The drive of life tvb ending a relationship

Time can't erase a feeling this strong: The Drive Of Life

the drive of life tvb ending a relationship

The Drive Of LIfe is a series combining Hong Kong and Mainland China's cast. Charmaine Sheh, Sheren Tang and many more famous tvb stars. how Damien's character always be the one in trouble - ending up he fixing. Read The Drive of Life Review by villian on I think, is an image of the China-HK relationship, which, in the end, is reunited. There are relationship problems, misunderstandings, and tragic events. Her character matured so much from the beginning to the end!.

In the end, a misunderstanding caused Man to withdraw from the car factory, creating another friction with Man Shek, who was also in dispute with Man Hang. After some hard work, Man succeeded in the field of automobile sales, earning the nickname of [God of Sales]. At the same time, the car factory was embroiled in a difficult situation.

Man feels that their ancestor empire must not be destroyed at their generation. Therefore, he let go of past animosity and gave the factory a helping hand. The Wah family unites and works hard, successfully saving the car factory once again. Year ; Wah family automobile successfully imported into US, realizing the dreams of several Wah generations and writing a magnificent page in the history of the car factory.

Love wise, two important woman appeared in Man's life. The first one is Lee Seen Sin. Man knew Seen Sin since young. Man often bullies and play pranks on Seen Sin. However, when other people bully Seen Sin, Man will definitely step up and protect her. As though only he himself could bully Seen Sin.

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Because of this, Seen Sin both love and hate Man. Though Seen Sin appears to be weak and gentle, she is actually tough inside.

When Zhen Man persuades others to gather capital, Seen Sin is the first person to step out and support him. Man was touched and he found out that Seen Sin actually likes him. Man was unclear of his own feelings, therefore pushing Seen Sin toward other people. Seen Sin was sad and Man only then realized he likes Seen Sin. Finally, they start dating and return to their previous style of communicating.

However, it's not a smooth sailing for their relationship. After Pong took charge, he promoted Seen Sin a few times. Seen Sin began to place more emphasize in her career. She frequently supports Pong and have clash of opinions with Man. After Man's career improved, he wants to get married with Seen Sin and start a family.

However, Seen Sin was inspired by Pong to excel and wished to study abroad, using wisdom to change destiny. Man sensed that if Seen Sin went abroad, their feelings will waver, therefore he strongly opposed it. The two argued due to this matter. Though she was reluctant to leave Man, Seen Sin have already made up her mind and still went abroad to realize her dream.

However, their feelings are no match for distance, drifting apart day after day. Seeing that Seen Sin have found her most loved, Man can endure the pain and let go. Fluent and clever, looks like a housewife and frequently at verbal war with Man to defend Pong. After coming to the car factory, she becomes best friend with Seen Sin due to work. Bing Yee couldn't stand Man's chauvinist personality and constantly defend Seen Sin, making her a bickering duo with Man.

Bing Yee was secretly in love with Pong, but Pong loves another person. When Bing Yee was lonely, Man was also feeling the same after Seen Sin left; therefore they mutually support each other. Slowly, Man realize that Bing Yee have a lovable personality. Bing Yee's family lived in New Territory, his father stills go to farm and rears chicken, therefore Bing Yee's personality is very simple, family oriented, and low key, different from usual Hong Kong people.

On the other hand, Bing Yee admires Man working enthusiasm and his capability of taking care of other people. They mutually comfort each other and become good friend. After a while, they find what they need from each other, and unconsciously sparked a genuine and special feeling.

Bachelor in Accounting, University of Toronto Occupation: Finance department manager, Automobile designer Personality: Filial, solemn, attractive, intelligent and beautiful. Gentle appearance and understanding others. Meticulous in work and a good daughter in the eyes of her parent. In love, she is extremely stubborn. Yuk is Man Hang's eldest daughter, and is extremely filial to parent. From young, she is obedient, clever, exceptional in conduct and academic, multi talented, the one that never disobey her parents' teaching, or do anything that crossed the line.

In Man Hang's eyes, she is the most obedient child and doesn't need him to worry about. After graduating from university, though she was interested in design, but in order not to oppose Man Hang's wishes, she joined the steel processing factory and was appointed the manager of account department, becoming colleague with Ngai Wing Piew. Seeing that Piew does his best for Wah family but doesn't receive recognition from Man Hang, Yuk sympathize with Piew, often encourages him.

However, Piew misunderstand her action and thought that Yuk likes him. To avoid being hounded by Piew, she frankly told him that she is in love with another person — Wai Lun. Lun is Yuk's design teacher. They share the same interest and soon developed feelings for each other. However, Lun is actually married and he hid this from Yuk for quite some time. In the end, Lun forsake Yuk and returned to his wife, causing Yuk to be heartbroken.

At the time when Yuk was feeling sad, Piew was always by her side, making Yuk feel touched. Finally, she started to have feelings for Piew and they become lovers. Due to this incident, Man Hang realized that he have neglected Yuk for all these years. Not only he allows Yuk to work in design field that she likes, he is determined to protect his daughter, not letting her hurt again.

Man Hang found out that Yuk was dating Piew and strongly opposed to it. Actually, because Piew doesn't receive recognition from Man Hang, he is no longer the loyal servant to Wah family, but the enemy who harbors resentment against Man Hang. Yuk is torn between love and family.

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Yuk originally planned to painfully let go, but she couldn't and decided to get married with Piew. Man Hang was powerless, but understood that Yuk is an adult and no longer the little girl who follow her parent's command.

He broadmindedly let go of his guard against Piew, allowing Yuk to pursue her own happiness. However, Piew's greedy ambition was not satisfied even after getting Yuk, but instead plots to swallow Wah's family empire.

Under Piew's constant manipulation, Wah family member falls into danger one by one, and Wah family eventually split up. Yuk doesn't know this and firmly believed Piew's loyalty to her and Wah family.

She continuously shields Piew from menace. Until one day, Yuk found out about Piew's evil conduct and suffered a big blow. However, Yuk loves Piew, not only she did not expose him, she also get pregnant with Piew's baby in order to persuade him to repent.

Unfortunately, nothing can move Piew as he was consumed by riches and fame. He sees Yuk's intention as betrayal and becomes worse. Seeing that Wah family is going to be destroyed, she hardened her heart and tearfully exposed Piew's criminal evidence.

However, in her heart, Yuk and her daughter awaits the return of Piew… p. I think there is a small mistake in Jess character age, because it's the same with Feng Shao Feng and Myolie. How could that be, since she's suppose to be older? Automobile repairman, Automobile test driver, Car racer Personality: Calm, wanting to outdo others, deep sense of justice, neither arrogant nor servile.

the drive of life tvb ending a relationship

On the appearance, looks cold and arrogant, but is actually amiable, kind hearted and place emphasize in friendship. After graduating high school, Keong become a car technician at an old garage in Sham Shui Po. Though Keong come from a lower family background and education, he handles himself responsibly and doesn't feel sorry for himself. Instead, he strives to improve and works hard, earning appreciation from others.

Unexpectedly, Keong is garage owner Ngai Lin Tai's illegitimate son! Tai feels remorseful that Keong has lost father's love from young age and hope to bring him into the family.

However, Tai's wife Lo Ho Yuet simply cannot accept the fact of Tai's betrayal and feels difficult to accept Keong, a stranger into the family.

Facing two people who have been deeply hurt, Tai have no idea what to do. Keong actually knew his true identity, but because of his carefree and amiable personality, de doesn't want to affect Tai's relationship with his family and thus never force to acknowledge Tai.

When Keong knew that his own existence has disrupted Tai's family, he feels guilty and broken hearted, planning to leave quietly. It was at this time he received news that Tai was hospitalized and immediately need a liver transplant. There was no suitable donor and Keong immediately rushed to the hospital and proposed to the doctor to donate his liver to Tai.

Tai's surgery was a success and Yuet feels relieved and glad, subsiding the family quarrel. Yuet feels that Keong is filial and willing to risk life danger to save his father. Keong's filial piety touched Yuet and she slowly opens up, accepting Keong. Keong finally become part of Ngai's family member. Career wise, Keong has always loved racing and has yet to meet his rival, earning the nickname of "Speed God of Princess Margaret Road".

However, though Keong driving skill is high, he only loves the feeling of speed and has no intention to compete with anyone, nor thought of his future.

In a chance encounter, he met Wah Ching Ling. Ching Ling recognized Keong's racing skill and encourage him to compete on behalf of Wah's car factory. At first, Keong entered the race because he wanted to help, but that competition has actually become a turning point in his life In the competition, Keong unintentionally wins.

Though he was requested to use underhanded method, Keong was not offended. Under Ching Lin's encouragement, in addition of advice from senior racers, Keong's passion for car racing was ignited and he has found the direction of his life. Keong was grateful to Ling, but he doesn't realize that Ling has feelings for him.

He unintentionally rejected Ling's declaration of love and this has hurt Ling deeply. In order not to affect their friendship, Ling become friends again with Keong but Keong unknowingly started to fall for Ling. After several twist and turn, both of them faced their feelings and become a pair. Unfortunately, the heaven played a joke on the, rendering Keong comatose after a racing accident.

Ling was grieved and stayed by his side, waiting for the day Keong wake up. Meanwhile, the automobile magazine Ling works for is closing down and Ling takes over the magazine with a friend because she wants to preserve the memory of getting acquainted with Keong for the first time. It was difficult start for Ling, but because Keong, Ling persevered and the magazine succeeded. Perhaps Ling has moved the heaven, Keong finally wakes up.

Keong was grateful of Ling not abandoning him, both holding hands towards the future. Ambitious, ruthless, clever but doesn't have wisdom. Petty minded, biased, when success gives credit to oneself, while blame others when failed. Ungrateful, motivated by resentment and anger.

After graduating high school, Piew joined the steel processing factory and put all efforts into displaying himself to climb upwards. He received compliments from Man Hang, making him feel proud and thought that he was important to Man Hang; he will be successful in future.

The truth is, Man Hang was troubled that his son Zhen Pong doesn't work seriously and therefore intentionally entrusts heavy responsibility to Piew, hoping to encourage the drive in Pong. First, during the fight for steel processing factory shareholder, Piew sided with Man Hang and goes against Wong family.

After Man Hang successfully won shares control over steel processing factory, Piew thought he would be heavily rewarded, but the repayment is far from what he expected. Because of this, bitterness grew in Piew. Afterward, before Wah family invested in real estate and Piew supported Man Hang and Pong fully, in the end he also did not received the reward he expected.

Facing disappointment time and time again, Piew take this to heart and bore a grudge against Wah family. Piew misunderstand that Yuk have feelings for him and pursued her. After several efforts, Piew won Yuk's heart. Piew truly loves Yuk, but also used Yuk to attack Wah family.

Man Hang sensed Piew harbors evil intentions and immediately put a stop to it. He told Piew that he is not qualified to be Wah family's son-in-law. Piew was dejected and decided to leave Wah family, resulting a deeper hatred against them. After leaving Wah family, Piew met dead ends and suddenly remember his uncle, evil international businessman Ngai Tin Hang.

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At that time, Tin Hang's business coincidently was going against Wah automobile business. Therefore, Piew gambled everything and become the devil's disciple. Piew though that he could depend on his uncle-nephew relationship with Tin Hang and rose high above. However, Tin Hang feels that Piew's ability is not enough, not only does he doesn't trust Piew, he treated Piew like a dog. This stirs up the rage and evil potential in Piew.

Piew thinks that both Tin Hang and Man Hang destroyed his career, and determined to revenge against them In the end, Piew's sinister plot prevails and obtained Man Hang's trust, becoming Wah family's son-in-law.

Yet, this is only Piew's first step. Back then, when he was discriminated by Man Hang, Piew's heart was full of resentment and vowed to return the humiliation, showing that it was Man Hang's bad insight. Piew loves Yuk deeply, but his hungry ambitions were not content even after having Yuk. Instead, he plotted to swallow Wah's family entire fortune.

Due to Piew's manipulation, his younger brother Keong fell into coma but he have no intentions of repenting. Piew has caused the Wah family to fall into a dangerous position over and over again, splitting up the family. At this time, Yuk becomes pregnant with Piew's baby. Piew initially thought of giving up, but later found out it was Yuk's strategy to make him give up.

Actually, Yuk knew of Piew's plot but did not expose him. She hoped that by having his baby, Piew will turn back from evil. Unfortunately, nothing moves Piew as he was obsessed with fame and fortune.

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He viewed Yuk's actions as betrayal and worsened, wanting to destroy everything by selling Wah family's painstakingly built enterprise to other people… Yuk seeing that Wah family will be destroyed; hardened her heart and exposed Piew's criminal evidence Michael Wong as Wai Lun Age: Automobile engineer, University professor Personality: Romantic, gentle and caring.

At work; full of bold innovation, earnest and careful. When facing love, he becomes indecisive. Wai Lun was born of mixed parentage and was raised overseas, full of a foreigner's passion and romance.

Wai Lun graduate from automobile design and upon reaching Hong Kong, he become a designer. Meantime, he also works as a university professor teaching design. Thus, he become acquainted with student Ching Yuk and started dating. At their happiest time, Wai Lun's wife suddenly appears It turns out that Wai Lun has earlier married a lady name Bo Wai. Bo Wai works as a model, with a beautiful face and sociable personality; she has married Wai Lun for three years.

the drive of life tvb ending a relationship

Because Wai Lun was busy with work, while Bo Wai constantly traveling, they rarely meets. In the end, Bo Wai couldn't resist temptation and left with another man, leaving Wai Lun behind. Though both of them have yet to officially divorce, they have separated for a long time.

The reason Wai Lun hid this from Yuk is because he doesn't want to mention this painful memory. Bo Wai's purpose of returning is to reconcile with Wai Lun. Facing both old flame and new love, Wai Lun couldn't make his decision. Here she schemes her way into setting her daughters up with rich men, while intimidating and manipulating them and the guys not worthy of them. She knows each of her daughters so well that she exerts control over each of them differently. Very good entertainment indeed.

The main reason for me to watch this series is Maggie Siu. The previous series I watched of her was CIB Files, where she delighted me with her wavy hair and sassy attitude. Maggie is a very headstrong and successful career woman in here, but her marriage suffers as a result. They hit it off immediately — quite literally, as she hits him on the head with her high heels.

But they do end up together briefly so far anyway. Bowie is a businessman who built his wealth upon mothing. He studied to be a chef, but he turned to the business world for the money.

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He has a dark past, of course, which makes him more complex and more interesting. His chemistry with Maggie is really interesting, I love watching scenes with them together. The second sister is Gigi Lai. She eloped with her husband when she was young, and she returns home to her family at the start of the series to try and salvage her marriage which has gone cold. However, it turns out that her husband is seeing someone else, and her mother finds out first.

Although the family was in bad shape, they decided to get married still. Raymond's mother and sister did not attend the wedding. Long story lol JiaWen gonna be very happy got a lot of Raymond's photo here.

XD I love all these siblings things in series. In runs in me. Imagine when I'm older I'm walking with my 2 brothers. Awww, imagine if they had family. Nevermind about this, I'm crapping.

the drive of life tvb ending a relationship

I love the way he propose to her. With a single Rose. See, the something red can never go wrong. The power of the rose. You know howhelp he wash her hair.

I know wth man? One day he was like, you're sad again. Their love life is kinda on a fast lane. Kai Keung works as a mechanic and during the night he would bring the racing car for a lil test on the road and the people know him as the skilled driver at night. Finally ching lam borrowed her friends hot car to chase down this driver. Unfortunately, she got involved in an accident and send the car to be fix by no other than KK. At ron ng took the car to test.

And he played Jessica and Raymond's father with love, passion and hope. Scenes with Jessica are just great especially the last few episodes where Jessica keeps begging him.

You know sometimes I wish shows could be real. If you get what I mean. He purposely had to dye his hair older cause he was playing the eldest brother among the 3 siblings and father to these 2 kids. Lol He looked so much younger when he was at the promotional event for Drive Of Life. I think you could guess I would pick her right? So many photos of her in this post.

I was doubting between she and Jessica. Cause Jessica's last few episodes were really good. How she tried to changed her husband asking him to stop doing wrong. How she accused Raymond just to protect her husband. And her dad said "You really love him cause you're a family person. You have gone to extremes till you accusing your own brother. And you love your brother so much since young" Jessica's tears start pouring down. Best actress in this show How she was so smart in the starting.