Tina turner and ike relationship

tina turner and ike relationship

Their tumultuous relationship is often referenced in popular culture, but the depths of the abuse that iconic performer Tina Turner suffered at the hands of her . She describes getting married in Tijuana without a license and Ike taking Tina Turner Describes Abusive and Brutal Sexual Relationship With. As rock 'n' roll couples go, Ike and Tina Turner's relationship was one of the most volatile. Ike was a successful blues singer when he met Tina, who was a.

Crushed, Spector never signed another act to Philles. But the impact of the record gave Ike and Tina an opening spot for The Rolling Stones ' UK tour later that fall, which the Revue later extended by performing all over Europe and Australia. Inthey performed on The Ed Sullivan Show. The tour's success resulted in the Revue signing with Liberty Recordswhere they released two albums, Come Together and Workin' Togetherreleased in and respectively. The duo's final major hit single, " Nutbush City Limits ", was released inreaching number 22 on the Hotand peaking at number 4 in the UK.

Returning to the United States, Tina continued her career with the Revue. During this period, Tina adopted the Nichiren Buddhist faith and chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo to help her deal with a stressful marriage and career. The deal was to be signed on July 6. They got into a fight during their ride to the hotel. Shortly after arriving to the hotel, Tina fled from the hotel and later hid at a friend's house. She took her cabaret act to smaller venues in the United States.

That album, along with its follow-up, Love Explosionwhich included a brief diversion to disco rhythms, failed to chart. Continuing her performing career with her second headlining tour, Wild Lady of Rock 'n' Roll, she continued to be a successful live act even without the premise of a hit record.

Davies agreed to work with Tina as her manager after seeing her perform at the Venetian Ballroom in the Fairmont San Francisco hotel in February After Turner told Davies of her plans to fill in rock arenas like Rod Stewart and The Rolling StonesDavies advised Tina to drop her old cabaret act and remodel the band into a modern rock outfit, taking the new band to perform in small clubs and bars throughout the U. Following the performance, Rod Stewart hired her to perform a duet version of his hit, " Hot Legs ", on Saturday Night Live on October 3,and later hired her to open for him on his U.

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Forum, Inglewoodwas filmed. Following performances with Chuck Berry and several short tours in the U. Career resurgence and superstardom: I'm as big as Madonna in Europe. I'm as big as, in some places [in Europe], as the Rolling Stones [ sic ].

The record became a hit, reaching several European charts, including a top 10 placement in the United Kingdom. The song peaked at number 26 on the Billboard Hotbecoming Tina's first solo entry into the U. It reached the top 10 within a month and in September had reached number 1 on the Hot in the U.

Featuring other hit singles such as " Better Be Good to Me " and " Private Dancer ", the album peaked at number 3 on the Billboardselling five million copies alone in the states and over twenty million copies worldwide; Private Dancer became her most successful album.

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In February of that year, she embarked on her second world tour supporting the Private Dancer album, where she toured to huge crowds. The movie provided her with her first acting role in ten years; she portrayed the glamorous Aunty Entity, the ruler of Bartertown. Tina lay low following the end of her Break Every Rule Tour, emerging once again with Foreign Affair in ; the album included one of her signature songs" The Best. It was hugely successful in Europewhere she had personally relocated.

That same year, the ex-couple signed away their rights to have their lives dramatized in the semi-autobiographical film What's Love Got to Do with It, later released in and starring Angela Bassett as Tina and Laurence Fishburne as Ike; the two actors receiving Best Actress and Best Actor Oscar nominations for their portrayals of the former husband-and-wife team.

Tina contributed to the soundtrack for What's Love Got to Do with It, re-recording songs from her Revue days and recording several newer songs, including what turned out to be her last Top 10 U. Other than helping Bassett with her wardrobe and teaching her dance steps, providing songs for the soundtrack, and appearing as herself at the end of the film, she refused to be involved fully in the film, telling an interviewer, "Why would I want to see Ike Turner beat me up again?

I haven't dwelled on it; it's all in the past where it belongs. Its huge success in Europe and modest success in Turner's native United States led her to release the Wildest Dreams album in Thanks to a world tour and a much played Hanes hosiery commercial, the album went gold in the United States. Bullock was one of many other singers, mostly male, who would front the band at times.

Inspired by her skinny, long-legged frame, and her dramatic soulful vocals, Turner gave Bullock the first stage name of "Little Ann". Louis label, Tune Town Records. Bullock later moved into Turner's home in East St. Louis where she was trained by Ike on vocal control and performance.

Despite their eight-year age difference, Turner and Bullock developed a close friendship, and acted more like "brother and sister. On the day Lassiter was to show up to Technosound Studios in St. Louis to record his vocal, the singer was a no-show. Having already booked expensive studio time, Turner allowed the year-old Bullock, still going by "Little Ann", to record the song as a dummy track for Lassiter.

After recording Bullock and the Artettes, Turner sent the song to a St. Murray was impressed by Bullock's vocal delivery on the song, calling it "raw and funky" and that it "sounded like raw dirt". Paranoid that Bullock could leave him for a solo career, Turner changed her stage name from "Little Ann" to "Tina Turner".

Though small and skinny, Turner felt Bullock could be his "wonder woman" and imagined Bullock like his favorite TV show characters such as Nagoya. He named her Tina after another of his favorite characters, Sheena, Queen of the Jungle.

Turner trademarked the name in order to retain control of her rights.

tina turner and ike relationship

In case Bullock left, he could hire another female artist and have her perform under the moniker of "Tina Turner". In the Tina Turner autobiography, I, Tinaco-author and journalist Kurt Loder described the song as "the blackest record to ever creep the white pop charts since Ray Charles ' ' What'd I Say ' a year before ".

The series of rehearsals, one-nighters at the chitlin' circuitand Tina's confusing relationship with Ike began to take a toll. Tina complained to Turner that she wanted to leave.

Ike responded by hitting her in the head with a wooden shoe stretcher, starting a period of domestic abuse that would endure for nearly two decades. That year, a trip to the hair salon to dye her hair blonde led to Tina's hair falling out by accident. To cover up the incident, Tina and the Ikettes quickly put on wigs, leading to a fashion trend. Tina also helped to buy her and the Ikettes dresses, first wearing conservative gowns.

It was also the first song released that wasn't composed by Turner. The song became their second million-seller and later won the duo a Grammy Award nomination, their first. The group would gig for days a year to make up for lack of more hit records, while Ike constantly recorded Tina, the Ikettes and the Revue, releasing tons of records that failed to be successful. When that deal failed to give them hits, the duo signed with Loma Records and hired Bob Krasnow as their new manager after Ike severed ties with Murray, who had been the duo's manager and promoter during their Sue tenure.

Another song, "Goodbye So Long", became a modest hit, and later became a highlight of the duo's live shows during the '60s. Later that year, Krasnow convinced the duo to release live albums.

The duo's first, Live!

tina turner and ike relationship

Though Krasnow was their personal manager, Turner booked his own shows in various places, forcing Tina to sometimes perform if she was ill or right after the duo had a fight. ThroughoutTina performed on several teen rock and roll shows on TV including Shindig!

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By the end of the year, the Revue became the show-stealers on the concert film, The Big T. Showwith their dancing now becoming a vital part of their live shows along with Turner's own frenetic dancing and vocal prowess. At the end ofthe original members of the Ikettes abruptly left Ike Turner after the group signed a recording deal and began recording their own album, leading Turner to hire another round of dancers and had them perform as the Ikettes, starting a revolving door of women into the backing group that would last until the Revue's end.

Career development[ edit ] In earlyPhil Spector caught a show Ike and Tina performed in Los Angeles and called Krasnow asking him if he could produce for the pair, to which Krasnow agreed. Convinced he had recorded a masterpiece, Spector signed Tina and Ike to his Philles record label and released the song that late spring. The song failed to chart successfully in the United States, only reaching number However, in Europe, the song became a hit, reaching number three on the UK charts.

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Its global success prompted Spector to state in interviews later in the decade, " Benedict Arnold was quite a guy", in regards to the United States' indifferent reaction to the song. Following its UK success, The Rolling Stones offered Ike and Tina a chance to be one of their opening acts on their fall tour in the United Kingdomwhich they accepted.

The duo's date gig opening for the Stones in the UK became a success. Inspired, Ike booked them in other European cities, as well as Australia, that year, where they were received more warmly than they ever had been in the states, stunning the duo.

Ike Turner later noted, "there wasn't anything like my show. Bythe Revue started to book bigger venues in the United States and began a series of "exclusive deals" during this period, to help Ike increase his finances.

Tina and Ike's personal relationship continued to fall apart and before a show in Los Angeles, Tina attempted suicide swallowing 50 Valium pills, to which she made a recovery. It wasn't until signing with Blue Thumb Records in latewhen Ike and Tina started their most successful period, first releasing the albums, Outta Season and The Hunter, both in It was also while in Vegas that Turner, who prior to had lived a teetotaldrug and alcohol free life, began using cocainewhich he claimed he was introduced to by "two famous Las Vegas headliners".

Later inthe duo accepted the opportunity to perform in the Milos Forman film, Taking Offwhich was later released to theaters in Sensing hit potential, Bob Krasnow and executives at Liberty convinced the duo to record a version of the song.

Set at first to a slow acoustic rendition sung softly by both Ike and Tina, the song then transformed into a frenetic rock and soul dervish led by Tina and the Ikettes. Released at the end of Januarythe song reached its peak position of number four on the Billboard Hot and sold more than a million copies, becoming their best-selling single to date and later winning the duo their first and only Grammy Award.

The song was included on their second Liberty album, Workin' Togetherwhich sold a quarter of a million copies after its release in