Upen patel and karishma tanna relationship memes

Karishma Tanna finally speaks about her break-up with Upen patel - NewsX

New Delhi: Television actress Karishma Tanna and Upen Patel Karishma has always maintained silence about her relationship with the. Karishma Tanna and Upen Patel got close to each other during their stint at 'Bigg Boss' and entered into a relationship. The two participated in other reality. According to a report in rhein-main-verzeichnis.info Upen Patel and Karishma Tanna was Karishma Tanna Opens Up About Her Relationship With Upen Patel.

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Then Puneet Issar, who was thrown out from the show for violence against co-contestant Arya Babbar re-entered in the show in just a day of getting evicted. Because he was giving content to the show. He is one of the most negative contestants of the show after all. But he is still there in the show. Do they even count votes? Have you seen single contestant who is aggressive and keep fighting leaving Bigg Boss 8 till now?

  • Karishma Tanna on her relationship with Upen Patel: I wish I could undo it
  • Karishma Tanna finally speaks about her break-up with Upen patel
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All peacemakers, calm and composed ones and positive contestants are out of the show. Because they are aggressive ones and are always in limelight for one of the other issue.

upen patel and karishma tanna relationship memes

Are Indians fool that they will vote for negative contestants? I highly doubt if they are even considering public votes! And besides I am following the show from last six seasons, I have never voted nor do I know a single person who has voted for a reality show.

Praneet Bhatt, who was recently evicted from the house was believed to be the potential finalists on the season. But due to less drama inside the house, he had to say goodbye. Every guest celebrity entering in the house knew Diandra Soares. She is a very well known personality in the industry. Because she was harming image of Gautam Gulati hero of BB8 in the show. So she had to say bye bye to the show. Can you believe Dimpy Mahajan known for marrying a guy who got known because of his father got more votes than Diandra Soares?

He actually stole the Nutella and then lied about it to contestants. And Karishma Tanna adder her point. And when Salman Khan asked Karishma about her being selfish, she said everyone is selfish giving example of Gautam stealing Nutella.

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But then all housemates and the show makers took it in the different direction. They showed it like Karishma was the only one to raise the Nutella topic.

upen patel and karishma tanna relationship memes

They three have made many mistakes on the show. But no Snapdeal caller is seen bashing any of them as they bash other contestants. When Praneet and Pritam were in P3G, even they were safe from these calls.

The day they got out of P3G, both got calls. Karishma Tanna was targeted in the quiz. Gautam, who has fought with each and every contestant on the show was made dictator of the house and everyone was made to follow him.

A task dedicated to a contestant. How fair is it?

upen patel and karishma tanna relationship memes

And Gautam is constantly being warned about his image. Tourists came during task, Snapdeal caller and recent wild-card Ajaz Khan also warned him about his image outside. Rahul Mahajan and Sambhavna Seth two good friends of Gautam are again entering in the show as wild-card for extended month of the show.

Diandra Soares who got evicted from the show few weeks back was sent again in the house during a task. Diandra was seen with Karishma Tanna and Upen Patel in entire season. Karishma and Upen were like her best friends on the show. And she had criticized Gautam during her eviction for not accepting relationship with her on TV. But when she entered in the show during freeze task, she spoke ill about her best friends and praised Gautam!

How would Bigg Boss know if she was gonna take Gautam outside to have a discussion? That only proves that everything Diandra said during that visit was scripted! This time contestants are positive comparing to previous seasons, so they are creating villains in the house.

upen patel and karishma tanna relationship memes

As I said earlier, Gautam Gulati is made hero of the show. Whatever he does, he gets praised at last. He bitched about each contestant on the show.

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