U puppy dudley and kitty relationship

The New Agent Chapter 1: Act 1, a t.u.f.f. puppy fanfic | FanFiction

u puppy dudley and kitty relationship

"Kitty, Dudley won't be able to resist when he sees you. Dudley dipped Kitty and laid a passionate kiss on her as everybody cheered again. "Hey K-K-Kitty why are you d-d-dressed like that? Dudley said; Kitty pulled him into a kiss they stood there for what seemed like the longest. Will Dudley get jealously get in the Way of the relationship or the crush on Kitty" Dudley said which made Jorge laugh a little "You love a cat?.

Get out of this story! Jerkbait went flying out of the window and landed in a vacant cell in Petropolis Prison. Anyway, the wedding is going to start in less than 30 minutes, so you'll wanna get a move on.

Love is in the air Chapter 2, a t.u.f.f. puppy fanfic | FanFiction

While you're on your way to the wedding chapel, I'll check on the bride! Since you know what's going to happen in this story, can you tell me how Kitty is going to look?

u puppy dudley and kitty relationship

Anyway, thanks again for getting rid of the jerk. See ya at the wedding! We need to get to the wedding chapel, so I hope you're ready for the wedding! Meanwhile, at the Katswell sisters' apartment Kitty was getting ready for the wedding, and Katrina was helping her get ready.

And I'm gonna tell you that I wasn't lying when I told Dudley that Kitty would look drop-dead gorgeous! If you thought she looked beautiful when Dudley married her in "Dog Tired", she was even lovelier than that! Kitty's hair was done up as it always was, and her veil, which was made of a soft, light, and delicate material, was held in place by a small, silver tiara. She was wearing the same gloves she wore when Dudley dreamed that he was marrying her, and she even wore a white dove collar.

Her wedding gown was an elegant, long-sleeved, floor-length dress made of a dazzling white silk that sparkled and shimmered prettily. Kitty was also wearing a tiny pair of glass slippers. Katrina led Kitty to a mirror, and when Kitty saw her reflection, she couldn't believe her eyes! She was prettier than usual! She was also dressed and ready for the wedding.

Then she frowned and said, "But I'm really nervous, even though I've been looking forward to this day for a long time.

u puppy dudley and kitty relationship

Then they saw me, but before they could shoot me, I said, "Hold your fire! I'm the author of this story! We've gotta get you to your wedding. When we were in the car, I said, "Okay, a good way to calm your nerves is to sing songs that make you happy.

u puppy dudley and kitty relationship

They always make me happy. We ended up singing all the way to the chapel.

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After we parked the car, I got out and went inside the chapel to make sure everything was right. Sure enough, everything was fine, and I went back to the Katswells to let them know.

Kitty Katswell

Then I disappeared, and I reappeared at the altar, for I was the minister. When Dudley saw me, he said, "Hey, I didn't know that you're the minister!

Just wait for Kitty.


Suddenly, we heard the familiar sound of "Here Comes The Bride", and everyone saw Kitty being walked down the aisle by her maid of honor, Katrina. Contents Character Kitty with her twin sister - Katty on photography. Kitty is an agent at the Turbo Undercover Fighting Forceand is regarded as one if its greatest agents. Her claws are registered lethal weapons, and she is proficient at using many weapons, gadgets, and disguises.

Despite this, she does have a few weaknesses, such as her shaky relationship with her mother and sisterher schoolgirl-like love for Eric the water delivery guy which can distract her even in combat.

u puppy dudley and kitty relationship

Personality Kitty is known to have somewhat of a temper, but she is shown to be nice and kind and is most of the time shown as a tough-talking, no-nonsense girl. She is also said to be trained in the arts of combat, language and firearm use. As revealed in " Puppy Love ," Kitty knows many things that guys like to do to impress girls. Dudley often aggravates Kitty with his stupidity and when he always chews his britches also when he'd say the word "exactly," as revealed in Diary of a Mad Catbut she still considers him to be a worthwhile partner and a good friend.

Their partnership usually injures her in some comical manner. She gets very aggravated whenever her birthday is brought up, hinting an unmemorable childhood.

u puppy dudley and kitty relationship

Kitty shows her cat-instincts whenever she sees cat goodies and tends to purr and flirtatiously wag her tail when seen showing affection.

Kitty blowing a raspberry at Dudley in Puppy Unplugged Despite being more mature, Kitty can also be as childish and silly as Dudley at times. Another example could be in Puppy Unpluggedin which Kitty rudely blows a raspberry at Dudley. Description Kitty has wide, lime green eyes and tan fur.

She is also 5 foot 6", excluding hair and ears as shown in The Doomies and is taller than most of the other agents at T. Like most stereotypical female spies or agents, she has mid-length, wavy black hair. Kitty wears a black suit and belt, but her headband, sweater, gloves, and boots are white.