Tales of xillia 2 jude and milla relationship quotes

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tales of xillia 2 jude and milla relationship quotes

and the fact that as far as relationships go, it's actually a really well done one. It also helps that Jude/Milla are seen as way too much of a Last Minute Hookup by some fans. So much that Tales of Xillia 2 had its American release announced One of his battle quotes (mockingly) laments Jude giving him said shoulder. Midoriya:Like human relationships. Xillia Characters as John Mulaney Quotes Milla:I look like I was just sitting in a room in a chair eating Saltines for like 28 years and then I walked right out here. Jude:thirteen-year-olds are the meanest people in the world. they will get to the thing that you (Source: Tales of Xillia.). Jude Mathis (ジュード・マティス Juudo Matisu) is one of the two main Fourteen years prior to the events of Tales of Xillia, when Jude was only a year old, his father. Eventually, Milla had to leave Jude in the lab's ruins, where he was found by.

Ivar becomes increasingly jealous of Jude, a flaw that continually bites him and, eventually, the entire world in the arse.

tales of xillia 2 jude and milla relationship quotes

Some missions have a very spefic timeframe they must be done or the quests are gone. The most jarring part is that while some skits tell you what you need to do, they don't tell you WHERE to go, meaning you can end up wasting a good while searching for a NPC and miss out on some very good interesting side quests.

There's another side to this too. The Guide Dang It! And is it's often not obvious which sidequests can safely be put off until later and which will disappear after a certain point. Alvin and Leia do a complicated one. Jude has one, bordering on a Despair Event Horizonwhen Milla sacrafices herself to save the party.

He only snaps out of it when Alvin shoots Leia. Jude and Milla in the ending. It's a Tear Jerker as this is before they have to say goodbye because of Milla becoming the goddess of Rieze Maxia Homage: The first few rounds of the fight against the real Maxwell is one, as no matter how strong the party is the boss will hit them with his Mystic Arte which ironically doesn't do much damage to a properly equipped party during the fight to result in a cutscene of the party getting back up and attacking again a total of 3 times before the fight the player can actually win begins.

The skits seem to have taken this route. From Milla asking if Jude has an Oedipus Complex, to a discussion between Jude, Alvin, and Milla about bondage, and even acknowledging that orientations other than straight existthis is definitely one of the more risque Tales of titles. Milla comments, in one of the post-fight commentaries, that Jude has really big hands.

She's just commenting on how strong his unarmed attacks are, but Jude clearly picks up an entirely different subtext. The Tatalian Abyss sidequest late in the game introduces miasma, a toxic gas older than the world. In this game it's just a random sidequest that doesn't affect anything else except for getting Milla's Devil's Arm, but miasma ends up being very important in the sequel. Milla, very much so. With just a bit of instruction from Alvin, she goes from an inept fighter that can't even swing her sword more than once in a row, to an extremely skilled swordswoman the equal of any Tales protagonist.

In a skit shortly afterward, she comments that she's finally getting the basics of swordplay down, and that the trick is to view the sword as an extension of her body.

A flabbergasted Alvin informs her that's not the basics, but rather the final part of mastery. While typical of a Tales game at this point, this iteration makes the runes from Abyss look like preschool art projects just look up any Mystic Arte exhibition. As compared to the previous game's Prolonged Prologuethis game's story dumps you into the action immediately, with explanations of what's actually going on and how we got to that point coming later.

This is to the point that the game actually skips over the OP and title screen when starting up until you pass a certain very early point in the game. This is even more apparent if you're on Mila's story: Naturally, Jude fails to realize this. It Is Pronounced Tro Pay: At 15, Jude is one of the younger protagonists that the Tales series has seen along with Kyle and Ruca ; the standard Tales hero age seems to be Rowen is the oldest playable character who isn't Really Years Old in the main series, being 62 years of age.

While most of the other "Misc" skits are fairly obvious and easy to get through normal playing have the party all reach a certain level, have the main character's stats exceed a certain number, eat a certain food itemthis one requires you to never use a single Gel until you reach Xian Du, which is roughly one third of the way through the game.

The sub-event skits might end up being this too, since doing certain sidequests too early can cause you to miss some.

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He constantly gets in the way of protagonists and causes trouble solely due to his own massively overblown ego and trusting information that has been shown false before, and even activates the Lance of Kresnik very nearly killing everyone in the area including Millia which leads to the situation that requires Millia's Heroic Sacrifice.

Level Up Fill Up: Anyone who has learned the skill "Level Restore" gets the benefit of this. The fan favorite attacks return once again; introduced via full-body cut-ins ala Tales of Graces. Incantations act as proof of a contract between Spirits and Channelers, allowing them to use their arts Milla is what happens when a Magic Knight is designed to excel in both swordplay and magic without Competitive Balance holding him or her back.

The only thing stopping her from becoming a One Woman Party is her lack of a self-healing ability.

tales of xillia 2 jude and milla relationship quotes

Rowen is also a Magic Knightthough on the sliding slide of magic versus melee, he skews closer to the former. All technology in Rieze Maxia can be explained as applied Spirit Artes.

A Spyrix is a more nefarious example. Spyrite, which is developed during the events of the game, is basically a spyrix without its one glaring drawback. Milla tries to avoid being this. Milla can smash people around with giant summoned fists made of stone. Oh, and that Alvin nearly killed Jude and Leia. This skit triggers quite randomly, dampens the levity of her return and may leave the player saying "what? And because the skit is optional and doesn't always pop up, you'll get awkward interactions between characters for seemingly no reason.

The most jarring is probably the after-battle skits featuring Leia and Alvin, because their friendly banter and secret handshakes have turned into awkwardly avoiding making eye contact or directly speaking to each other, and if you missed that skit this appears to be happening for no reason whatsoever. On Jude's path, there's the scene of him and the Lord of Sharilton talking, who is offering his help however he can, while asking for Jude help against Nachtigal, shortly after his sister and Elize drag Milla away for some shopping.

Cline is shot by an arrow, just as he offers his hand to Jude, and dies of his injury. Milla's hair is red, blonde, and green. With something sorta blue-ish at the end of the green.

Now remember who she claims she is and which Spirits that would entail ruling over. Depending on whether you choose to play as Jude or Milla the story starts at different points, and later on which branches you'll take and what bosses you'll meet.

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Alvin, after accidentally shooting Leia. The bosses in Xillia blatantly ignore the rules of the game's battle system. For example, according to the in-game tutorial, you have to link in order to enter Overlimit and must link Mystic Artes from an Arcane Arte. Prepare to grit your teeth in frustration as bosses freely enter Overlimit without linking, and relentlessly spam their Mystic Artes. Ivar, in particular, can whiff his Arcane Arte completely and still perform his Mystic Arte as though it had connected.

While Wingull skips using an Arcane Arte altogether and simply spams his Mystic Arte; ofttimes back-to-back. Particularly obvious when you fight your own party members in the Arena, and they can use their Mystic Artes without linking.

The exact same ones you need to be linked to use. Near the end of the opening narration, the old man narrating who is the real Maxwell says something along the lines of "Evil is born in the hearts of men.

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And one world is more technologically advanced that the other? Why hello there, plot of Tales of Symphonia. However, that side that is supposed to be destroyed is overly dependent on its resources — so much that this over-dependence will eventually destroy said world.

So we're combining Symphonia and Tales of Vesperia now? It's a bit of a shaky comparison, really. Even though Elympios is the more technologically-advanced nation, it's in a period of sharp decline because of its critical mana shortages. And while Gaius certainly believes that one world should be destroyed to save the other, the heroes are actually presented with a viable third option from the very start.

If anything, Xillia features the plot elements of previous Tales Series games but approaches them in new ways. Spyrixes are essentially Blastia in terms the danger they possess to the world but are used in the same manner as Exspheres.

The game's plot mixes a lot of Vesperia and Symphonia together, as mentioned above. It also has elements of [1] with its dying original world that was destroyed by its absue of nature and sealed paradise that gets infected by a remenant of the old world. Milla and Muzet can be seen as Sophie and the Little Queen respectively in that regard, as the former is a living weapon created to destroy the corruption spyrix hereand the latter is an immune-system like program that destroys any incursions.

The first 3 chapters are also reminiscent of Tales of the Abyss. The game was originally meant to be a homage to the other tales games for the 15th anniversary of the franchise. Lilium Orbs are special spheres that humans use to awaken their inner potential and allow them to be able to fight monsters, but where they come from is a dark secret. They're basically Exspheresexcept they don't really factor into the plot outside of a sidequest or two, and their dark side the Bonus Boss made them and distributed them so humans could grow powerful and he could copy their strength and add it to his own is easy enough for the party to take care of.

Many of this game's main characters are references to other characters in the series. Elize takes the token moe loli with a stuffed animal that fights in combat but uses Dark Artes and is also a healer.

  • Jude Mathis
  • Milla (Fractured)
  • Milla Maxwell

Alvin is basically Kratosby being a mercenary who constantly back stabs people and is connected to the game's villains; and Yuriby being a older Anti-Hero who is sarcastic — the two even have Dragon Swarm.

He even gets Kratos' 'Traitor' costume as a DLC outfit, complete with some of his memorable lines as victory quotes. He's related to a socially prominent villain, obeys said villain because of an indirect hostage, is a traitor from the start who grows to like the people he's supposed to betray because of their constant trust in him and has Dragon Swarm.

For the antagonists, the development team gave them motives that were equally sound to the protagonists. By the events of Tales of Xillia 2, Jude becomes a spyrite researcher in Elympios. Since his debut, Jude ranked on the Tales character popularity polls. Twin Brave as a playable character. In Tales of Xillia 2, the protagonists are joined by Milla from a parallel universe in which Milla did not succeed Maxwell and lives as a normal human. She is pulled into the prime dimension by Elle after the party destroys her dimension.

During the events of the game, the alternate Milla disappears out of existence upon meeting the real Milla.

Mutsumi Inomata was chosen to design Milla due to her strength in designing cool women. The development team wanted Milla to be devoid of feminine feelings but were overruled by the female staff. Alvin's family was aboard a cruise ship when it became trapped in Rieze Maxia and resulted in his father's death.

Initially, Alvin joins the party to spy on them for Exodus but decides he belongs with them as the plot progresses. Fujishima stated Alvin's design was easy to conceive though the color of his scarf was hard to decide on.

Alvin's personality is the personification of Jude's adult personality if the events of Tales of Xillia did not occur. Since his debut, Alvin ranked on the Tales character popularity polls. Since then, she was forcefully experimented on and was given a device called a Booster which augments her magical abilities.

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After the lab's closure, she is taken in by Jiao and chooses to leave his care to be with the party. After the events of Tales of Xillia, Elize is able to live a normal life under her caretaker and friend, Driselle Sharil.

tales of xillia 2 jude and milla relationship quotes

Teepo was created to be Elize's partner as a result. Since her debut, Elize ranked on the Tales character popularity polls.

Illbert[ edit ] Rowen J. Iruberuto was a legendary tactician for the Rashugal military and friends with Nachtigal before his kingship. Rowen retires and becomes the butler to the Sharil family and joins the party in Tales of Xillia to stop Nachtigal's corrupt reign.

Designed by Mutsumi Inomata, Rowen's role was conceived to be a mentor to the party. Since his debut, Rowen ranked on the Tales character popularity polls. After the events of Tales of Xillia Leia quits as a nurse in order to find a career she is passionate in; she becomes a journalist during the events of Tales of Xillia 2. Designed by Mutsumi Inomata, her cheerful personality was chosen to balance the party's serious atmosphere.

Before his reign as king, Auj Oule was divided and controlled by tribes whose leadership were succeeded by bloodline. After Gaius' tribe was destroyed due to an incompetent leader, Gaius decided to unite Auj Oule by conquest and promote a new system of government where competent leaders would rule. Gaius' intention to destroy all spyrixes conflicted with the party's intention to transition spyrixes to spyrite.

After the events of Tales of Xillia, Gaius concedes to the party's wishes and unites Rieze Maxia as a single country.

During Tales of Xillia 2, Gaius poses as a civilian by using his birth name to investigate public opinion in Elympios; he joins the party to help save the world. He is designed by Mutsumi Inomata and was given a realist personality to contend with Jude's naive and idealistic personality. Since his debut, Gaius ranked on the Tales character popularity polls.

In Tales of Xillia, she follows the party during their mission to defeat Exodus and turns against them in order to keep the existence of Rieze Maxia's barrier a secret. She allies herself with Gaius after Maxwell ceases giving her orders. She, along with Gaius, is defeated by the party at the end of Tales of Xillia. While a silent protagonist of the game, he speaks in the related radio dramas.

He lives with his older half-brother, Julius, and their pet cat, Rollo. He meets Elle Mel Marta during a train hijack by Exodus. After the train crashes and Spirius Corporation treats his injuries, he becomes burdened with a huge debt. Spirius then hires Ludger for his Chromatus power, a power passed down by bloodline, in order to destroy parallel dimensions. In his ending, he becomes President of Spirius Corp and meets Elle's mother.

He is designed by Daigo Okumura.