Tatiana volosozhar and maxim trankov relationship tips

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tatiana volosozhar and maxim trankov relationship tips

Tatiana Volosozhar (Russian: Татья́на Волосожа́р, Ukrainian: Тетяна Волосожар) and Maxim Trankov (Russian: Макси́м Транько́в) are Russian pair skaters. Volosozhar She skated with a few people and was in a relationship with one of them. Anyway .. And thanks for the extra translation tip, ntk Another interview with Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov. a German Spitz, which Tanya got even before our relationships have started. ~Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov Pairs Champions Sochi ~ Olympic Coach Oleg Vasiliev with Tatiana Totmianina & Maxim Marinin

And recently we had a cat. In winter, mouses have started to bother us and we had to do something with it. Who takes care of animals when you are not at home? There are also friends. We have such a changing of the guard, so we have nothing to worry about. Six months ago you became husband and wife. Has anything changed in your relationship since then?

We became a family. We dated, stayed for a night at each others, but each had its own territory. I think, even after the wedding we continued to live separately for some time, because it there were not conditions for living together. So, the family life has started only in September.

No, each of us had an apartment, which Russian Figure Skating Federation rented. But how to live together in a rented apartment? Even nowhere to put your stuff. I have a whole apartment of things, and Tanya too. Not counting the dogs. But now the life is adjusted. We can invite guests and relatives. What does the status of a family man give? We started to take serious some things, for example spending.

We earn the same: I believe that a woman must deal with finances of the family. Are you Spartans or you love the comfort? All athletes from childhood are Spartans. With age you start to want comfort. For example, I like to deal with household chores. Did you do the refurbishment yourself? After the injury I had to miss the season, and I devoted my spare time to refurbishment. Fortunately, I studied at design courses, I like this a lot, so I decided not to invite a designer. It is not clear to me why we lost 6 points to the third place.

And we mostly lost them in the second mark.

Volosozhar and Trankov: We always feel good together.

The mark you can "play with" if you want. They received a total of Tatiana's and Stanislav's total points were I think we got paid what we deserved for our long program, as we made some mistakes. But it was still one of our cleanest skates of a long program.

Yes, I think in the long program they judged us OK, but that margin in the short made all the difference, because both Russian pairs had clean skates. How was it in Vancouver?

You planned to go to the opening ceremony, did you manage to? In Torino we didn't go either. We had the short program the next day and didn't want to stand for hours in the stadium and get tired, it takes too much energy. We wanted to go this time, because we had one day off before our competition started. But it didn't work out. And, as we left right after our competition was over, we were not present at the closing ceremony either.

tatiana volosozhar and maxim trankov relationship tips

There was also some confusion with clothes; the team uniforms were too big for Tania, they just didn't have her size! And for the ceremonies I needed official clothes, not the sportswear. We also understood that we would need to walk quite a lot. We only had warm boots and the ceremony was indoors, so in the end we just didn't want to go at all. And what do you think about your results at the Games? I think you should have placed a bit higher.

tatiana volosozhar and maxim trankov relationship tips

It doesn't make much difference if it's sixth or eighths place. Yes, I agree with that. And we've already gotten used to the fact that we are usually under-marked.

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But to finish your career like this? Actually, after Europeans and those 6 points' difference in short program, everything was already clear. You know, when a country doesn't care about its sportsmen Is it true that you had to buy the tickets to go to Worlds in Los Angeles yourself? It was not exactly like that.

But our federation was late with the arrangements and exactly at that time some journalist asked me about it. So I just answered truthfully; that we didn't have any tickets yet. They wrote it in their article and suddenly our tickets appeared!

Volosozhar and Trankov: We always feel good together. « FS Gossips – blog about figure skating

This season it's been much better; starting from our first competition everything was arranged. But, you know, before Stas mentioned in that interview that our federation doesn't want or can't help, other skaters just kept silent.

And we were fed up with it, we do our job and the federation doesn't. It's not our problem; we shouldn't have to worry about tickets, hotels and such.

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Right before Europeans you finally found sponsors who helped you pay your debts to Ingo Steuer. Yes, they helped us pay for the whole previous season with money we were not able to get from our federation. My very close friend helped us to find the sponsors. A few years ago she wrote a book and they helped her publish it. And now they helped us too. Their names are Oleg and Lyudmila Golovachuk, they have some business which in a way is related to sport.

Thanks to them we've solved all our financial problems now. But more than that, we are good friends with them now. And they even went to Vancouver to cheer for us! Let's talk non-skating issues like who does the cooking in your family? And I think he's a great cook, especially meat.

Volosozhar/Morozov on and off the ice

Even my sister now sometime cooks using his recipes. You are a couple both on and off the ice. What is your advise to people in your situation? You know, the circle of people around athletes is very small, mostly those they see while training.

So obviously some couples meet that way. But I also think it would be really hard for couples where only one of them is a skater; that's mostly long distance relationships and not everybody is able to keep that up for a long time. Actually, the kind of relationship you have on or off the ice is different, there are different types of worries and troubles. When it's not about training, what do you need to worry about?

Going to the cinema? Of course it's not that simple to leave the rink and just forget everything immediately. So your advice would be to leave everything ice related on the ice?

There is no sense in bringing it home from the rink. You might discuss how practice went, but figure skating is not your whole life. But still a very big part of it If skating were your whole life it would be harder to retire.

tatiana volosozhar and maxim trankov relationship tips

You should approach it gradually so you won't suddenly have to ask: