Tatsumi and mine relationship trust

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But for some weird reason, the relationship between Tatsumi and I don't necessarily understand why Tatsumi chose Mine out of all the. Explore Lovin Daniel's board "Tatsumi -Akame Ga Kill" on Pinterest. | See more The moment akame ga kill annihilated my trust in anime. Lovin Daniel . mine x tatsumi .. For some reason,in the beginning I found their relationship funny. While Mine's romantic relationship and character development changed . If we' re talking about Tatsumi x mein then the relationship WAS . nothing with regards to romantic relationships, it can only build trust and teamplay.

Even though her Father instigated these basic moral codes within Esdeath, even he used to question her eagerness to harm.

tatsumi and mine relationship trust

I can empathize as having known this now, Esdeath is what I would consider highly misunderstood. She has been affected by her enviroment and if you overlook her blood thirst; She has the mentality of a child.

She is easily excitable and favours comforting others with promises of revenge. Even if she does not seek it herself. Her Father and clan were wiped out by a rival clan, though she didnt feel the need to avenge them. Tatsumi seems conflicted as to what to do. I doubt that this pairing while go far, where romantic endeavours are concerned, although this may liven up the plot further. I mean the fact Esdeath wants to own a pet, rather than a lover, no sexual content implied.

She could punish his triatoury by killing off every member of Night Raid if she ever knew the truth. You said it yourself, all she cares about is someone to save her sorry ass. That's why she needs someone strong lol. Well hate maybe is too hard word for it, better would be "dislike". He never saw her as anyone special to him up to the point of confession. I can't grasp what made him change from "dislike" to "love" in such short time frame.

He never showed interest in her, he also didn't want to have much in common with her. Also no matter how stupid she would be for him, she is still part of night raid and has at least "some value" to the revolution. They never discussed their common interests, problems etc.

They know nothing of each other except maybe the past, what made them be like this - and that's all of development I can see to make them a step closer to being a romantic interests.

I wouldn't care less if they would end up together anyway in the end of the manga, if the confession didn't occur yet. Taking a look at Wave x Kurome they still take their time even if it is obvious at this point that they do like each other, but at least it has real developments to enforce it, unlike Tatsumi x Mein.

What we got so far for Tatsumi x Mein: Bickering and dislike of each other. Tugging Tatsumi's head in with a soft pull, she pressed her lips into his. Tatsumi instantly froze in place, unable to move for what seemed to be eternity. As she kept up the kiss, Tatsumi carefully responded and reciprocated it, noting the faint taste of strawberries.

When the kiss finally ended, Mine said, "I-i love you, Tatsumi. Tatsumi kneaded the nape of his neck, still mystified by what just occurred. Now…" She crawled her way on top of him, pushing his back down to the mattress. Isn't this a bit sudden? Like I said earlier we might not have another chance to do this, so please, make love to me.

I," he swallowed another lump in his throat and nodded. Accompanying their heated make out session was a frenzied attempt at disrobing each other that proved both easier and more difficult than they thought. Easier in that there was no resistance from the other person Finally, they both mentally said 'fuck it' in unison and tore the outer garments off the other and reveal each other's personal wear.

Mine wore the same bra and panties she had worn on the day Tatsumi accidentally stumbled in on her while she was dressing, which brought ironic smiles and blushes to both their faces. Their lips met with more passion and urgency as their bodies tumbled over one another, bare skin touch exposed flesh, all in a glorious cascade of sensation.

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Tatsumi eventually 'won' the struggle and looked down almost reverently at the maiden offering herself to him, against many, many earlier protestations as he recalled. As he looked down at her, he saw that she was blushing hard and doing all she could to avoid eye contact with him, "Everything okay, Mine? Last thing he wanted to do was hurt Mine in any way.

Despite their rather antagonistic relationship he did have a great deal of respect for Mine and the only way this was going to happen was if she really wanted it.

She looked up at him, eyes quivering with tears but still full of trust and longing. It's my first time. Besides, it wasn't like he was not nervous himself, "Don't worry about a thing, Mine. This is my first time too. He hid it by hopping back into the bed and throwing his arms around Mine to begin unhooking her bra and throwing it over his shoulder Tatsumi pressed his lips against hers one more time as a tool of encouragement.

What do you want me to do? She swallowed a lump the size of a coconut, not helped by the nibbling on her neck by Tatsumi. He was starting to see why it always appealed to Leone, "I can't really see that well, even with the moonlight.

I think I found it! Then, how about here? I don't feel anything there. Tatsumi laughed, "I do believe that's the point. Mine stuck her tongue out at him as his joke stopped her outrage in its tracks. He could feel the warm juices starting to dew her outmost petals, but knew she was far from ready for the main event yet. Not that she didn't consider his ministrations a rousing success however, "Ahh, m-more.

Her eyes promptly widened as a devious smirk spread across his features, "You are just too cute Mine, you make me want to eat you up.

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She gave a small 'eep' as she felt Tatsumi take control of the intimacy, something that she found strangely arousing. His smile was filled with lustful vengence. Something I may never have the chance to do again come tomorrow! That place is dirty! She felt his tongue start tracing her heat and her fingers promptly ignored her orders to push him away, instead gripping his hair to pull him in deeper. Her hips began twitching as he carefully studied her weaknesses to learn which places would give the most pleasure and her jaw let out little mewls of need through her clenched teeth.

She couldn't tell if her eyes were opened or closed, with the whiteness creeping around the edges signifying her imminent surrender to a feeling that she had only vague experience with her fingers providing.

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He wasn't kidding about liking her taste, considering how he had just learned that the taste of strawberries was true to both sets of Mine's eminently kissable lips. His hands weren't idle either, alternating between massaging her supple thighs and stroking them long and slow, adding more sensation to the approaching overload of Mine's senses.

Seeing how close to the brink she had come, Tatsumi decided to go in for the kill and oh so slowly worked his way up to a little bud that had poked out during his efforts, red as though outraged at his callous neglect of it.

Mine's eyes crossed cutely as she realized Tatsumi's goal and she begged him breathlessly even as she pulled him closer, "Hold on, Tatsumi! I-i can't take it! Her breasts bobbed as she heaved air in gasping breaths, heels digging into his shoulders and sweat dotting her flushed skin as she slowly came down from the peak Tatsumi had so artfully guided her to.

He pulled back, letting Mine's legs fall back to the mattress and wiped the drool and 'residue' from the corner of his mouth with lasciviously swipe of his tongue. She licked her lips in raw hunger at the sight of it, so hard and ready, and felt the urge to taste it. Tatsumi found himself being pushed back on his behind rather ungently, the look in Mine's eyes resembling Leone's whenever she got going, making Tatsumi gulp, "Tatsumi He had taken control of her and she had loved it, but she wasn't about to let him remain in control for good or she'd give up Pumpkin!

Leaning down, she gave his 'weapon' a good sniff, inhaling his freshly bathed but still musky scent. It only served to make her even more horny and wet, a shiver of unadulterated lust running along her spine.

Starting to see why Leone loves her teigu so much, Mine thought as she let her hands explore Tatsumi's chest and hips, if this is what she smells all the time. And when she looked up at him with the best example of 'bedroom eyes' he could ever imagine, Tatsumi knew he was exactly where she wanted him, "Me, oh nothing I refuse to be considered a lady that doesn't pay her debts.

They are much too prudish and 'pervert' hating. Which wasn't long in coming as Mine got his balls in a firm, borderline painful, grip with her spare hand. You better be grateful I'm about to do this for you Tatsumi She treated it like one of the sweets she was always eating, licking and sucking it until it was well lubricated with her spit.

Mine looked up at Tatsumi in a way that made him feel even more light headed, "It's bigger than I expected, but I'm glad it's not too big. Tatsumi could only summon up a gurgle of concurrence as her efforts had his eyes starting to roll up in his head.

He didn't know how she did it, but she seemed to know pretty damn well what got him going, and he was worried he wouldn't last at this rate. Mine took pity on him, partly because she appreciated he hadn't tried to slam his 'sword' down her throat, but mostly because she couldn't bear the burning need in her core any more. She wanted him inside her when they climaxed together, nothing else would due for their first time in Mine's mind.

With that in the forefront of her thoughts, she let go of Tatsumi and started climbing up his body.

tatsumi and mine relationship trust

She kissed her way along his chest, stopping briefly to tease his nipples like he had hers, making her lover groan. She met his eyes through the strands of her hair that shrouded her gaze and saw how much it moved him to have her with him this night, that he wanted it as much as she did.

She threw herself on him at that, their lips and tongues locked together in a soul-searing kiss. As they parted, Mine whispered, "Thank you Tatsumi, for never giving up and proving yourself to Night Raid I wouldn't give this up for anything.

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But that was for later, now, now was the moment this night had been building towards. Mine felt herself unable to breathe easily, her bosom jerking with her shallow, nervous inhalations.

She wanted this more than anything but now that it was the time, Mine felt so anxious. What if Tatsumi didn't like it? What if he got bored with her and her 'slender' body? She couldn't bear it if she lost him even if they both survived and- Mine was jerked out of her downward spiral by Tatsumi pulling her close and stroking her hair. Mine hugged him gratefully but shook her head at his offer, "If we don't do it now, we might not have the chance remember?

I just needed to stop worrying so much. She slowly lowered her hips so that it placed the tip at her threshold, all the while Tatsumi desperately tried to collect himself. He sucked in a good few huffs of air through his nostrils, and kept himself as still as possible. He hadn't known why, but Leone had told him earlier that day that when in doubt, 'let the lady set the pace. Thanks to Mine's moment of doubt, Tatsumi knew he'd be able to last longer than if Mine had kept going. All he needed to do was support Mine, and hopefully ensure that it would be as good for her as it was for him.

With a deep breath and a swallow, Mine slowly and carefully lowered herself onto Tatsumi, with his hands on her hips giving support and strength.