Syndra and zed relationship questions

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syndra and zed relationship questions

They hadn't had a proper conversation since Zed had left, Kennen Syndra continued to ask questions for some time, and Kennen "Of the three of them, two are in relationships, and Poppy never really seemed like my type. Hello and welcome to my second blog from this series called "League of Romances"! As usual, I will be naming one Relationship and just like. If you have any questions please dont be afraid to ask me in the which basically throws reason, logic, and lore out the window (in my opinion). . and all but I'd sacrifice my left pinky to see Zed and Syndra do it together.


Some people Kennen could not understand, but that didn't mean he wasn't going to try and help. Would you believe it, but he was originally expected to be the Heart of the Tempest over me! Kind of gives a new meaning to 'Shock-blade Zed'.

syndra and zed relationship questions

Him, Shen and Akali were supposed to be the greatest trio that Ionia had ever seen, that was before the whole incident with the shadows, but I get the feeling you know that part of the story. There weren't too many people in the Institute that didn't know that story, whether it came from Zed or Shen.

syndra and zed relationship questions

Back when they were at the same order, Zed befriended Akali. Nobody is entirely sure how, in fact I'm fairly sure the only ones who even know they had a relationship are Shen, you now, and myself. After some time they grew particularly close, and I suppose that inevitably resulted in a relationship.

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Akali said she used to be completely infatuated with him, and by the sounds of it, he was quite the sweetheart himself. She would never have admitted it, but I think she still had some feelings for him, although certainly not stronger than her feelings for Shen. Positive Syndra, be positive. She thought to herself, putting a reassuring hand on Kennen's shoulder.

She had spent so much time by herself, she would really have been happy if she could just befriend Kennen and have someone to spend time with when she would otherwise have been alone.

syndra and zed relationship questions

But after everything Zed had done for her, offering to protect her and save her life, comforting her, showing her the closest thing to love she had ever had, she didn't want to give up on the prospect of Zed being in her life, even if the red mark across her neck suggested otherwise.

The Master of Shadows may be many things, but a heartless coward is not one of them. Kennen led the way out of the temple, following the path Syndra had taken to get to the order, before taking another familiar turn and making his way towards the ruined village. He stopped on the outskirts, bowing and muttering a quick sentence under his breathe.

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When he looked back up, his eyes were red. I don't remember many blessings from my childhood, but I know enough. It's a lot more… tranquil than I expected. The details have been lost to the ages, but remnants still exist in some of the ancient libraries, of which I visited all of them. It spoke of a group called the Purists, a cult that strove for 'the perfect Ionia'. Their crusade was a bloody one, and many were killed.

syndra and zed relationship questions

The largest victims were the yordles, which they saw as impure creatures. This village is one of the only remaining yordle settlements, the rest were burnt and trampled during the war. The temple that Zed claimed is possibly the only one of its type, built by the yordles to worship their own gods and beliefs. What I wouldn't do to explore the depths, see what I could find. She used to call it 'Sanctuary', because to her that was exactly what it was.

Well, they are totally separate from each other, but if you read both Zed and Syndra's lore entries, you'll quickly discover that their stories are absolute parallels. Both of them are orphans. Both of them were trained to use ancient special techniques.

syndra and zed relationship questions

Both seek out to gain their powers' full potential. Both killed their master. And both use some kind of ancient forbidden way. Their story is pretty much identical.

They are also just two of three evil Ionian champions, as of now, Varus being the third. Varus' mission though, is more of a personal and individual one. While Varus seeks revenge, both Zed and Syndra seek to unlock their full potential and to change Ionia in some way or another. Moments later, Zed emerged back onto the temple steps.

In one hand, he grasped the box—and in the other, his freshly bloodied blade. He then claimed the temple for himself, establishing his Order of Shadow, and began training his acolytes in the ways of darkness. They etched their flesh with shadowy tattoos, learning to fight alongside shrouded reflections of themselves. Zed took advantage of the ongoing war with Noxus, and the suffering it brought to the Ionian people.

Zed could see the boy was a weapon waiting to be sharpened, and took him as his personal student. In this young acolyte, he saw a purity of purpose to match his own. In Kayn, Zed could see the future of the Order of Shadow.