Taylor swift meet and greet pictures r5

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taylor swift meet and greet pictures r5

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Taylor Swift ICYMI, during her first show at MetLife Stadium the night before, Taylor debuted a new tour. R5 gather for a group photo ahead of their meet and greet held at Fnac Champs- Elysees on Friday But, just how great is this family picture that Stormie shared?! . Taylor Swift's 'Look What You Made Me Do' Music Video. The pop superstar shared photos of herself looking shocked as the taylorswift They walk into the meet and greet and he says “We met 5 years.

We were in awe, obviously, and excitement was crackling like electricity at our fingertips. Later on, Andrea reappeared and welcomed whoever was at the front of the line with a generous hug.

Taylor Swift ‘third wheel’ as fans get engaged during meet-and-greet - rhein-main-verzeichnis.info

My best friends and I, upon reaching the front of the line, chatted with Andrea about the show and about Taylor. She was such a sweetheart, and so funny and so genuinely kind to all of us.

We got a cute Polaroid picture with her before being called into the room to meet Taylor.

taylor swift meet and greet pictures r5

Jane and I walked in slowly, taking everything in, while Anna wasted no time in bolting inside and throwing her arms around Taylor, who laughed. This was a dream come true as we had been following her for so long Jane has idolized Taylor for much longer than I have, though and she was finally there, standing in front of us.

Taylor hugged each of us individually and Jane, unable to contain her genuine excitement, launched into how she found Taylor at five years old and has loved her and her music ever since.

Greetings from Taylor Swift’s Rep Room!

Taylor smiled and hugged Jane again, telling her that she does the rep room for people like her. The ones who had been such dedicated fans for so long and who Taylor had never had the chance to meet. Jane smiled and introduced us all, to which Taylor responded by looking at each of us individually and repeating our names aloud to herself. Then we can see R5 coming in from the back of the theater and they climb on the stage.

Ross had trouble getting onto the stage and it was the cutest thing. Then Ellington finally came a little bit after that and they started singing Summer Nights from Grease.

Rydel was doing the high pitched voice background and it was so cute, I loved it.

taylor swift meet and greet pictures r5

I made an announcement about it! We were like the second to last people to meet Ryland because there were two other girls that were late as well.

taylor swift meet and greet pictures r5

Mark, their Dad and tour manager gave us our tee shirts. Ryland was so chill and asked us for our names but we met him individually and got to take a selfie with him as well as a regular picture.

The photographer also takes the photo but not everyone is in it but Alanna and I were in it which was the good part. After the pictures, Ryland did a little q and a with everyone as much as he could and then it was time to leave and we still had our pizza with us. Then we went and got R5 merch since we still had time before the concert actually started. I ended up with three tee shirts, a hoodie and a wristband.

taylor swift meet and greet pictures r5

We finally get to our seats and they were soooo great. We had isle seats, row 10, orchestra 2 and they were awesome! It was more to the side but it was still a good view of the whole band. He literally took the house down.

taylor swift meet and greet pictures r5

The lights made you feel like you were in a night club and it felt like an actual party. Nobody stopped dancing and for Hello, everyone had their phone flashlights out, waving them back and forth and it looked absolutely beautiful. One of the coolest parts was when Ryland stood up from his DJ booth and jumped off it and started dancing.

Taylor Swift ‘third wheel’ as fans get engaged during meet-and-greet

Next up was Max Schiender. What I was really impressed about Max was his dancing. Max also definitely has a higher range for a male and sang these unbelievable high notes. He also had these pretty sick rainbow lights that shined down.