Sam and diane cheers relationship

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sam and diane cheers relationship

Once, early in the Sam and Rebecca (Kirstie Alley) story, after Diane left, It made for a beautiful relationship between Sam and Coach. The whole Diane-Sam thing did seem kind of forced for the first 5 While I get the sentimental and symbolic relationship to the bar, part of me. Sep 5, Diane and Sam, cheers, the greatest love/hate relationship.

Nothing will ever match up to "How I Met Your Mother" for me Sentimental reasonsbut it is squarely in the running for 2nd greatest comedy sitcom I've seen with Friends and Seinfeld.

sam and diane cheers relationship

One of the things that I've noticed from reading online is that people seem to classify themselves by either being a fan of the Diane seasons or the Rebecca seasons.

The interesting thing about that is there seems to be an even number on both sides and they both seem to be pretty vocal about it.

Cheers - Sam and Diane Wouldn't work, huh?

In my view, I tended to like both quite a bit. If I had to pick, though, I would pick Seasons over I thought that the show started to get a little stale over the second half of season 10 up until the end of the series in The whole Diane-Sam thing did seem kind of forced for the first 5 seasons, but I was more interested in that in compared to the last 6 seasons. Specific thoughts on characters Sam - Loved what Ted Danson did as him.

In literary terms, he reminded me a lot of the classic antihero. I didn't like his ending, however. While I get the sentimental and symbolic relationship to the bar, part of me did feel empty in the finale discussed more at the end when he was left alone without any hope of having a family like he had.

Just seemed like a lot of character progression that the writers had written in over the course of Cheers went out the window Almost like what happen to Ted Mosby in HIMYM.

Diane - This is literally the most controversial character I think I've ever seen. A lot of people seem to either absolutely love her or absolutely hate her with few people in between.

Finished Cheers and had some really long thoughts about it : Cheers

Honestly, I feel that I am neutral towards her. Her storyline always seemed a little over the top, but I think she served a role in the show - the idealistic outsider who was torn between trying to fit in or change everyone.

It provided comedic value. The one thing I will mention that I didn't like about her was how prominent she became towards the end of season 5. It seemed like she was in literally every scene for most of season 5 and it was kind of overkill - I see where her haters come from, but again, I thought the character served its purpose and was overall a vital part of the show.

The ability to play a character who at times was a mix of a naive outsider, pretentious show-off and even evil genius was really impressive. I don't think I'd go as far as Ted Danson did and say that she made the show, but she was a pretty damn important part of getting it to where it got. Both served similar roles as the clueless bartender, but in different ways. I loved the transition from how Coach was a father figure to Sam to how Sam was able to reciprocate that by being an older brother of sorts for Woody.

Overall, probably liked Woody a bit better, but that's not a slight at Coach. Would've been awesome if the two "pen" pals had actually been able to meet. For a pair that was on screen for every episode, I feel that they just weren't given enough main plots. Don't get me wrong, I loved both of them as characters and they were really funny; I just hoped we had gotten more singular plots involving them as it seemed like they were involved in other's plots more than being singularly focused on.

Frasier - Loved, loved, loved this character.

Aspects of Love: When Sam Met Diane… And Rebecca… on ‘Cheers’

Will probably end up watching Frasier now because of it. Everything he did from his initial encounter with Diane to how he mixed in with the rest of the bar to his relationship with Lilith was perfect.

Personally speaking, he related to me as the pompous, yet socially awkward genius Who's even a doctor. I know I mentioned Long as the best actor in the show, but Kelsey Grammar comes a close second!

His range of tones along with his ability to use physical comedy was amazing. As a huge Simpsons fan, I have to say that everytime he had to act evil, all I could see was Grammar in his role as Sideshow Bob being evil lol.

Carla - Initially wasn't a fan of her the first few seasons, but I started to like her more and more as the series progressed and she was one of my favorites by the time the series ended.

Let me, then, bring Sam Malone to the table. Watching the pilot of Cheers again and the titles rolling, I get warm, wondrous chills. We meet Diane Chambers right away and discover she is due to be married.


Of course, Diane does not like this. She is a noble, well-to-do woman — we already know Sam and Diane are worlds apart. As sophisticated as she may be, this better life with a professor may not be for her in actuality. Who is she trying to kid?

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She does not know it y et, but the familiar surroundings of the bar appear more alluring, even if Diane would never have accepted such a situation in her wildest of dreams. Both are right, but this is going to be hard work.

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For both of them. I know Cheers was not pitched as a romance, but the seeds are deeply sewn early on. As the cast of now regular characters roll into the bar in that first episode, characters we feel we know better than some of our friends, talk of sports are not an instant mix with the book-reading Diane.

She is an outcast here, almost a pristine feline amidst a pack of amiable wolves. She will somehow fit right in. Sam has kindness it seems, too, seeing the despair in this woman, offering her a job as a waitress.

Although she deems beneath her at first, we discover she is not qualified to do anything — but has something of a photographic memory for cocktail drinks apparently. Plus, that charming, well-meaning persona of Diane could give the Cheers bar a new dynamic. Some five seasons on, times are a-changing at Cheers bar with the corporate take-over, including those new staff uniforms. Going to take some getting used to.

sam and diane cheers relationship

His relationship with Diane coming to a close after such a long journey.