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5-F catheter used to catheterize the ves- sel (ie (16,17) to determine the relationship midazolam (Roche, Basel, Switzerland) .. quiz If I remember correctly from W2, Roche rescued Ves from the Scoiatel when she . I see their relationship as a good mirror too Geralt and Ciri's. Ves is a member of the elite Blue Stripes special forces group. She is the only woman in the unit under Vernon Roche's command. She is also known as Bianka .

Ciri is your adopted daughter and arguably a lesbian to bootTriss is a manipulator who lied to you for months and took advantage of your lost memory, Keira is a ruthless pragmatist and views you as a means to an end, Roach is a horse.

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Shani is a bit of a wild card, but going back as far as Witcher 1 always seemed rather clingy and pushy where her relationship with Geralt was concerned. Yennefer, while often imperious and demanding and therefore not "fun" enough for teenage boys, loves and respects Geralt. They're a genuine partnership. If we're choosing for me, probably still Yennefer, but because I have a thing for Brunettes. In-universe, I always pair Geralt with Yennefer because why the hell wouldn't you, but if we're talking my personal preference?

Yennefer in the third game is a bit of a spanner in the works for people who haven't read the books. Because based on them, and the history and chemistry they have, Geralt and Yennefer are blatantly obviously meant to be together. But for people who only know the games Triss is the obvious choice, since she's one of the first characters introduced in the game, clearly cares deeply for Geralt and has been a vital character in both the previous installments.

It creates a bit of a dissonance between the games, since the first two used the amnesia plot device to do their own thing separate from the books, while the third fires references to the them at every turn.

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Agreed, but only at the start of Witcher 3. By the halfway point it became apparent it was Yennefer or bust. She enjoys having a good time with her army mates, specially with Vernon Roche. Ves only uses her magic for contributing to the Temerian cause and battling, thus avoiding vanity.

Her cold character may cause others to back off from her at first, but her heart is as warm as fire when she feels comfortable with people around her. She is also distant when she meets new people, and doesn't trust others easily. Even though she is reluctant to use destructive magic again, she is the kind of person who would love to shower them all with fireballs, energy explosions qnd such. Ves is one of the few mages who uses her magic only for healing and protection purposes.

Vernon Roche is like a father to her. She owes him her life, and viceversa. As their relationship is very close, they tend to pass a lot of time together training, drinking, joking or even having deep and very personal conversations about life in general.

For Ves, love is only important when it is shared as a token of friendship and family unity. She hasn't been part of a couple in her entire life, and doesn't have much interest on it.

When she meets Geralt of Rivia for the first time, she does not feel attracted to him. Nevertheless, she considers him to be a good man who has his principles, just like her. Because of this, she sometimes sees herself reflected on him. Temeria is the only thing that makes her soul burst out with energy every single day. If it wasn't for the love for her nation, she simply wouldn't be alive.

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It is what kept her heart beating during the most difficult moments of her captivity under the Scoia'tael's grasp. Temerian coat of arms Although she tends to be a rather agressive individual when it comes to her thoughts on her enemies, she also is a pacifist in other situations, and doesn't want people to get hurt unnecesarily.

She'll do anything to save her people's lives. I think she has a lot of personality, and that's what makes her so special! I loved her from the very start. That's why I wanted to try to give her a twist. I wanted to see how would she be if she had another way of doing things and, surprisingly, it turned out to be a good idea!