Sudan us relationship with the un

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sudan us relationship with the un

So why does the US care so deeply about South Sudan? America had a " special relationship" with the country and so felt a "special . ambassadors for a number of UN agencies working on Sudan and South Sudan. Sudan and the United States enjoy a long history of friendship and cooperation. Though numerous instances to demonstrate this fact can be cited, perhaps most . The United States established diplomatic relations with Sudan in , following including the United Nations, International Monetary Fund and World Bank.

Wol said his ministry summoned the U. That is why we called the representative of the U. Recently displaced families who arrived five days before claiming that government troops attacked their towns, shelter in a run-down school in Akobo, near the Ethiopian border, in South Sudan, Jan.

Deputy policy director Brian Adeba said empty threats have helped create an atmosphere of impunity in the conflict.

U.S. – Sudan Relations

And that actually contributes to creating impunity among the spoilers. They know they can get away with it. Between IGAD and the African Union, 20 statements have been released since Decembercondemning the violence and promising to hold perpetrators accountable.

In past statements, both the AU and IGAD have threatened asset freezes, visa bans and arms embargoes on those responsible for prolonging the conflict.

UN- South Sudan Ties:Juba seeks better working relationship with the United Nations

Festus Mogae, chairman of the Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission, the body that monitors South Sudan's peace agreement, has also repeatedly called for measures such as an arms embargo and travel bans. This week, Mogae told the U. On the contrary, there is a high price to be paid to the Americans who expect it on an ongoing basis and under close scrutiny. Washington said that some Sudanese officials are subject to separate sanctions. US officials said Sudan would remain on the US list of state sponsors of terrorism with Iran and Syriaa situation that - according to Reuters - imposes a ban on arms sales and restrictions on US aid to it.

Prior to lifting the sanctions, President Trump exempted Sudan from the ban imposed on citizens from majority Muslim countries. Nevertheless, others have suggested the choice was in fact politically motivated.

Sudan-US relation

Background of enmity of NIF for the US During the summit of their arrogance in the s, the Muslim Brotherhood movement, the Khartoum branch, which called itself the National Islamic Front, decided to declare enmity and hatred against the United States of America and carried out a hollow campaign of slogans saying that the destruction of America had come close and decided to harbor terrorist organizations, Jihad against the infidels, headed by America and was among the hosts of the National Islamic Front Osama bin Laden, the founders of Al Qaeda and Carlos the Jackal international terrorist the Venezuelan terrorist currently serving a life sentence in France for the murder of an informant for the French government and two French counter-intelligence agents.

The enmity of the National Islamic Front of the United States continued in the form of chanting slogans of arrogance, intransigence and dodging, without taking into account the consequences of their actions. They remained at the top of their screech, saying that America had condemned its torment and that it was under the shoes of Omar al-Bashir.

Examples of their hollow arrogance that harmed the Sudan and its people and the misfortune of the Muslim Brotherhood movement are that their memory is weak and they do not take the lessons and lessons from their previous fatal mistakes and they commit the same mistakes over and over again as they are said to be like the French royal family who repeat the same mistakes as the history tells.

Foreign relations of Sudan

Now that the conditions of their economic regime have deteriorated due to corruption and failure in the administration of the Sudan, Omar al-Bashir and his entourage tried to please the United States by all means to lift the trade and economic sanctions.

They offered Washington all sorts of concessions and gave America intelligence about their Islamic accomplices and all the terrorists.

They presented all that the US administration wanted.

sudan us relationship with the un

The result was the announcement by Donald Trump to lift the sanctions on Sudan, which made the ruling National Congress Party NCP officials dance as if they had achieved whatever they wanted to achieve despite the limited benefits of lifting US sanctions.

This is more so in the presence of the epidemic of corruption and the systematic chronic nepotism that remaining steadily developing in the joints of the State ruled by the genocidal criminal fugitive from the international justice of Omar Hassan Ahmed al-Bashir.

sudan us relationship with the un

The lifting of US Sanctions on Sudan is not a magic stick to reduce the suffering of the Sudanese citizens. Jokes With the announcement of lifting US sanctions on Sudan, jokes, pranks and humorous anecdotes provoking laughter about the event emerged. A satirical comic said that those who have been cheering and chanting for the lifting of sanctions on Sudan have been fasting for a decade but will break their fasting by a piece of an onion!

Another one made the following statement: Furthermore, the sarcastic comments have come one after another in succession about the lifting of US sanctions on Sudan and over the unbridled rejoicing of members of the NCP ruling regime as follows: The popular story was said to have taken place under reign of the Sultan of Darfur, Sultan Ali Dinar.

The story was about a thief who was caught red-handed steeling a sack of onions. Sultan Ali Dinar ordered the thief to choose one of three options: The thief immediately opted for the eating of all the onions! He began eating but he soon gave up after just finishing eating four onions and requested to endure the one hundred lashes of whipping.

Here an analogy could be drawn between the position of the onion thief and the elements in the National Congress Party NCP regime in their dealings with US sanctions and their overall positions against the American Administration and their current submission to orders and the harsh conditions America has demanded from the ruling regime of the NCP!

US Envoy to UN Calls South Sudan Government 'Unfit Partner'

I would not be subject to America, Britain and France and all of them under his shoes! Here, the tale of the onions thief applies to the right and the world is the best witness to it. Sanctions for me are such as the ritual tent of condolence, whether raised or not lifted in the end, the dead person will not return alive!

All these slogans are now hollow without substance and went unheeded. Ironically, now they remain begging and jogging behind the gaining the satisfaction of America, which they considered to have been demised by all means. The hostile chanting accompanied by flags written on them Slogans that America has come close to torment and demise. Furthermore, they chanted that the arrogance of America and the Great Satan in the streets of Khartoum.

However, today the picture is quite different and there is no such a thing called singing or dancing.

sudan us relationship with the un

The political project of political Islam and all the superstitions and empty words that almost nearly pierced and deafened the ears for 28 years should not fool the acumen of the Sudanese people again or continue playing the same game to mock at the simple people of the country. The people have known the truth the hard away and how much they have been betrayed and bamboozled for so long through exploiting the Islamic religion in order to mislead them.