Rukia and ichigo relationship 2015 movies

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rukia and ichigo relationship 2015 movies

BLEACH was a series that oozed a fun combination of style and action to The film chronicles Ichigo and Rukia's relationship as the two try to. Bleach set up a relationship that many fans expected to end with a big to mention multiple anime seasons and four movies), Ichigo and Rukia. When the live-action Bleach movie popped up on my Netflix feed, And the film plays up Ichigo and Rukia's relationship. March 22,

The film felt like Bleach, particularly during the action scenes. The anime featured a lot of destruction—which is in abundance here too. The film had the chic and attitude that the early seasons of the anime enjoyed. I think, perhaps, that is why I rather enjoyed it. Some of it is because live action films have to rely on CG to achieve effects animation can hit with ease.

This reliance can hurt immersion. Typically more subtle uses can work better, and most anime stories require more than subtle use. The Hollows in the Bleach film kinda work because they were supposed to be other-worldly.

Rukia in her Soul Reaper form looked a little out of place and otherworldly too.

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The largest issue live action has is the suspension of disbelief. Manga and anime often have such outlandish stories that it makes it hard to suspend your disbelief.

rukia and ichigo relationship 2015 movies

Animation works because it already breaks with reality. It makes it easier to accept magic, mecha, and similar mayhem. Live action films come with certain expectations built in. It takes a lot of world building for live action to achieve the level of suspension animation can achieve.

rukia and ichigo relationship 2015 movies

The Lord of the Rings series provides a good example. We are wrapped in a fantasy world.

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Anime stories like Bleach come too close to our modern world. Anime also tends to fall into melodrama. The medium reminds me of opera, and have you ever tried to watch opera on television? Television primes your mind for certain types of performances.

rukia and ichigo relationship 2015 movies

But the performances work on stage. Live action films have a more limited run time, which can help and hurt a story. In this film, the Grand Fisher arc felt a little rushed. Outside of the Kurosaki family, Orihime has darker, almost brown hair as opposed to the chestnut color of the manga.

Byakuya and Renji are introduced much earlier than in the manga. Orihime's feelings towards Ichigo weren't revealed until the Arrancar Arc, here, her very first scene has her stating to Tatsuki why she finds him attractive.

Uryu is a lot more knowledgeable about spirits, including Soul Society, to the point where he's the one who reveals to Ichigo that Urahara used to be a Soul Reaper. An unfortunate consequence of trying to compress 8 volumes worth of manga into a less-than 2 hour-long movie is that a lot of the supporting cast had to be kicked to the curb.

Mizuiro is cut, leaving Keigo and Chad as Ichigo's sole school friends. Not only is Kon cut, but the entire concept of Mod Souls don't appear to exist in the movie continuity.

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Shrieker and Yuuichi, the boy in the parakeet's body are left out as Chad's character arc is skipped over. This also results in his Abuelo being cut, alongside the story behind his coin necklace as well as the story behind why Ichigo calls him "Chad" in the first place.

Sora Inoue is gone as Orihime's character arc was also skipped over, which cuts out the story of her hairpins. Don Kanonji is out, as the Demi-Hollow plot is skipped.

Souken Ishida is not even mentioned, as a result, Uryu doesn't appear to hold a grudge against Soul Reapers for any reason other than the ancient rivalry between the two groups.

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Jinta, Ururu, Tessai, and Yoruichi do not appear, most likely due to Urahara being Demoted to Extra and the story not progressing to the Soul Society arc. The bears in Rukia's illustrated explanation about Hollows and Pluses don't appear in the film. In the manga, Rukia transfers her powers to Ichigo by stabbing him in the chest with her Zanpakuto.

MMD Ichigo and Rukia

The same occurs in the movie, with the added wrinkle that it's possible for Ichigo to do the same to her to give her her powers back, which would have been incredibly useful in the manga's continuity.

However, it requires a tremendous amount of Spiritual Pressure and doing it unprepared would instantly result in Ichigo's death. Ultimately, they pull it off at the end of the movie, despite Ichigo being on the brink of death. Grand Fisher looks much less cartoonish.

Its fur resembles writhing plant tendrils and its mask is more alien. Byakuya cornered Grand Fisher in Karakura Town and could have slain it any time he wanted to, yet leaves the dirty work to Ichigo, whose inexperience leads to a lengthy fight with lots of collateral damage.

He then casually reneges on his deal with Ichigo and Rukia by trying to kill them. Unlike the manga, where Renji injures Uryu because the latter challenged him, here Renji stabs him from behind with no provocation. Soul Society is just a tad crueler this time around. Rukia is just charged with transferring her powers to a human, just like the manga, however Byakuya states it's possible for her to be pardoned if she kills Ichigo and even encourages her to do so as it would be seen as the right move in the Soul Society's eyes.

The Hollow known as Grand Fisher — a shaggy-furred creature with avian limbs — is the antagonist with the most impact on its plot, having been the one who killed Ichigo's mother when he was a child. Byakuya defeats Ichigo with minimal effort and Rukia is taken into his custody.

Rukia spares him the angst of losing a close friend by erasing his memory, letting Ichigo move on with his life. However, in her closing monologue she states he might regain his memories, which it's implied he does. Ichigo's Zanpakuto takes the form of a broad-bladed katana as long as he is tall. In contrast to the mostly-stoic Byakuya, Renji is eager to fight and kill Ichigo, grinning and lolling his tongue out of his mouth more than a few times.