Toya and yukito relationship advice

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toya and yukito relationship advice

As you have said, Toya and Yukito has romantic feelings for each other. As for Yue, it can be implied that he has no romantic feelings for Toya. so the answer is yes, they are in some kind of intimate relationship. it might Touya and Yukito are lovers, since Kaho (Touya's former lover. From plot, to relationships, to its very name, Cardcaptor Sakura was and changing in the show, Toya and Yukito are together through it all.

This change was in line with changes to all the characters. While Cardcaptor Sakura featured more polite and soft-spoken Japanese children, Cardcaptors portrayed the young characters to be far more outspoken. The dub aims to match what the new target audience would expect and appreciate. This was thought to be more relatable to the audience. She is also entirely infatuated with Sakura.

When she learns of Sakura's new duty as a Cardcaptor, she is over the moon, insisting that Sakura wears "special outfits" which she provides. She follows Sakura on her missions so she can film the events on her video camera and is shown to dream about the other girl.

Any dialogue hinting that her feelings are anything other than platonic are edited out.

toya and yukito relationship advice

It seems dishonest to edit out. Even with the changes in the dub, it is difficult to read Tomoyo's obsession with dressing Sakura in frilly costumes and videotaping her as anything but a young crush. Working multiple jobs to pay for his college tuition, Toya is kind, athletic and a hit with the ladies. He has multiple girls confess to him throughout the show but for some reason he always turns them down. Toya is very close to his friend Yukito and it becomes obvious that the two have unspoken feelings for each other.

Although a lot of the young loves keep shifting and changing in the show, Toya and Yukito are together through it all. Unsurprisingly, this romantic subplot is totally obliterated from the US dub. Multiple obvious references are removed from the dub and the two are presented as close friends. The original Japanese opening sequence and credits are backed by a couple of different songs. The soundtracks are all upbeat, cheerful numbers, sung by sweet female voices. In contrast, the new American version features a more aggressive song, sung by a male vocalist.

The visuals are also changed from the slice of life, cutesy school visuals to focus more heavily on scenes of fighting and adventure. The themes of love and young life are replaced with adventure and conspiracy. You could comfort him when I failed to do so. Sakura would miss you terribly if you left her. I'm tied to her as her Guardian," Kero replied, "But that's the problem. That's all I am! I'm don't dare move or talk when people who don't know me are around. My true shape would frighten them so I have to stay this way most of the time!

It is an advantage to my 'other self' that I hadn't properly appreciated before What I've always been. Yue couldn't find any comfort he could give in words; advice such as Kerberos offered to him many years ago. He simply continued his caressing stroke and pondered. We should go back. I promise I won't do anything," he suggested. Yue carried Kero in through the hallway window when they returned.

Kero automatically began to fly toward Sakura's room, only to run into Yue's blocking hand. That way I won't be a bother to anybody Yue lifted an eyebrow sardonically before Clow magic flared and folded his wings away allowing Yukito to manifest.

Once there Yukito kept up a light nonsensical monologue while he got ready for bed. Finally he placed his glasses on the night stand and turned out the light. I do hate sleeping alone Part of him wanted to curl up in the corner and sulk about his lot in life, but he wouldn't let Yukito stay lonely. He growled in his thoughts even as he admired Yue's complete understanding, not only of the needs of his own 'alter ego', Yukito, but Kerberos' needs as well.

Right now, Kerberos most needed to be needed. He relented and flew up to the pillow. Yukito's questing hands found him. A moment later he was pulled against Yuki's chest in the special embrace everyone first learns as a child, for the one who chases away night-time terrors.


Kerberos recalled the first time he had been held this way. It was the very first night of his life and it was his creator, Clow, who had needed his comfort that night.

In a way very much like Clow's, Yukito sighed contentedly and fell deeply asleep. Comforted himself by the similarity to his memories, Kerberos admitted to himself that sometimes it wasn't so bad to be a 'stuffed animal'. Love Sakura, by all means, and enjoy her love in return.

toya and yukito relationship advice

I need to talk with you about Kerberos," Yue told him. I'll be nice, even if he is just Do you know, Li Syaoran, if he wanted to, Kerberos could kill you before you could lift finger or spell to save yourself?

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Li snorted, "Yeah, right! He respects your power Yue knew he had the young man's full attention now. He was not above using the attraction Li had always felt, especially for his "Yukito" persona, to make his point. You do everything you can, as you always have, to belittle him. I have seen him face horrors that would curdle your very soul; I have seen him strive against the odds in fights we couldn't win; I have never seen him defeated I admit you have power, descendant of Clow.

I question if you have the compassion to wield it? How have I defeated him?

toya and yukito relationship advice

Abruptly his manner softened, "He questions his worth. I have never seen him like this before. I do respect him! Even when he is just the stuffed animal I have seen you fly! It was the first time I slept in Sakura's room I was in a stuffed animal, you see I wonder if it affected him?

He spent the next few days hanging around me. Even stopped calling me 'brat' for a while.

toya and yukito relationship advice

He said he couldn't get used to the Change back Did it affect you? I didn't have to get readjusted as Kero did. Although, I never did figure out how to get his wings to work But, I wanted to prove to her that I could do it, that I could be as good a stuffed animal as Kero I'm counting the times I have heard you talk about him in front of Yukito too," Yue told him. I guess I don't talk about him very often," Li seemed unimpressed.

Even to his face. I think that is why he's feeling Who would have thought he had such fragile feelings!

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When Kero called him 'brat', Li started calling him 'stuffed animal' again. Sakura left her room in disgust to let Li and Kerberos yell at each other.

Sakura noticed Yue leaning against a wall in the hallway. His arms were crossed and he had what Sakura thought of as his "pissed off" expression on his face.