Telemachus and athena relationship

Bright Eyes - The Plan of Athena in the Odyssey

telemachus and athena relationship

Athena and Telemachus have a relationship which perhaps could be compared to the relationship between a teacher and a student. Athena. Athena - Daughter of Zeus and goddess of wisdom, purposeful battle, and the womanly arts. Athena assists Odysseus and Telemachus with divine powers. Athena | Telemachus | Odysseus. Odysseus and Athena's relationship is like no other. After reading the poem, we can clearly see that not only.

telemachus and athena relationship

Teacher, Guide, and Guardian Angel The Odyssey depicts numerous gods and goddesses whose sole purposes are to exude their power and force down on the characters of the epic. In many respects, these gods and goddesses reflect forces of nature or natural beings.

Athena acts as a catalyst for motivation and change upon Odysseus and Telemachus.

telemachus and athena relationship

She motivates and guides the father and son, educating and strengthening them through guidance and self discipline, rather than acting on their behalf. Athena and Telemachus have a relationship which perhaps could be compared to the relationship between a teacher and a student. Athena takes such a keen liking to Telemachus mainly because the two are characteristically similar.

Telemacheia: Story of the development of an adolescent becoming a basileus

Both Athena and Telemachus have practical and keen minds, while also being brave and bold. Athena claims that Telemachus should either gather news about the condition and locations of his father, or if Odysseus us dead, Telemachus should return to Ithaca as king.

Telemachus leaves Ithaca as a boy and travels to far away lands. There he will visit strangers, and in turn gain knowledge, wisdom, and maturity, and return to his homeland as a less of a boy, and more of a man. Telemachus, understandably being only a young boy at the beginning of his journey is apprehensive about his wellbeing.

  • Athena: Teacher, Guide, and Guardian Angel

In Book II, Athena reappears to Telemachus, disguised as Mentor, and reassures Telemachus that he will be safe and protected throughout his journey lines Athena is the goddess of battle while Odysseus is a mighty and powerful warrior. Athena takes an especially unique liking to the commonality between herself and great Odysseus.

telemachus and athena relationship

Just as Athena did with Telemachus, she also plays the role of both the teacher and student relationship, with an overtone of guardian angel presence with Odysseus. In this instance, Athena acts as both a teacher and guardian angel to Odysseus.

telemachus and athena relationship

Athena gives Odysseus instructions to save himself, but does not do the work for him. When his father did not return to Ithacasuitors flooded into his palace, ravaging his food, and overstaying their welcome. Telemachus matures much through the book, but in the first four, there is a definite transition from an immature scared little boy, to the man that revenges the abuse at the end of the story.

The Bright-Eyed Goddess & Odysseus' Relationship: Athena | Telemachus | Odysseus

To begin with, Telemachus was scared to even approach the suitors of his mother about his desire for them to be gone.

He also has lost hope that his father is still alive, but in some other part of the world. Telemachus spoke these words to Athena quietly so the suitors did not hear.

They can be interpreted to mean that Telemachus does not want them in his house anymore, but does not have the courage to say anything to the suitors themselves.

telemachus and athena relationship

Athena tells Telemachus about his father, and what he should do to find out some information about his fathers whereabouts. As Telemachus begins to mature, and desire revenge on the invaders of his house, other signs are shown of this desire. Page 28 shows that Zeus knows already of the revenge Telemachus is going to wage on the suitors.

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He sends a pair of eagle down from Mt. Olympus that swoop over the suitors.