weren't people.