Up and in baseball prospectus podcast ending relationship

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up and in baseball prospectus podcast ending relationship

Listen to Up And In: The Baseball Prospectus Podcast episodes free, on demand. Kevin Goldstein and Jason Parks ramble on baseball with special guests and. Schultz began contributing to Baseball Prospectus's local White Sox blog relationships with women who use Twitter to talk about baseball and After Ryan bailed for a third time on an in-person meet-up, Alex ended things and moved on. Ryan went on a podcast with RO in February of this year, a bold. Hi everyone. I go into much greater detail during the Podcast itself, but I've been talking about doing one all year, and after a few starts and.

Wilmer Flores is almost as good against righties at this point. One of the problems with employing James Loney is that your manager can keep justifying James Loney because he's still hitting. There's no excuse for Loney to see another start this year.

If you're that set on starting a lefty there, Bruce has 1B experience and relieves the OF logjam, and Kelly Johnson is also a better player. This is the only Wilmer Flores question, so I'll throw this in: I think this might be the emergence we've been waiting years for. I love the dude. Jarrett Seidler Has Dom smith's changed your outlook on him at all?

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Personally I'm a big fan, think he can do. So I saw him in April and there was a bit more pull side raw in BP, and that jibes with reports I have gotten since then. We are talking like 55 raw though, and hey, if he taps into that given his hit tool, that plays.

It's still an extreme opposite field approach though, so I do wonder if the power does play, the two weeks where he went off notwithstanding. He could definitely put up that line, that's an everyday first baseman, but if he is only. And he still has to get to that. I had him as likely 45 coming into the season, may get bumped to a 50 this offseason. That's a guy that will be in discussion for a spot at the back of the But to tie it back in with an earlier topic, this isn't Rhys Hoskins pop at this level.

Jeffrey Paternostro Is he a liability in an OF corner? Do you think Alonso will be in the Mets top 10 prospects next year? So Peter Alonso fits in just fine! I'd love to see him get run in a corner OF slot because I value flexibility, but as a college guy, I'd be cautious about putting him in the top 10 before he gets some reps at St. Ester from GA Not a prospect guy! Rosario is tougher for me, but I'm hoping for something resembling Alcides Escobar with more pop.

That would be crazy valuable, if not my ideal shortstop. Bryan Grosnick Who needs me? Where am I a fit? Pedro Alvarez from Pittsburgh For Now Lots of places! But Pedro is being wily, waiting out the Spring Training injury roulette. Baltimore's my favorite spot. Bryan Grosnick Does Richie Shaffer stick?

JM from CT If he hits, yes. Logan Morrison and James Loney shouldn't be viewed as big time obstacles at first.

up and in baseball prospectus podcast ending relationship

Mike Gianella Why hasn't Josh Bell 's power shown in games yet? With the move to 1B, he's gotta hit for power or he'll be James Loney 2. Do we see it this year? Does he have 30 HR potential?

Jake from NC He's still developing, is the easy answer. He doesn't have 30 homer power, but I believe he'll at least get to 20, which should diminish your worry of him turning into Loney. IS that about what you see as well? Remember, a 50 OFP is not a knock on a player. In fact, that is saying a prospect is a major league starter. Gillaspie does fall into that Loney mold for the most part, although the players are not entirely similar. Here is my report for those that missed it: I'm not a big fan of Morrison, especially not in that park.

The second question is an interesting one.

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A lot depends on the situation, but I'd say you're allowed as many as you want. Boundaries with family are big to me, and I think 2 months is not that long to force family on a potential significant other.

Mat Gamelmaybe? Gamel is interesting, but health is a skill and he doesn't have it. I think the Pirates sign someone like James Loney. Anderson James Loney is not Casey Kotchman 2. Snake Peavy from Pit I like him a little bit better than I liked Kotchman after his surprising Rays season, but not that much more.

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He's probably a league-average hitter, as a first baseman. Ben Lindbergh Where do you see James Loney landing? Tampa Bay is the only team that has been linked to him, but maybe Loney leaves if he can squeeze a two-year deal out of someone.

It's a fairly thin market, though, as a lot of teams already have a first baseman tied up to a deal. Loney is probably a one-year stopgap at best, and it's entirely possible he goes the route of Russell Branyan and doesn't find a taker this winter despite the incredibly strong campaign in Mike Gianella Between Tampa and Cleveland which team needs Justin Morneau more and which team do you see him ending up with?

Steve Kinsella from Tampa I would expect a one-year deal worth a few million. Morneau is not a player I feel as though I have a good grasp on, and I'm struggling to place him as a potential top free agent. Although would the Indians be better off with Swisher in the outfield and Morneau at first base, or with Swisher at first base and someone else in the outfield?

Anderson Is James Loney legit? The Indians have outpaced the league by doing the unthinkable: Entrusting ex-writers to run the scouting department. The Indians appointed both without fear of rejection. So far as teams like the Indians are concerned, the prospect writer has become a prospect.

Throughout baseball history, scouting jobs and most all front-office jobs have been largely filled by ex-players.

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Yet exceptions have always existed. Segui began defying convention when he was a high-school junior. He did -- and found throwing submarine agreeable.

up and in baseball prospectus podcast ending relationship

All the while, Segui fed his baseball appetite with internships at various levels of organized ball -- at one stop, he even moonlighted on the media relations staff to make extra money. After a stint as a minor-league video coordinator ended in Novemberhe decided to try another path.

His playing career was derailed in high school due to injury and his passion for music -- he quit ball for a time to strum guitar in various bands. He wound up working in the sports information department at Berry College, where he majored in economics. Although Purser was younger than many of the players he evaluated, he impressed more experienced baseball folk with his maturity.

He was always very even about players. He actually graded to the more conservative guy. When he really took a chance on a guy, it was because he truly had a great feeling.

Baseball's next Moneyball concept: Turning internet writers into prospect scouts

Purser will place eyes on various minor-league teams located in the southeast; his reports will help inform deadline and free-agent acquisitions. I figured I was kind of free, and that this would be a good opportunity to get some scouting experience, just get my name out there.

Purser, on the other hand, joined the Rays as an associate scout before This will be his first year with the Indians. The Indians have a connection with him, too: At the appropriate times of the year, he would use his sick days and vacation time to fly to Arizona, where he would catch spring and instructional league action on the back fields.

In contrast to Goldstein, who had served mostly as a conduit, channeling information from his extensive network to the public, Parks placed an emphasis on first-hand accounts -- an emphasis on being an evaluator one source noted Parks would often say he felt he was more of a scout than a writer.

Essentially, Parks wanted his bunch to act as the scouting wing of a team, one that would publish its reports using industry-like reports and lingo. Most everyone interviewed for this article agreed that first-hand reports have gained in popularity in prospect writing over the past several years.

But why are teams going along with it, again? Astros GM Jeff Luhnow heads a front office known for hiring from the internet. The reward is they look at that really smart thing John Doe wrote.

Alfred Russel Wallace would be proud. Those writers with nontraditional backgrounds who make it far enough in the prospecting world must, by rule, have the necessary skills to learn and adjust.

What caused teams to open their minds toward this subset? In fact, fewer and fewer teams do. It comes back to what they say in Dollar Sign on the Muscle: If you come in thinking you have all the answers, good luck.

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And yes, scouts from nontraditional backgrounds are checking those boxes. Like in many domains, it is likely easier to do something nontraditional after it happens for the first time. Some sources speculated the real reason behind the hiring frenzy has to do with cost. The thinking goes like this: