The 100 clarke and bellamy relationship quotes

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the 100 clarke and bellamy relationship quotes

This is a collection of my favorite Bellamy and Clarke quotes from the (tv show and books) Hope you like it:). 15 wise (and unwise) quotes from 'The 's' Bellamy Blake navigate freedom and life on the ground in addition to their relationship will always be The first time we heard this quote come from Clarke to Bellamy, we were. Discover ideas about Quotes From Books . The // Bellamy Blake // Octavia Blake // Clarke Griffin The - Clarke - Raven - Bellamy - Octavia - Jasper Am I correctly predicting a complex relationship budding between Danlin and.

Because when Clarke and Octavia hugged did this happen? The bonfire scene in 2x This moment is also beautiful in terms of lightning.

the 100 clarke and bellamy relationship quotes

So we have Bellamy gazing at O and C. And i realised that he was looking at C in a different way than O.

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Again this scene could be interpreted as a very beautiful bonding moment between two close friends who haven't seen each other in a long time. And let's get to the smaller details. Lexa was jealous of B and C's relationship. She said to C "You care about him" then C was like "I care about all of them" and L responded "But you worry about him more". In 2x09 C saying to B "i can't lose you too" and B looking like a rock hit him in the head. And now let's get to the good stuff. As i said earlier, prior to this episode i couldn't anything that suggests something more than friendship.

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Now what i saw in that scene was the difference between Bellamy and Mony in terms of finding Clarke. Monty,of course,wanted to find her but he was also being logical and calm compared to Bellamy.

Bellamy, on the other hand, was so desperate. I don't remember seeing him like this before, except when Octavia was gone i think. Also something that's worth noting is Clarke's reaction in 3x02 when B finds her.

Just please, don't kill him". She was basically willing to stop fighting for herself, just to save B. I think she would probably have done the same thing if it was anyone from the team, but i don't think she would have the same desperation.

In conclusion, B and C's relationship is one of the most well-written in the show. While i would prefer for them to stay very close friends, i also want to see how they are going to develop them into something more IF they are going to do it.

Don't forget; this is THEwhere shit happen all the time. But if they ever become romantic, i think it would be amazing, unless of course the writers fuck everything up. I also think that the writers are VERY aware of their chemistry because they have incredible chemistry whether you ship it or not and they are using it. I just realised that Bellamy and Clarke's relationship demonstrates some similarities with Kane and Abby's relationship also a very well-written relationship So what are your thoughts guys?

His plan backfires, the Griffins are arrested, and his relationship with Clarke disintegrates.

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Two years later, the Colony decides to send of its teenage prisoners to investigate whether or not Earth is habitable. The group crashes somewhere on the East Coast in the former United States. Once there, the struggle to survive in a world very different from the past Earth. Clarke tends to the wounded, and Bellamy gradually develops a romantic interest in her.

It is revealed that Octavia had become a drug addict while in prison. A few days later, someone sets fire to the camp, killing Thalia.

the 100 clarke and bellamy relationship quotes

As the survivors investigate, they discover a farm not too far from the site, leading them to the realization that they are not alone. Day 21[ edit ] Twenty-one days after they land on Earth, the continue to face recurring attacks from an unknown enemy.

the 100 clarke and bellamy relationship quotes

Octavia has been missing since the fire. Wells tries to maintain morale, while Bellamy tries to find his sister. The find an Earthborn girl, Sasha Walgrove, and hold her hostage.

the 100 clarke and bellamy relationship quotes

Sasha tells them that they have landed in the former state of Virginiaand that there are people from the Colony who arrived before the Bellamy believes that Sasha's people are responsible for Octavia's disappearance and demands that Sasha reveal their location.

Wells and Sasha bond, and Sasha helps Wells find food for the surviving colonists. In space, the people of the Colony fight to get into their drop ships as the space station's life support begins to fail; Clarke and Wells' friends, Glass and Luke, are among the people desperately trying to get to Earth.

the 100 clarke and bellamy relationship quotes

However, they find themselves at the mercy of Vice Chancellor Rhodes, who is willing to kill to get into one of the dropships. There, they meet her father, Max Walgrove, who is the leader of the colony.

Octavia is at Mount Weather, having been rescued by Max and his people from a group of renegades. These renegades are responsible for the attacks on the Max and his people promise that they will continue helping theand will provide further support once the rest of the Colony arrives. At this point, they find dropships from the Colony falling from the sky.

Wells eventually realizes that there is something familiar about Bellamy and Octavia; ultimately, he discovers that their mother was Melinda Blake, the woman his father had loved before marrying Wells' mother for the sake of his career.

This discovery leads Wells and Bellamy to realize that they are paternal half-brothers.