Vivek dahiya and divyanka tripathi relationship tips

vivek dahiya and divyanka tripathi relationship tips

And, we thought same was the case with Yeh Hai Mohabbatein's Divyanka Tripathi (Ishita Bhalla) and Vivek Dahiya (ACP Abhishek). But, their. Indian television's hottest couple Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya and Vivek Dahiya are all set to sizzle the screen with their hot moves soon, and in. The most adorable television couple, Divyanka Tripathi and Vivek Dahiya are all set to groove us with their sizzling chemistry and sensuous.

We often met after work and eventually started understanding that we are very compatible and similar to each other and we can take it further. Can you guess who was their co-star friend who played cupid between the two?

Yes, that is what it actually is. And as for Vivek, his scene was quite the same. He too was looking for a serious relationship. Even Vivek had told our common friend once that he wants to have a serious relationship and settle down.

Uske baad Vivek and I started talking to each other, thoda thoda but awkwardly. Suddenly, we felt that we like each other a lot. I informed my parents soon after I was sure that I had started loving him.

The moment Divyanka was sure that she was in love with Vivek, she told her parents.

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And then it was my turn. His parents were concerned if I could be a good homemaker since I am an actress. We had gone to Bengaluru together to visit my family and it was the first time he was meeting my parents. He told me 'you have everything, but you need somebody who will be committed to you for life.

I promise I will never hurt you and keep you happy all your life'.

Divyanka Tripathi - Vivek Dahiya wedding: How their love story began!

He had a ring in his hand. To do something like this in front of my family took a lot of guts and I was zapped. If it was a daily soap, I would have had tears in my eyes and said something. But for the first time I was speechless, I didn't know how to react.

vivek dahiya and divyanka tripathi relationship tips

Well, the surprise proposal literally left Divyanka speechless. I had to get a yes out of her.

Love story of Divyanka Tripathi and Vivek Dahiya

Since I was down on one knee, I asked her are you sure you want to marry me, will you marry me. She just went 'a a a' and I asked her is that a yes, and she said it is. They were introduced in August and by January they were officially engaged; and tied the knot in July.

vivek dahiya and divyanka tripathi relationship tips

On January 15,Vivek and Divyanka had a hush-hush engagement ceremony in Chandigarh. We were going to Chandigarh to meet Vivek's family. We thought when everybody likes everyone, then why not turn this into an engagement. He doesn't impose himself on me and I can trust him. Even if we have differences on anything, we talk and sort it out. I am lucky to have Vivek in my life.

He is the result of some good karma I must have done in my last birth or this one. Bahot achchi feeling hoti jab aap care karo I also love her eyes which show the willingness to commit.

And the way she makes me feel when she is around it is just great. We talk highly of compatibility but there is something beyond that which is underrated and that is the willingness to make it work, to be patient and give space to each other. These are major attributes for a successful relationship and she has all that.

She's an amazing person, beautiful, more beautiful from inside than outside. Yes, like every other couple in love out there, Vivek and Divyanka too have endearing nicknames for each other. The lovebirds finally get married and take their relationship to the next level this Friday and here's how their love story began.

In a previous interview, both Divyanka and Vivek opened up about the first time they meet each other. The two stars were part of the same show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein and that's where they came face-to-face with each other for the first time.

I had not done any scenes with her for a long time, but I could gauge by her body language and from people around her that she was respected as a performer and a person.

vivek dahiya and divyanka tripathi relationship tips

Always draped in a sari, I thought she was the Tulsi of today," Vivek told dna. Also read Check out pics: Divyanka Tripathi and Vivek Dahiya look so much in love at their Sangeet ceremony! In response, Divyanka too shared her side of the story. Since I had no intention of having a relationship with him, I did not give him much of a thought.

That's when cupid struck the two lovebirds, they admit. But he insisted that we at least go for a coffee and we did.

vivek dahiya and divyanka tripathi relationship tips

We had met with the perspective of seeing other as a life partner and in the first meeting itself I was largely convinced that she is the one for me. But I decided not be hasty about it," Vivek revealed. Also read Ahead of Divyanka Tripathi's wedding, here's a shocking confession from ex-boyfriend Ssharad Malhotra!