Salman and amir relationship trust

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salman and amir relationship trust

Shah Rukh Khan says that if he, Aamir Khan and Salman Khan “sat down and chatted”, one would see a “very different relationship”; adds that they never discuss work. Whenever a new film starring any of the Khans — Shah Rukh, Salman or Aamir — releases, trade world as. Much has already been said about the on and off friendship between the three ruling KHANS of Bollywood. Be it their love-hate relationships. Aamir, Shah Rukh and Salman Khan are the three most successful Bollywood So, the relationship between the two have traversed between being frosty and.

The camaraderie between the two has now become so strong that even their movies clashing at the box-office will not change their equation. While the on and off friendship between Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan has always been in focus, one has often forgotten the other leading Khan of the industry — Aamir Khan, who too shares a warm bond with the two actors.

There is also a certain amount of guardedness.

Aamir Khan now lords over Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan in Bollywood

There is certainly a warmth between Shah Rukh and me, but there have also been moments where there has been stress in the relationship. Bhaijaan was prompt enough to call and share this good news with his other Khan buddy and the trio chatted till the wee hours of the morning over a face-time call. So this went on till early morning and they kept me awake," revealed Aamir Khan.

salman and amir relationship trust

I did not like him as I found him very rude and inconsiderate and a lot of things. Over the years whenever I met him, I was polite but after the experience of working with him in 'Andaaz Apna Apna', I just wanted to stay away from this guy.

Salman Khan’s Love-Hate Relationship With Aamir Khan

He walked into my life at a juncture when I was at my lowest phase I was going through a very bad phase after my separation and divorce. A variation of this is something that I am often asked when I am in Pakistan, where these is less exposure to Hindus, particularly in Punjab.

That indicated, Sethi seemed to say if I remember it right, that Indians would be reluctant to accept it the other way around Muslim boy romancing Hindu girl. I would say not.

While it may be absolutely true that some of Bollywood's directors and writers might think so and therefore script their film accordingly, we need to look to reality.

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The fact is that the three Khans are either married to or in relationships with Hindus. Salman has had a string of Hindu girlfriends, too many to list here.

And we should say it is four Khans actually, if we include the not-as-successful Saif Ali Khan, married to Kareena Kapoor.

salman and amir relationship trust

There is little or no problem that their fans or Bollywood viewers in general have with this state of affairs. We could extend this to the screen and assume that there would be not much that would get the audience worked up in a fictional romance set around a Muslim male and Hindu female.

salman and amir relationship trust

There is a second aspect to this and it comes from the nature of Bollywood's content and our star system. In most Hindi movies, including the bigger productions, the character of the male lead is not particularly fleshed out and is flat and two-dimensional. Salman Khan plays any character in the same manner, and that is assumed to be the real manner of Salman Khan the man.

This tells us that the audience gravitates towards the man and not the character. It assumes that all the angularities and edges and dark places of the man as they have been introduced to him through the media over the decades are true.

It also tells us that they admire him for what and who he is. They would really have no problem with him playing a Muslim on screen romancing a Hindu girl.

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The point about Bollywood being cautious about such things goes back to the days in which Muslim actors like Dilip Kumar thought they had to give themselves Hindu names to be acceptable. We can say from our experience of the great Khans that this is not so and societies don't change so much in a few decades in our part of the world. Bollywood's audience in the s cannot have been very much different than it is today, six decades later.