Wanting a relationship like ron and kim kiss

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wanting a relationship like ron and kim kiss

Ron and Kim's first kiss together, from the episode "Emotion Sickness". In many ways, Ron and Monkey Fist have a similar relationship and similar full well that Ron is capable of beating him up if he wants to, and Ron even managed to get. Kim and Ron enjoy the last couple seconds of their first kiss as they stand in eachother's arms. A crowd of fellow "Oh Ron. You really know nothing about relationships do you?" Kim asks him. Are you saying that you want to start dating?" Ron So I guess it makes sense why he is acting like this. "KP?. Anyway the scene was when Bonnie forcibly kisses Ron and Kim walks in. Ron didn't really hint that he wanted to date Kim or really girls for that matter . they were mocking another cartoon the film would look like the show.

Bonnie kissing Ron (Kim Possible)

Ron truly cared for Kim and vice versa. I saw their relationship bump up to a whole other level already and saw their love for each other develop.

And when I saw the posters of how Ron got out of the friend zone with Kim, I agreed and giggled about how it was true. Then I stumbled upon this tumblr post, which made me start to rethink some things.

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If you can't read the dialogue, it was from the season 4 episode, Homecoming Upset, where Ron and Bonnie won the titles of Homecoming king and queen, which to Kim's dismay meant they spent a lot of time together doing many activities for the community. Anyway the scene was when Bonnie forcibly kisses Ron and Kim walks in. Ron tries explaining himself by saying Bonnie kissed him and which Kim replies, "No kidding.

It took you twelve stinking years to kiss me". Which is not only hilarious but gives us a big clue. In the tumblr comment below, it makes light on how Kim's line reveals that she had been waiting for Ron to kiss her.

That Kim already knew her feelings for Ron were stronger than just being best friends but she didn't do anything since Ron was always the anxious one when it came to thinking about dating her.

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So she moved on with in. From the start, Kim did tell Ron that she liked his weirdness, as in A Sitch in Time, when Kim and Ron first met, she said that he was weird but she liked that.

wanting a relationship like ron and kim kiss

Kim even gave Ron a kiss on the cheek when they were underneath the mistletoe which was actually parsley that Ron found and hung on the ceiling during the episode, A Very Possible Christmas. Even though they both had crushes that both of them were partly fine with, there were still other people that they got jealous over.

For Kim, she already knew her feelings and just needed Ron to have the same mutually strong feelings back so that she could really express her feelings.

Ron Stoppable

Throughout Kim showed her love and annoyance but her liking toward him. Ron didn't really hint that he wanted to date Kim or really girls for that matter. Though Ron was always sweet around Kim. And when the two of them started dating, their friendship and relationship was more developed and really adorable.

So what do you Kim fans think? Please comment below about your thoughts on the subject and thank you for reading. Sorry it was so long.

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But eventually he gave it up since he soon got a spot on the football team instead. With Kim being popular and him not, Ron was afraid that Kim would leave him for someone better even though they were still within the early stages of them dating, but with her being a cheerleader and all, it was kind of expected for someone like her to date a jock. That being said, Ron tried out for the football team and thanks to his skills in speed, he was able to get a spot.

Anyways, one of the main things about Ron that I love so much is just his entire character as a whole. I mean, a good majority of the time, Ron is seen as this goof who is either constantly losing his pants because of something happening or some guy who is obsessing over whatever it is that he is obsessing over during that specific episode.

And when I say anything, I mean anything. They could both be living in the other side of the world from one another, and yet if Kim needs Ron for a mission or for anything in general, he will try his best to be there for her.

wanting a relationship like ron and kim kiss

The final episodes of the entire series is a good example of that, since it was Ron who saved Kim and the day and not Kim herself. In fact, even before they began to date, it was clear that Ron had feelings for Kim for a long time coming. For example, there was an episode called Emotion Sickness, that involved Kim being influenced by this mood device that caused Kim to fall in love with Ron.

She was so attached to him and while Ron seemed to be a bit uncomfortable with her affections at first, the moment she ended up kissing him, he was hooked. Plus, there were also moments where Ron got jealous over a guy Kim liked or even when she became friends with Monique, where he also feared that Kim was replacing him for her. They are stuck together for life. Eventually Ron came to learn that and was able to ease up to her and even consider her as a friend of his own. Eventually she learns though, as shown in A Sitch in Time.

They can both be overly relaxed and love eating the same foods AKA the Naco. All in all, these two have a respectful owner and pet relationship, as they are even considered more than that.

Ron treated Rufus better than any owner with a pet would and Rufus clearly loves Ron which is why he likes being around him all of the time. But eventually Ron and Kim both meets Wade outside her communicator and there, both guys do form a strong enough friendship with one another.

Plus, Ron loves playing around and messing with the gadgets that Wade makes, even if said gadgets always backfire on him. Okay, so Ron actually has multiple different relationships with many other characters, such as Felix Renton, Bonnie Rockwaller, Mr. The reason why I wanted to address Master Sensei instead of say, Mr.

With Kim being the well known and loved hero of the show and Ron being the goofy sidekick who probably makes things worse than it already is, Ron was eventually proven to have this fated destiny he never would have thought of having. Although he completely failed at being one, Master Sensei knew that Ron can be and is possible one of the most powerful human beings around. Ron could single handedly beat both Kim and Shego with just his physical strength alone and if he actually put his mind to it, he can be extremely intelligent at that.

Heck, Ron literally becomes what Dr. Drakken likes to believe he is, an evil genius who can rule the world if Ron was ever truly bad. Ron just needs something that can push him to tap into his power and ability as the Supreme Monkey Master.