Twilight edward and bella relationship

Twilight: 20 Things That Make No Sense About Edward And Bella’s Relationship

twilight edward and bella relationship

If you've suspected that there's something unhealthy about the relationship between Bella and Edward in the phenomenally successful Twilight series, then it turns out that you're exactly right. According to the National Domestic Violence hotline, these are some signs that you may. Bella is the wife of Edward Cullen and the mother of Renesmee Cullen, as well as the daughter of Charlie and Renée Swan (nee Higginbotham, formerly Dwyer) . 10 signs of an abusive relationship – a Twilight reading. Posted on March How many times does Bella fear Edward's reaction to something?.

She comes to accept Jacob's imprinting on Renesmee, and they remain close friends. The mothers of this particular kind of children has never survived the pregnancy.

twilight edward and bella relationship

Knowing this, Edward tries to convince Bella to save her life by having an abortion, but Bella refuses, as she has come to love the child. Edward's hatred ceases when he hears her thoughts to find that the child already loves her parents, and is trying harder not to hurt her mother. After a painful childbirth and transformation, Bella learns that Jacob has imprinted on Renesmee, angering her. She later accepts it when she learns Jacob's imprinting is involuntary, and that Renesmee loves Jacob as well.

Before the arrival and judgement of the Volturi, Bella gives Renesmee a golden locket inscribed with the words "plus que ma propre vie" which means "more than my own life" in French. Bella puts her love for her daughter on an equal level as her love to Edward. Edit [1] [2] Bella's mother: Her mother has always put her relationships although has been very clear that she wants Bella to remain independent.

She then decides to move back to Forks so that her mother could stayed married to her father and become the small family again, none of the arguments, Renee simply agrees.

Bella Swan and Edward Cullen

She visits her mother and father in Eclipse after Edward talks her into using the plane tickets she'd got from his parents, and finds herself in torment as her days as a human are shortening by the day. She supports her daughter's choice to marry young wholeheartedly when she first tells her about the engagement, despite she has great likes to young marriage when Renee was married to Charlie, and attends her daughter's wedding.

Also, she combines her name with Esme's, naming her newborn granddaughter "Renesmee"; in honor of her mother and mother-in-law. Charlie Swan [3] [4] Bella's father: Charlie Swan Charlie Swan is Bella's father.

Bella's relationship with her father is also very odd. Even at a young age it became clear that Bella hated Forks, and when she visited Charlie would take her fishing, which Bella also hated.

twilight edward and bella relationship

Bella decides moved back to Forks to live with her father in Twilight to give her mother space with her new husband, Phil.

She finds it much easier to live with her father, since he respects her privacy. Her father and mother is very protective and therefore very suspicious of Edward Cullen, for having caused great emotional pain to his daughter. Among other "Bella moments" he has shown great concern for her when she has been in the hospital for her broken leg, in Twilight, and a check-up.

After Bella became a vampire and mothered a half-vampire half-human child, Jacob told Charlie about the mystical world to keep the Cullens in Forks. Though Charlie was shocked by the sudden information, he adjusts it very quickly and demands to be told as little as possible about the supernatural in order to keep Bella and her in-law family in Forks.

Renesmee's middle-name of "Carlie" is derived from a combination of Carlisle and Charlie to honnor them.

twilight edward and bella relationship

Carlisle Cullen Edit [5] [6] Bella's adoptive father-in-law: Carlisle CullenCarlisle Cullen is Bella's adoptive father-in-law. Carlisle loved Edward so much that he wished for him to find happiness that he was lacking, which pleased him very much when Bella became a part of his family. In the movie of New Moon, Bella comforts him that he cannot be damned to be a vampire. Esme Cullen Edit [7] [8] Bella's adoptive mother-in-law: Esme Cullen Esme Cullen is Bella's adoptive mother-in-law.

Esme loved Edward so much that she wished for him to find happiness that he was lacking. When he fell in love with Bella, Esme discovered the change in him and was grateful to her for it. She agrees to let Bella become one them during a family assembly in New Moon. Bella combines her name with her mother's to name her daughter "Renesmee" in honor of her mother and Esme. Aside from Edward and Renesmee, she is the closest to her in the family. Alice likes to dress her up and provide any kind of fashion to make her look pretty, although she dislikes the idea of fashion.

Bella allows Alice to arrange her wedding after her endless pleading and made her her maid of honor.

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When the Volturi prepare to end their family, Alice runs away with Jasper but leaves clues for Bella to find a lawyer named Jason Jenks to help her arrange legal paperwork for Renesmee to escape. Alice and Jasper return with a half-vampire, half-human hybrid named Nahuel.

They arrive just on time to prevent the confrontation from turning into an ugly fight and save their family from slaughter. That same night, Bella angrily confronts her for leaving her cryptic clues that caused her endless mental pain. Rosalie initially disliked her for the attention she was receiving from Edward, and later for wanting to become a vampire; something she would never have considered if she'd had a choice. As backwards as it seems, apparently it did the trick and Bella decided to stick around.

She is actively terrified of him.

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Bella is obviously terrified by this. It's an entirely abusive situation. It does not make sense to keep showing or mentioning eyes that fans have already had referenced multiple times.

The description of her love interest only needs to be written so many times.

twilight edward and bella relationship

While it makes sense to name your child after your mother, it makes more sense to use one name as a first name and one as a middle name. However, neither are ideal choices. All in all, it was a horrible name to give a child. However, in the first movie, another vampire actively hunts her down and leaves her in the hospital. If he was going to leave her, it would have made much more sense to do it back then.

The infamous paper cut scene has never been logical. There has always been danger, and Edward chooses to leave over something very minor.

Fans have debated whether or not he should have left for years. Despite this notion, he is ignored or shoved to the side most of the time.

twilight edward and bella relationship

She drops everything in her life so that Edward is the sole, most important thing in it. In the first movie, she does make sure to go back to the house before James can get there to protect him.

However, after that, his importance shrinks less and less.