Romy schneider and alain delon relationship

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romy schneider and alain delon relationship

the relationship of Alain Delon & Nathalie Delon. We all know that Alain Delon's greatest love was Romy Schneider. After five years of. France still in thrall to its 'sacred monster' Alain Delon in the case of his long and complex relationship with the German actress Romy Schneider While still living his "great passion" with Romy Schneider, Delon reportedly. Alain Delon and Romy Schneider formed one of the most legendary of Romy, does not see this relationship with a very nice eye, "Delon is.

Looks like a hand, gently wiped your face all the tensions, all anxieties of misfortune. I watch you sleep. I think of you, of me, of us.

What am I guilty of? We ask ourselves this question before a being that is loved and still love that one. This feeling fills you, and then flows back and then we say that one is not guilty, no, but responsible … I am.

Because of me, what is your heart in Paris the other night, stopped beating. You came to Vienna and I waited, in Paris, with a bouquet of flowers in his arms I did not know how to hold.

And then nothing, no thunderbolt, no. And then I went to Vienna where we were shooting the film. And then I fell madly in love with you.

romy schneider and alain delon relationship

And you fell in love with me. My God, we were young, and as we were happy. Your family, your parents, furious. Me, a French, who did not speak a word of German. We loved without words, in the beginning. We looked and we had some laughs. After a few months, I did not speak German yet but you spoke French so well and we played at the theater in France.

Visconti was the staging. He told us that we resembled and we had, between the eyebrows, the same V that wrinkled, anger, fear of life and anxiety. You are no longer frightened.

You are no longer hunted. The hunt is over and you rest. I look at you again and again. I know you so well and so strong. I know who you are and why you died. Your character, as they say. You were violent because you were right.

France still in thrall to its 'sacred monster' Alain Delon

A child who soon became a star, too soon. So, on one side, whims, tantrums and moods of a child, always justified, of course, but with unpredictable reactions, on the other hand, the professional authority. Yes, but there are children who do not really know how it plays with.

romy schneider and alain delon relationship

In this contradiction, through this breach, rush anxiety and unhappiness. When one is Romy Schneider, and we have the sensitivity and temperament in flower of life, on edge, which was yours. To stand, roughly, how they say it is so difficult, that there should such a strong character, such a balance … But this balance, how to find it in this world of ours, our jugglers, clowns, trapeze artists of the circus whose projectors we bask in glory?

That the more we become a great actor and it is awkward to live. And I cried, while you rest and I weep beside you, no, no, no, this business is not a terrible business woman. Because he is an actor, too. But I am a man. Haneau, the seagull … But he goes home, the myth, at night. So it is that Romy, just a woman with a life misunderstood, poorly received, poorly written in newspapers, assailed and hunted. So he wears, the myth, in his solitude.

romy schneider and alain delon relationship

And the more he understands, and he falls, to more or less repeated doses, in the beatitudes of alcohol and tranquilizers.

It becomes habit, then sets, then necessity. Then it is irreplaceable and the heart, worn out, stops because he is too tired to fight. It was too battered and shaken, his heart was only that of a woman in the evening, sitting over a glass … They say that desperation that you caused the death of David you killed her.

No, they are mistaken. Did he not kill her. There you have completed. True that you said to Lawrence, and your last wonderful companion: Nevertheless true that you came out of the woods on Saturday at dawn.

You were only to know when your heart is broken, that this was the true end of the tunnel. I write at random. These gestures were explained to each other, Alain Delon knew only one sentence in German: At the time of filming, they rented an apartment in the center of Paris, on the banks of the Seine.

romy schneider and alain delon relationship

Alain Delon and Romy Schneider left for Europe to take in the film. Alain Delon, becoming a movie star for five years, while continuing popularity among women, was lukewarm about Romy Schneider. Romy once received a huge bouquet of roses with a note from Alain Delon, where it was one word, "Goodbye.

Mother after the death of his daughter Romy Schneider wrote a book inwhich describes the relationship of Alain Delon with her daughter: He did abuse her, both physical and spiritual. Fact that Alain Delon did with Romy, neither more nor less than the impact on the subconscious. Kisses and blows, he forced her to assimilate new morality.

Men can beat women Young Natalie near Delon looked like his younger sister. Their relationship ended in a secret wedding August 13, in a small village in Spain, when the bride was pregnant. Wedding travel lovers spent in the U. Movies do not have success in the box office.

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Born son named Natalie Allen and Anthony, their joint marriage lasted four years. They were both independent people, and Natalie was always powerful and capricious woman. Natalie about living together with Alain Delon said: Alain and I lived without compromise. Today, men are helpless. Men are not ready for marriage. Get a wife instead of the beloved, they are frightened In this case, Allen and Natalie decided as long as possible to inform his son about their divorce.

The three of them were celebrating birthdays, holidays, and often spent time together. Recently, the relationship of Alain Delon and his son did not exist, but for the pride of his father's son Delon always showed. After rastavaniya with Romy Schneider, Alain Delon's first love, they are not seen until Delon personally called Schneider to offer her collaboration in the film. After filming the movie Romy Schneider said: My heart once again blazed the heat of first love.

I knew what I was doing something terrible, but I could not resist. Delon revived me to the life that I wanted to leave, to return to the work he loves All French newspapers wrote that returned their love for each other.

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However, the film was heavily that Allen and Romy did not hide the fate of the characters was very similar to both of them. Alain Delon always enamored with Romy Schneider, they were friends until the suicide of Schneider in Mireille Darc leggy, tall blonde was a symbol of sexuality in France, it has become a constant companion of Alain Delon for fifteen years. All this time, Alain Delon and Mireille Darc officially concluded the relationship.

Alain Delon our parting with Mireille Darc in after her recovery. Mireille Darc returning from Italy to Mercedes-Benz with a friend. At dusk, the driver of a car crashed into a parked truck. Mireille was severely damaged and was prismerti. Once Alain Delon learned about the tragedy, he immediately rented a private helicopter and flew to the hospital to Mireille. All days in a hospital Alain Delon spent at the bedside of Mireille Darc.

Delon took care of her in every way, but when Mirai began walking independently Allen broke up with her. Break relations for Mireille Darc was yet another heavy blow, she fell into a severe depression, and stopped in to chat with others.