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Book Review: “Touching the Void” by Joe Simpson () and Into Thin Air— but once Joe and his buddy, Simon, were nearing the summit. Joe Simpson displays these themes throughout the novel as he is a crucial part of the events. He works with Simon to overcome the challenges. Finally got around to watching 'Touching the void' Joe Simpson doesn't critisise Simon Yates for his actions and that is good I've never had to do this, and before I get sued, I'm not offering it as advice-- maybe someone.

They both went on many more climbs together but Yates, married with two children, now lives in the Lake District, with his own guiding and trekking business. Simpson has retired from climbing. They are no longer in touch.

When they collaborated on the film of Touching the Void inthey had not seen one another for 10 years. She slips from his grasp and falls to her death in a crevasse.

'Touching the Void' climber says director burned him with one-sided story

He almost perishes in the search for her Simpson at his poetic best describing the limits of human endurance in a white hell and, consumed by guilt, keeps a vigil on the mountain for 25 years. I wanted to shake him. The truth is, she died to save you, you stupid eejiit.

We are almost trying to make ourselves soft. A Kerry woman, she had brought her youngest son up to be a good Catholic but he stopped believing in God when he was None the less, she was shocked when he told her, quite brutally, that when he was in the crevasse, staring death in the face, he did not utter a single prayer.

I was 25, fit, strong, ambitious, crippled and stuck in a place I was going to die and there was no Heaven and no Father… nothing. When I got back, I told my ma this and she went mad.

I honestly believe that if I had started praying, I would have given up and gone to meet my maker. Simpson was scrupulously honest with his. I told them about the deaths and the accidents. Mountaineering is a very selfish thing to do, a very difficult thing. I tried to tell them: Sorry meant qu on here whether that happened.

'Touching the Void' climber says director burned him with one-sided story

Memory foggy but recall he was going to be. Or was ejected from alpine club Simon's written two books at least, The Flame of Adventure covering most of his earlier climbing career and Against the Wall, all about an attempt on the Central Tower of the Torres del Paine in Patagonia.

He's done loads more wild stuff than that though. According to Joe Simpson, various senior members of the s climbing community misinterpreted events on Peru and there was talk of Simon being barred from receiving any funding from e. Hence, Joe wrote TtV partly to clear Simon's name, and partly perhaps as an attempt at catharsis or closure and partly to try make some money!

AlH - on 19 May In reply to Indy: No-one has mentioned 'The Wild Within' his latest book which has just been released yet.

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I'm pretty sure he wasn't ejected from the AC because he wouldn't have been in it at the time - he was only 24 or so when he came back from Peru, and didn't have that much alpine experience a few summer seasons in the Alps and maybe a winter. But I'm also fairly sure there was some disapproval around from the AC elder statesmen types. I wonder, though, whether the rope cutting story was just a convenient peg on which to hang more generalised distastes.

The group of Sheffield based alpinists that Joe and Simon were part of at that time enjoyed a somewhat chaotic and counter-cultural lifestyle whose descriptions in Joe and Simon's books are maybe a bit sanitised which may not have been universally approved of. As said the memory is foggy but it was some established group he went against him.

To cut the rope? Lessons for leaders from Touching the Void.

But the wider point was the was criticism of him at the time. Skyfall - on 20 May In reply to Indy: Of course Simon got criticised from some quarters at the time.

I'm surprised you're surprised. I think the criticism generally did die down and probably did have something to do with Joe's book and his support for how Simon acted. It was however a very emotive subject cutting the rope connecting you to your climbing partner and letting him fall to almost certain death - but amazingly not - to save yourself.