Tully and drew relationship quiz

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tully and drew relationship quiz

Fans of Big Brother's Anthony Drew, 25, and Tully Smyth, 26, Before Tully entered the Big Brother house, she was in a relationship for two. Reunited: Tully Smyth and Anthony Drew split around two months ago, but Before Tully entered the Big Brother house, she was in a relationship for two . General Knowledge Quiz: Can You Beat the Avg U.S. Score of 30?. Viewnbspcouple Edward Norton, Eric Bana Lucky You view relationship Network reality TV, Tully now using her and eyes to bizzare morality quiz she told .

Last night the eviction and subsequent confession by Big Brother housemate Tully Smyth that she had cheated on girlfriend Tahlia while in the house saw the one and a half hour episode climb to fourth spot in the night's ratings, pushing the Brownlow Medal count into fifth by a mere viewers.

Big Brother's Tully, centre right, has admitted to cheating on her girlfriend, who has dumped her via Twitter after Tully and Drew's flirty episode of the show. Seven still won the night overall with an audience share of That number jumped to The Brownlow Red Carpet drew an audience ofin the lead up.

For Nine the Big Brother eviction episodes are still proving a winner as the overall audience dipped fromlast Monday, but the show performed better on a night usually dominated by the awards - thanks to year-old Smyth. Advertisement After little sleep, the former model put on a brave face and answered questions about her relationship with housemate Drew during a number of radio interviews on Tuesday morning.

The pair was regularly captured on camera kissing and cuddling while in the house.

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They even professed their love for each other on many occasions. Their close relationship was attacked on social media and Tully has now conceded her conduct could have been considered cheating. I think I will definitely have to change my relationship status on Facebook to 'it's complicated', now. To make a hasty exit, she answers an ad on Craigslist, and the rest is TV history. Question 3 Who moved out of the loft in season one only to return two years later?

Well, for a little while at least, because he was back by season three, ready to resume the same living situation they had before. By then, Schmidt had moved down the hall, meaning a room was once again available, allowing the situation to work out.

tully and drew relationship quiz

Cece Reagan Abby Over time, Jess becomes extremely close to the men she shares that Los Angeles loft with, to the point she no doubt platonically loves them all in their own way. However, before she even moved in, the status of her best friend had long since been determined in a woman she had known basically her entire life.

Question 5 What does Jess do for a living? Meteorologist Teacher Nurse Even with three or more roommates of varying incomes, Los Angeles can be an incredibly expensive place to live. For this reason, Jess is hard at work throughout much of her series, doing whatever she can to scrape by a decent living in the city of angels.

Luckily, she has a solid foundation from the start thanks to a degree in a field she happens to be highly passionate about. Her workplace and exact title change a handful of times as the show goes on, but she always remains firmly in the same profession. Question 6 What intense history based drinking game do Jess and her friends create? The rules are never clear, aside from United States history seeming to play a major role, as does walking around on chairs.

Oh, and everyone blacking out and winding up extremely hungover the next day are almost guaranteed.

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This is despite the unscrupulous methods by which Winston acquired his furry best friend, having stolen the feline from his ex-girlfriend in plain sight. Of course, he had a pretty solid justification for his actions, having just learned the woman was cheating on him for some time. Question 8 On what holiday does Jess initially invite Paul over for dinner? Easter Thanksgiving Yom Kippur Entering the loft under the auspices of a bad breakup, Jess was understandably reticent when it came to inviting over gentlemen callers to meet her new roommates.

The first guy lucky enough to receive that honor is Paul, a violin player and music teacher at her school. What day was it? Question 9 What niche instrument does Jess teach to delinquent students?

Lute Glockenspiel Handbell In many respects, the characters on New Girl live fairly privileged lives. If nothing else, though, unlike most TV characters who this could be said about, Jess and her friends seem slightly aware of this, occasionally trying to give back to society when they have the opportunity.

Jess in particular likes performing charity work for disadvantaged children, creating a program at her school for delinquent students, which involves soothing their wild hearts with the power of music. What strange instrument does she try teaching them? Question 10 What specialty perfume does Schmidt create for Cece? This included pretending a truly disgusting fragrance Schmidt had made for her was anything but a horrible gift.

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What did Schmidt call it? Question 11 Who does Jess believe is an Asian version of her? Jackie Jules Jun Over the course of New Girl, Jess has her fair share of boyfriends, just like any self-respecting sitcom character.

For this reason, Jess attempts to backslide into a relationship with first onscreen boyfriend Paul after a breakup with another, later beau. Question 12 Which ex-girlfriend did Nick consider leaving the loft to live with? Kim Chloe Caroline From the moment Jess moves in to the loft, she and Nick clearly have some level of feelings for one another, and occasionally these emotions blossom into an on again, off again relationship.

However, Jess is far from the only woman in his life, as Nick has plenty of ex-girlfriends past and present vying with Jess for his attention. Perhaps the most important of these former flames is the woman he was dating right before New Girl began, whom he almost left the loft to live with at the end of season one.

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Question 13 What quiet Asian man often offers Nick silently brilliant advice? Ming Tran Master Roshi Male or female, young or old, one thing just about every living person has in common is that we all occasionally need to look towards others for advice in our darkest moments.

Nick could go to any of his roommates for this sort of comfort, but instead he chooses to wander around a local park until he finds an elderly, silent, and always smiling Asian man sitting on a park bench. Immediately, Nick knew he had found his guru, sitting down and talking to him for hours until the answers became clear.

Question 14 Who does Cece date between flings with Schmidt? Question 15 What does Nick name his first novel?

tully and drew relationship quiz

Question 17 Which basketball team does Jess pretend to like so Coach will like her? Detroit Pistons Chicago Bulls Sacramento Kings Immediately after Jess moved in to the loft, she found ways to etch herself into the lives of all her roommates. Nick had food, Schmidt had clothes, and Winston loved onesie pajamas, and so did Jess, such to the extent they all became great friends because of it. Unfortunately, finding common ground with Coach was a lot harder, as the only thing he seemed to care about was basketball, a subject Jess had no interest in.