Takagi and sato relationship quiz

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takagi and sato relationship quiz

Hello out there all you fellow Takagi and Sato fans! about it because I wasn't sure if it meant our relationship would go to the next level or not. While Sato appeared to have taken a liking to him as well, Takagi was easily their professional relationship grew more personal, and finally Sato and Takagi. Wataru Takagi, the voice actor voices a character of the same name as him, but he also Which character is shown to have had a "relationship" with Rei Furuya when he was a child? A. . Who does Takagi remind Sato of?.

He even makes a remark thinking that he is the one behind Sleeping Kogoro. What does Ran Mouri use as her cellphone strap? This cellphone strap also has a connection to Gosho's previous manga, Yaiba. Kansuke Yamato has a prosthetic eye. He lost his eye, he does not have a fake one. Who did Rei Furuya have a relationship with as a child? He is shown to be acquainted with Elena in a flash-back in the Tea case.

He also mentions to Kid disguised as Shiho that he thinks she looks like her mother, "Hell Angel". Who is the person in the picture? Which of the following characters have noticed Conan's double personality? Though a minor recurring character, she notices it when she sees Conan making intelligent deductions alongside Hattori in the Design of Poison and Mirage.

Sato und Takagi Date :D ♥

Conan's school shoe locker is used as a mailbox to accept case requests. Genta's school locker is used as a mailbox, not Conan's. Who said the following quote?: Like any rose has thorns, the more the person appears nice on the outside, the more you should doubt the inside.

What is Yusaku Kudo famous for? Though he did help as a Detective in his past, Kudo Yusaku is especially known as a novelist, particularly for his famed Night Baron series.

Which character is known to be a boxer? He is shown to be a proficient boxer in the delivery case, and Gosho Aoyama has even supported this in an interview. Where did Shinichi Kudo and Ran Mouri initially meet each other? Files focus on Ran and Shinichi's first meeting. Genta Kojima is the self-proclaimed leader of the Detective Boys.

While he isn't accepted as the leader, he typically refers to himself as such, much like Koboyashi proclaims herself as the DB's manager. What vehicle does Akai Shuichi drive? Who is the main composer behind Detective Conan's music? Which of the following knows that Shiho Miyano is Ai Haibara? After Haibara fell back down the chimney and shrunk, Pisco found out, but before he could tell anyone he was killed by Gin.

takagi and sato relationship quiz

Who helped Ai Haibara fake her death on the Mystery Train? Kaito Kid disguised as Shiho Miyano and confronted Bourbon. Though Subaru and Conan also assisted, Kid's involvement solidified their plan. By stepping in the way of their attacker, who did Juzo Megure protect from being clubbed by the serial killer?

He also tried to protect his wife, Midori by stepping in front of a car, although she still received a majority of the damage. It's not canonically accepted, yet, however, all three of them have distinct facial features that lets us know that they are related. Which of the following characters have never had a replacement voice actor? None of the Above. Kogoro's original VA was replaced in due to contract issues, and he decided to leave.

Mitsuhiko's VA was on maternity leave, and Jirokichi's original VA, unfortunately passed away last year at the age of What is Hattori Heiji's well versed skill?

Characters that were typically heavy smokers smoke much less now due to a Japanese anti-smoking campaign.

takagi and sato relationship quiz

Which person saved Kansuke Yamato after he was thought to be dead? He left his job temporarily to search for Kansuke, and found him. Though he was later demoted because of it. It means the quality of mind that enables one to face apprehension with confidence and resolution.

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It is not right to use it as an excuse to kill someone. Who is the least intelligent Detective? While technically an inspector now, Yamamura is perhaps one of the dumbest characters in the series, believing in the supernatural, and shown to be severely incompetent in many cases.

Who is the Silver Witch? Mitsuhiko strongly dislikes carrots. Shown to dislike them, to the point of not eating them at all, or saving them for the very end. Wataru Takagi reminds Miwako Sato of who? In the beginning of the manga, Shinichi is He is 16 in the beginning of the manga, and while he probably is 17 now, it's too hard to say since time might as well not even exist. He is noted to be 17, and about "7" as Conan in the anime though. Who is the character in the picture?

Heiji disguised as Shinichi in Episode Detective Conan has existed for over twenty years! Detective Conan's manga debuted inalthough the anime will not be celebrating it's 20th anniversary until What is the name of Kazuha's martial art?

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Shinichi Kudo and Kaito Kuroba are related. Araide were able to stop them, but making it appear Takagi had arrived in time.

takagi and sato relationship quiz

This shows that despite his attempts to come between them, Takagi and Sato only grow more closer as well as their love for each other. However, even after Takagi and Sato officially entered into a romantic relationship he still didn't lose hope of winning Sato for himself. Eventually, Shiratori finally revealed to Conan and the Detectuive Boys why he felt so strongly about Sato, believing she was the girl of his destiny.

He reveals in his childhood, he encountered a young girl confronting two Boy in a local bookstore stealing and trying to stop them, but was instead bullied and ridiculed by the boys she was trying to stop. Shiratori intervened and began to explain the charges of their crime and after a scene was caused, causing everyone to notice the boys stopped and left the store.

Shiratori was about to leave when the girl appeared to him and gave him a drink with a Sakura paper decoration, revealing the symbol and meaning it has to police officers. Due to this, Shiratori had fallen in love with the young girl and believed her to be Miwako Sato due to the appearence. However, he later came to realize that the young girl wasn't Miwako Sato and was actually instead Sumiko Kobayashi due to their similar physical appearances.

Since then, Shiratori has finally left Miwako and Takagi alone, allowing them to finally move forward with their relationship without his interference and eventually began a relationship with Sumiko Kobayashi.

takagi and sato relationship quiz

Prior to the beginning of the series, Sato had briefly been partners with Jinpei Matsuda. While they had a somewhat rocky upstart when they first began working together, the began to develop a close partnership and soon both began to develop incredibly strong romantic feelings for each other during their short time together.

Please review and i'll add new chapters! I'm sure I'm going to make errors so hopefully that won't get in the way of the story. Anyways, here it is! D Obviously, I do not own Detective Conan and all related characters. It had been a little over a month since the incident where she almost lost the life of her co-worker and secret boyfriend, Wataru Takagi. The two of them were now open about their feelings for each other and no longer had to hide it awkwardly or be shy around one another anymore.

The romance between Takagi and Sato was finally beginning to blossom. Sato began to smile as she remembered the day after work where they finally became an official couple. Hold on a moment! Sato looked back at him with a look of curiosity. She had a feeling where this was going. Because of our work as police officers, I understand that we have to put our profession before our personal lives but how come we haven't discussed the kisses with each other yet?

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I don't want to pretend they never happened, Sato-san. Sato smiled warmly at him. She walked closer to him and put her hand on his cheek.

takagi and sato relationship quiz