Sansa and theon relationship counseling

Was Sansa's Marriage to Tyrion Inspired by Incest? | History Behind Game of Thrones

sansa and theon relationship counseling

Game of Thrones brings back the love as new relationships offer light to they're so sparse: Sansa's embrace with Theon and alliance with Brienne, These two misshapen men are brilliant political counselors who quietly. In the beginning, (when the Stark House existed), what was the relationship between Theon and the Stark siblings? Specifically, what was. If you watch "Game of Thrones," you already know that Westeros isn't exactly a hotbed of emotional stability or healthy relationships. And the.

And, this brings us to the point where some very curious events unfold. Elizabeth Woodville The reasons Elizabeth accepted a truce with the man suspected of killing her sons are mysterious. With her sons unavailable, Elizabeth likely realized there were few avenues open for her children to regain their future. Regardless, Elizabeth decided to let her daughters attend the Christmas court of Elizabeth Woodville may have schemed to place her daughter, Elizabeth of York, in front of Richard to spark an interest in her.

People began to float the idea Richard should marry Elizabeth of York. Surprisingly, some of these people may have included Elizabeth Woodville herself.

This may be the closest representation to her likeness. Photo by Lisby on Flickr.

sansa and theon relationship counseling

Although the couple was still grieving for their recently deceased son and Anne was quite ill, the revelry was notably splendid. Rumors ran wild that Richard had poisoned her so he could marry Elizabeth of York. According to these historians, after Elizabeth of York arrived at court, Richard and Elizabeth were magnetically attracted to each other. Croyland felt compelled to comment disapprovingly: It was said by many that the King was bent…on contracting a marriage with Elizabeth, whatever the cost, for it appeared that no other way could his kingly power be established, or the hopes of his rival put an end to.

There are also many other matters which are not in this book because it is shameful to speak of them. A Jacobean historian, George Buck, claims to have seen a letter in which Elizabeth confessed her deep love for Richard and impatience to marry him. And this is the dance that the narcissistic and borderline do, it's the dance of power and control.

sansa and theon relationship counseling

You can see this with Jaime: It doesn't matter that it wasn't in his control. And as their story progresses, as he's away from Cersei, he starts to make better choices.

You described Lysa Arryn as the most mentally ill person in Westeros. Lysa has been isolated. So she's already coming from a trauma perspective, and now that she's an adult, it plays out in her relationship with her son, which is incredibly enmeshed.

Robert Arryn isn't exactly a healthy, normal kid, either. It's actually entirely possible that his medical issues are Munchhausen by proxy, which is when a parent consciously or subconsciously delights in the sickness of their child, and needs to keep the child sick. What else marks Lysa as troubled?

Her relationship with Baelish.

sansa and theon relationship counseling

It feels very push-pull, which might be indicative of Borderline Personality Disorder. And lot of people who have BPD have traumatic history, so there's a large fear of abandonment, real or imagined.


Is that why her relationships tend to be so combative? Accusing people of being untrustworthy and out to get her seems to be a bit thing for Lysa. There might be a tinge of paranoia in there, too, since personality disorders are often co-occurrent.

But yes, people with BPD protect themselves by not being willing to take responsibility for things, which manifests itself in the form of blaming behaviors. If you look at Littlefinger, we know he's not remotely personally interested in Lysa, but he likes the attention. And he needs her. Narcissists use people for functions, which he does. But feeling like you don't matter, feeling like you need relationships -- primarily with men — to define your identity: They have a similarity there.

And how about Robert? Obviosuly he had a very unusual and traumatic childhood, which affected his development.

sansa and theon relationship counseling

Because of the issues with his mother, he doesn't have a clear individual identity. The formation of his identity has been greatly disrupted. You mentioned that all the Lannister men are narcissists. Does that mean Tyrion, too?

A look at the few happy relationships on Game of Thrones

The way his character plays out it often reads as whimsical, but he's pretty self-centered! He wants what he wants, and he uses his privilege to gain it. He's healthier in a lot of ways than his sister and his father, which makes him easier to identify with.

And he sometimes feels bad about himself, too, but he suppresses that pretty quickly. Out of everyone in Westeros, Tyrion really has a substance abuse problem. He turns to alcohol to alter his moods, which is dangerous and indicative of a problem. And of course he also medicates with sex. Delightful as Tyrion is, he could use some serious therapy and a twelve-step program.

Sansa is clearly depressed, she has a depressed affect. Catelyn had that too, at times. Plus the look on his face — MTV News: The look of perpetual misery, you mean? That's symptomatic of depression.

Lights in the darkness: a look at the happy relationships on Game of Thrones

It might even be seasonally affective, living that far north! Jon Snow knows nothing, but he might FEEL something if he just gave up his frigid post at the wall and retired to sunny Dorne.

If we put magic aside, Melisandre has serious delusions of grandeur in terms of what she believes she's capable of. She experiences episodic invincibility, and she uses aggressive sexuality to pull people in. It feels a little bit like mania, which is the opposite pull of depression in people with bipolar disorder. And how does Stannis fit int?

Melisandre has pulled other peple into this world she's created, in which she has special powers. Stannis has what would be called a shared delusional disorder. Yes, and she has all the power in that relationship. Stannis is completely dysfunctional, he's ignoring his wife in favor of his delusions.

Melisandre is a delusional seductress, and Stannis is a sheep. Arya has taken to reciting this list of names of all the people she intends to kill. Is there anything obsessive-compulsive in there? Not exactly, because to qualify as OCD it needs to disrupt your life.

sansa and theon relationship counseling