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Kevin starts trying on shoes and the lil dude is heavy ass flirting. . He reached in the refrigerator and got some vodka out and made him a offered me. Post Posted: Post subject: im a flirt I wanted to get some dick tonight but vodka came to the rescue and 2 chainz is. Flirt Vodka runs through a process of continuous multiple distillation of % grain alcohol, which ensures its absolute purity. Good quality vodka is the well.

Tavius and Jeremiah I was knocked out in the hotel room when my cell phone vibrating in my pocket woke me up. I pulled it out and read the text from Marcus. I just smiled and layed the phone on the nightstand. I looked over at J he was knocked out with arm over my chest.

I thought about our bet I looked at the clock and it was I woke up right on time I sneaked out of bed and start slapping Jeremiah with my dick. I know but you still brought it up first Jeremiah: Wateva lays in bed and pulls covers up Tavius: So you mad now bae Jeremiah: Leave me alone nigga i'm sleepy Tavius: So i'm bae now what happened to nigga this nigga that Jeremiah: You always my bae you just piss me off sometimes.

Fuck the police i'm getting my nutt no matter who come picks me up Tavius: Damn bae you making me ass twitch holding me like this Jeremiah: Hold up what's in the bag Jeremiah: Everything we gone need I packed it ahead of time keeps walking Tavius: After only a couple feet we were on the beach it was actually empty.

But I could see a lot of people in the distance around the pool and patio.

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I was nervous but the way Jeremiah was carrying me with one arm while my legs are wrapped around his waist and holding the bag in the other hand like it wasn't shit made me want to fuck even more.

I got down and pushed him to the ground then got on top of him. Damn bae you ain't wasting no time is you Tavius: Then put yo name in me bae starts kissing his down chest then abs looks up in his eyes mark your territory nigga pulls shorts down and starts fingering hisself When I said that Jeremiah hopped up and got behind me and moved my finger. He didn't say a word he just start fucking me with his tongue. Then he stopped got a condom out the bag and slammed in hard.

What's my name nigga Tavius: I said what's my name nigga pulls out and slams in hard Tavius: That's what I thought. Tell them my name again nigga Tavius: Who ass is this? Tell them who ass this is Tavius: That's what I thought I was so fucking loud a man came from by the pool to see what was going on. When I looked up and seen him I thought fuck we caught. But Jeremiah either didn't notice or didn't give a fuck cause he kept throwing dat dick.

I said fuck it and kept throwing it back. We laid in the sand fucking as the waves gently hit us. I was on cloud nine the only sounds heard were my moaning and the water. I guess dude got his nutt cause when I looked up he pulled his trunks winked at me and left.

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After over a hour of drilling me I finally felt J tensing up and his dick throbbing. I start squezing my ass like vicegrips and throwing it back harder. He collapsed on my back and we just laid in sand breathing hard. Finally j got off and laid next to me I put my head on his chest and played with my dreads. Nigga the way you was digging im gone need a laser to get rid of yo name. You was putting on for the audience Jeremiah: You didn't see ole boy jacking off watching us Jeremiah: Hell nall why you didn't say shit Tavius: Cause he wasn't the police and he liked what he saw.

I was on another planet bae that good good take a nigga to the stars. Wateva i'm forreal though bae you the best I ever had. I don't want nobody else and I damn sho don't want no other nigga getting what's mine. I want you to marry me and I ain't talking bout waiting years I mean some months at the most.

I feel you but ain't getting married in some months a little too fast?

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Nall remember how we both said we felt something special when we first met Tavius: Well that's a sign bae we real life soul mates. I can't wait to marry you bae you make me smile all day at work just thinking about you.

You apart of me bae I can't live without you.

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Bae I feel the same way I'm nervous about marriage but the way I feel about you let me know i'm supposed to be with you forever. I'm with it let's do it in like 6 months. OMG bae you don't know how happy I am you said that kisses him Tavius: I got two stipulations though Jeremiah: Wateva you want bae Tavius: I want a real proposel with a ring and we got to get a house Jeremiah: Of course I planned that from the jump I just wanted know where yo head was at before I made my move.

But I got two stipulations myself.

After we get married we both quit our jobs and buy that convenient store you want Tavius: This comes along with that. I don't condone what they did, and do I do think its in bad taste, plus highly offensive. But they are able to do that and the 'pop culture' effect he had made him a desirable target for some. It's Halloween, people want the racist most talked about costume Well here you go. Judge me if you fucking want to. Smh at the ignorance in your logic Black people were not the only ones rallying around the country in protest for the injustice of Trayvon Martin.

I for damn sure didn't want someone to make a mockery of his murder.

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Trayvon didn't ask to be remembered that way and neither are most of the people who marched in protest around the country. He wasnt a celebrity. His death was very much talked about sure but by no means is he a "pop culture" figure.

This has nothing to do with the coverage of his murder. Even if this was someone else with less coverage it would still be considered foul to me. I am judging you. It is very ignorant and insensitive of you to think of this as something excusable just because his death got a lot of coverage and because it is Halloween. There are so many costumes they could have chose. The categorization is usually associated with elements such as longevity, ubiquity, and distinction. Moreover, "pop icon" status is distinguishable from other kinds of notoriety outside of popular culture, such as with historic figures.

Some historic figures are recognized as having reached "pop icon" status during their era, and such status may continue into the present.