Rinoa and squall relationship tips

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rinoa and squall relationship tips

Squall Leonhart is the original brooding RPG protagonist — the guy is that we only really see the beginnings of his relationship with Rinoa. Also, Squall and Rinoa kiss in space, the party starts a band, and Squall and There are a few ways to collect spells, but the main method is to “Draw” . is built around Squall and Rinoa's relationship, it winds up feeling very. Rinoa Heartilly is a playable character in Final Fantasy VIII. hinted at, having lost her mother at a young age and having a strained relationship with her father.

When Irvine refreshes the main characters' memories about the orphanage, they remember that Squall's asocial behavior began when Ellone, an older sister figure to Squall, left the orphanage unexpectedly.

As a result of these revelations, Quistis recognizes that her feelings for Squall are more sisterly than romantic. Quistis was originally supposed to fill this part, but Nomura decided a long skirt worn over pants would look better.

The role was eventually passed to Selphie. Nomura was surprised when the writers cast her as a teacher, despite being around the same age as the rest of the group. Selphie Tilmitt[ edit ] "Selphie" redirects here. For the Indonesian designer, see Selphie Bong. She is active and energetic, although slightly clumsy. She wields nunchaku in battle, [74] and her Limit Break Slot allows the player to cast a random spell numerous times as well as certain magic used exclusively in her limit break.

She asks Squall to show her around because she recently transferred. During the Dollet exam, Selphie joins Squall's team after Seifer abandons them. When Galbadia launches missiles at Trabia Garden, she reacts with outrage and helps destroy the missile base. Selphie was the second character that Nomura drew, after Squall, intentionally giving her an impractical hairstyle.

When he first designed Selphie, Nomura drew her in overalls; however, he realized that none of the characters would be wearing a skirt. In the end, he gave Selphie a mini-skirt and let Quistis have pants. Seventeen years old, [5] Zell is a martial artist who fits the role of unarmed character, just like Tifa Lockhart did in the previous game, Final Fantasy VII.

Zell attacks with punches and kicks, his weapons being gloves, [80] and his Limit Break, Duel, requires the player to input button combinations on the controller to deal damage.

Zell lived at the same orphanage as many of the other protagonists; this is where Seifer first began to bully him. He was later adopted by the Dincht family in the town of Balamb. He is voiced by Noriaki Sugiyama in Japanese. He is one of the Garden's elite sharpshooters, [85] always carrying his rifle.

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Moments before the assassination attempt, he explains to Squall that he always chokes under pressure. In spite of his nerves and under intense pressure, he fires an accurate shot, but Edea uses magic to stop the bullet. However, the others could not remember this because of their use of Guardian Forces GFmagical beings who cause severe long-term memory loss as a side effect.

Final Fantasy VIII walkthrough - Part 28: Fisherman's Horizon (Squall and Rinoa's date)

He gave Irvine a handsome appearance, but a casual personality, hoping that this would make him less attractive than Squall. Keeping with this idea, Nomura gave him goggles; however, this idea was abandoned in favor of an American cowboy-like appearance to set him apart from other goggle-wearing characters in the Final Fantasy series. His weapons' name is given as "katal" in the English localization of the game.

Following the failed mission in Centra, Kiros is separated from Laguna and Ward. He heals quickly and decides to leave the Galbadian army, but soon finds that life without Laguna lacks excitement. His subsequent search for Laguna brings him to Winhill after nearly a year.

The Truth Behind Squall’s Father in Final Fantasy VIII

Like Ward, Kiros' interactions with Laguna are based on the staff's interactions during development. An imposing man, he wields a large harpoon in battle; in his Limit Break, Massive Anchor, he uses it to crush his opponents from above. During the incident at Centra, he loses his voice in a battle with Esthar soldiers. When Laguna becomes president of Esthar, Ward joins Kiros as an advisor, directing affairs with gestures and ellipses.

Laguna and Kiros can understand what he is saying by his reactions. The mission fails after Rinoa is taken over by an unknown entity and Edea sends a bolt of ice through Squall's chest. However, she accidentally gives her powers to Rinoamaking her a sorceress. Although she has not appeared in Final Fantasy spin off games, her namesake has been carried into the Bravely Default series with Edea Lee.

rinoa and squall relationship tips

As the ruler of Esthar, she ordered her soldiers to abduct every girl to find a suitable successor for her powers, including the young Ellone. Odine devised an artifact to cancel the sorceress power, and placed her in suspended animation in outer space. However, in order to defeat Ultimecia, Dr. Odine plans for Ultimecia to once again possess Rinoa. Eventually, Squall's party defeats Adel when she tries to absorb Rinoa at the Lunatic Pandora, thus Adel's powers transfer to Rinoa, [] Ultimecia possesses her again, and using Ellone's powers, they start "Time Compression", which leads to the final battle.

They are estranged for most of the game, however, because they lead opposing factions until Ultimecia releases her magical possession of Edea. Because most Final Fantasy titles include a character named "Cid", Nomura wanted to design someone with differences from the past Cids in the series.

He gave this version of Cid the appearance and personality of an older, benevolent character who would watch over Squall's party and offer them advice and motivation. Nojima decided that this type of good-natured character would work best as the headmaster of Balamb Garden.

She uses this talent to send Squall's party into Laguna's past adventures, hoping that they would alter the past; however, she eventually realizes that her abilities can only view history, not alter it.

However, Ellone's importance is mostly told in the flashbacks, and explained gradually. After Ellone's parents were killed by Esthar soldiers, under orders of sorceress Adelshe lived with Raine in the small Winhill villagewhere she also developed a close relationship with her adoptive uncle, Laguna.

These peaceful times lasted until she was finally captured by Esthar. After Adel's incarceration in space, Laguna having to remain in Esthar as presidentand then Raine's death, Ellone moved to Cid and Edea's orphanagewhere she became an older sister figure to Squall and the other orphans, and eventually she also followed Cid to Balamb Garden. Early in the game, Squall's party finds Ellone in the library of Balamb Garden, but the characters don't have further interactions.

It is later explained that the "Guardian Forces" GF which the SeeDs use in battle cause memory lossthus explaining why Squall doesn't remember Ellone, Edea and his past in the orphanage.

She is a member of Balamb Garden's disciplinary committee with Seifer and Raijin; the three of them form a close "posse", [53] even when Seifer leaves Garden. She infiltrates the Presidential Residence and offers the bangle to Edea as a gift.

Edea renders Rinoa under her control like a puppet, and Rinoa placidly follows Edea out onto the balcony where she is designated as a sacrifice for Edea's coronation ceremony. Rinoa insists that Squall doesn't leave her. Edea summons two Iguions to attack Rinoa, but Squall and Irvinea G-Garden sharpshooter who is to aid them assassinate the sorceress, save her. Squall has discovered Seifer is alive and has become Edea's sorceress' knightmeaning he may have to kill him, something Rinoa feels ambivalent over.

As he falls off the parade float Rinoa fruitlessly reaches out to him. The group is captured and imprisoned in the D-District Prisonbarred by Irvine who escaped. Irvine returns, acting on orders from presumably Rinoa's father, to retrieve Rinoa from imprisonment and, with tenacious convincing from her, the pair assists the rest of the group's escape from the compound.

During their capture, the group learns that in retaliation for the attack on Sorceress Edea, Galbadia has targeted Balamb and Trabia Gardens in a missile attack. Splitting into two the party attempts to prevent the attack: Selphie's plan is to sabotage the missiles aimed at Balamb Garden, while Squall rushes to warn the Garden of the impending attack.

It is up to Squall to place Rinoa in either group. If Rinoa is sent to the Missile Base she assists the group in the base's destruction, but the missiles are launched regardless. If Squall takes Rinoa to Balamb Garden, she helps him find the headmaster during a riot and activate the Garden's mobile functions to move the Garden away from the spot the missiles were programmed to target.

After everything calms down Rinoa asks Squall to give her a tour of the Garden. The party is reunited in Fishermans Horizon where the mobile Balamb Garden crashes. Squall acts as an ambassador and enacts a formal apology, but Mayor Dobethe leader of the pacifist city, tells them to leave as their presence can only cause destruction.

Galbadian soldiers invade the town and Dobe heads off to discuss peacefully with them. The soldiers do not listen, and Dobe is rescued by Squall and his team. Grudgingly, the mayor accepts their apology, and orders the city's technicians to restore Balamb Garden to full functionality.

Selphie's group reunites with Squall and for a moment Squall is almost elated, something that does not go unnoticed by Rinoa. Rinoa and Squall sit down and talk. Squall is appointed commander of SeeD and to celebrate his friends organize a concert for his honor. If Rinoa doesn't like the band's music she argues with Squall and runs away. If Rinoa enjoys the music she convinces Squall to trust in his friends more.

rinoa and squall relationship tips

As his first command Squall liberates Balamb from Galbadian occupation. Next they head to the ruins of Trabia Garden, Selphie's home Garden, where he offers the students Balamb Garden's support. While waiting for Selphie, Rinoa voices her worries about being an interloper and a burden within the group and what would happen in the future.

The others recollect their pasts and discover they were raised in the same orphanage and that Edea—Headmaster Cid's wife—is the Matron who used to look after them. The Garden embarks to Edea's Orphanage in search of clues, but is intercepted by a similarly mobile Galbadia Garden.

The Battle of the Gardens ensues, and Rinoa falls off the Garden's edge, but Squall rides a Galbadian jetpack to save her and regroup with the others inside the enemy Garden. Rinoa asks Squall about his lion ring, as she is holding it for him, having obtained it from Zell for safekeeping.

Squall explains it symbolizes pride and courage, and Rinoa ponders if she can become a lion too. Sorceress Edea is defeated and Rinoa starts acting strange: Edea had been possessed by another sorceress from the future known as Ultimeciabut being defeated by SeeD snapped her out of it and she becomes the SeeD's ally. Squall rescues Rinoa in space. Rinoa remains comatose and her condition concerns Squall who realizes he is in love with her, driving him to seek a cure.

He knows Ellonea girl he used to know from the orphanage he was raised in, can send people's consciousnesses back in time. Squall searches for her to ask her to send him in Rinoa's past to discover what happened to her. Rinoa awakens under the control of Ultimecia, as after being defeated, Edea had unknowingly passed on her sorceress power to Rinoa. Ultimecia uses Rinoa to unlock Sorceress Adel's spacebound tomb and leaves Rinoa to die in space.

Cured from her coma, Rinoa ponders her impending demise before Squall contacts her telepathically with Ellone's help, telling her to activate the emergency oxygen supply of her spacesuit. Squall ditches his escape pod from the Lunar Base that is being destroyed by the Lunar Cry and intercepts Rinoa in space. The two discover the derelict Ragnarok airship that was floating aimlessly in space near them.

On board the Ragnarok Squall communicates their current situation to Esthar Air Station, and enables the ship's autopilot to return to the planet. Squall confesses many things to Rinoa about himself and Rinoa tells him he is the one who gives her the most comfort and happiness. The land base tells the two Rinoa will be seized by the Esthar government upon landing because she has become a sorceress.

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Squall prevents Rinoa from cryogenically freezing herself. Esthar officials take Rinoa to contain her sorceress powers in a new tomb in the Sorceress Memoriallike what they had done to Sorceress Adel before her. Fearing she would hurt anyone else or be hated by society, Rinoa allows her powers to be sealed. After being pushed into action by his friends, Squall breaks into the Sorceress Memorial as Rinoa is about to be cryogenically frozen, and takes her away with him to Edea's Orphanage.

In the flower field behind the orphanage Rinoa voices her concerns about being possessed and turning evil, but Squall makes a silent vow to become Rinoa's sorceress' knight. Rinoa asks Squall to kill her should her worst fears come to reality, but Squall assures his enemy is Ultimecia alone. Rinoa tells Squall of a nightmare she had in which she wanted to see him, but could not find him. The couple promises to meet at the flower field should they be separated.

Rinoa, possessed by Ultimecia, on the verge of time compression. Joining forces with Esthar, the SeeDs devise a plan to defeat Ultimecia.

Ultimecia orders Seifer to capture Rinoa, who is junctioned to Adel's body through Ultimecia's powers.

rinoa and squall relationship tips