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rin and sesshomaru relationship definition

rhein-main-verzeichnis.info rhein-main-verzeichnis.info — Preceding So I feel that it misrepresents Jaken's relationship with Rin to leave that information in the article. Or is this something from the manga that isn't. If Sesshomaru ended up with Rin, how could their relationship go on? - I mean Rin is a mortal kid. And she will gow old in time and die one day. So i don't get. Personally, I just like that Sesshomaru cares about her so much. I don't really care if they have a romantic relationship in the future or if they.

But Sesshomaru left Rin at the village at the end! He's already watched her grow up for anywhere from a year to three years, and he's STILL involved in her life, visiting her often, and providing for Rin by bringing her kimonos at the end.

If you and your father lost contact now, would that suddenly mean that he's no longer your father? What if I change it in fanfiction so that all ties are severed and they lose touch somehow for a long time, or so that they don't meet until she's grown? There's nothing wrong with doing that in fanfiction, power to you. But if you change it that much, keep in mind that it's no longer Rin from Inuyasha. You've gotten rid of the very aspect that makes Rin the character that she is.

It's not the same Rin. It's just an OC, a fan-made original character that happens to share the same name. There's nothing "simple" about the relationship between father and daughter. A parent's love for their child-biological or adoptive-is one of the strongest, deepest, most complex forms of love that you can find. It's an experience that changes you and your entire being, makes you grow up and become much less selfish-like what the experience of taking care of Rin did to Sesshomaru.

Also, you make the mistake of thinking that romantic love is the strongest form of love. It's the weakest, due to the physical aspects attached to it. The strongest form of love usually occurs between family members. It seems like they believe that romantic love is the strongest form of love, when that's not the case. How could Rin see Sesshomaru as being a father figure? Plenty of men that are found to be attractive by most women are seen as being father figures by their daughters.

Brad Pitt has children-he has adoptive daughters who see him as being a father figure. Saying that Rin and Sesshomaru are going to get together in a romantic manner when Rin grows older is like saying that Zahara Brad and Angelina's adoptive daughter and Brad Pitt are going to get together in a romantic manner when Zahara grows up. Plenty of media sex symbols have daughters that see them as being father figures, whether biological or adopted.

Also, you forget that Rin is a character in the series, not a fangirl. While females in the fandom do tend to find Sesshomaru to be attractive, that's not the case with the female characters in the Inuyasha series itself.

Inuyasha's got Kagome, Kikyo and Jakotsu hurling themselves at him. Miroku's got Koharu, Shima, Sango and hoardes of village girls hurling themselves at him. The only person who seems to be interested in Sesshomaru in a romantic manner, however, is Kagura not counting filler characters like Sara because that episode wasn't written by Rumiko Takahashi so it doesn't count. In fact, the women in the manga itself tend to be intimidated by Sesshomaru and he's portrayed as being somewhat celibate.

Being a "chick magnet" is NOT a part of Sesshomaru's characterization. There are plenty of real women that don't find him to be attractive as well.

But isn't Sesshomaru "not mature enough" to be a father figure? You don't have to be "mature" to be a parent figure. Plenty of teenagers have children and become parents, some as young as Plenty of immature people become foster parents for the money.

Does that make them any less of the parent figures that they are, or relieve them of their parental duties? When I was fourteen I saw my 20 year old group home staff members as being my father figures so who's to say that Rin can't see the 19 year old in human years Sesshomaru as being a father figure at the age of 8. Didn't Rumiko Takahashi rally against a ban on lolicon, which means that she supports it?

The ban that Takahashi protested defined "lolicon" as being "sexually provocative, visual depictions of characters who sound or appear to be younger than 18 years old" Go here for the description of the ban that Takahashi was protesting: That doesn't mean that she'd be supportive of a grown man being involved with an 8 year old in a sexual manner.

But in the 3rd movie, the villain points to Rin and says that "she is Izayoi"! That movie had nothing to do with Rumiko Takahashi. In fact, none of the movies were written by Rumiko. Takahashi's exact words concerning the movies was that "the scriptwriters were so amazing that I pretty much left it up to them". So the movies are not canon. Read the manga Bakuman if you want to know how the manga industry works. The mangaka have no control over what the anime writers do.

Takahashi sat in on the script writing meetings but no one knows what she actually did during those meetings, so there's no evidence that she even knows about what happened in that movie. A lot of the stuff that happened during anime filler episodes directly contradict the things that happened in the manga, so the movies and anime filler episodes were definitely not approved by Rumiko Takahashi. Also, the villain did not say that Rin was romantically involved with Sesshomaru, he said that "both of you are Izayoi to me, human women with an affinity for demons".

He merely said that they were both human women with an affinity for demons like Izayoi, and he did not say anything about them being involved with demons in a romantic manner.

What you forget is that it says right there on the website that this Wideban CD also had nothing to do with Rumiko Takahashi. The only thing that Takahashi did for that CD was that she gave them permission to put the "Inuyasha" story in wideban format and she also gave them manuscripts of the final chapter that she drew that comes along with the CD.

And there is no evidence that they needed to get her approval for anything, read the manga Bakuman if you wanna know how the manga industry works. The mangaka have zero control over what the anime writers do. A lot of the stuff that happened during anime filler episodes directly contradict the things that happened in the manga, so the movies and anime filler episodes were definitely not approved by Rumiko Takahashi, and neither was this Wideban CD. What about Inuyasha saying "so she can choose when the time comes"?

In the manga, Inuyasha did not say "so she can choose when the time comes", that's not a canon phrase. What Inuyasha says in the manga is that "it's practice for returning her to a human village. For whatever she chooses". It merely means that she isn't being forced to stay in the village and that Rin herself has made the choice to go live in Kaede's village.

If Rin was being offered the choice to either stay in the village or to return to Sesshomaru, then Rumiko Takahashi would've elaborated on that more during the bonus one-shot epilogue chapter that she drew manga chapter She would've drawn a scene where Kaede tells Rin that she can take all the time that Rin needs in order to make her decision to return to Sesshomaru or not, or something like that.

Regardless of the fact that she's still a kid during the bonus chapter, they never said that Rin was going to wait until she was grown up to make the choice. So if the "choice" that Rin was being offered was to choose to stay in the village or to return to Sesshomaru, then Takahashi would have made some sort of mention of the decision during the bonus manga chapter in order to remind the audience that Rin was going to choose to return to Sesshomaru or not later on, and she didn't.

As a matter of fact, if Rin was being offered the choice to return to Sesshomaru or not, they would've verbally said so. Instead of saying "for whatever she chooses", they would've said "for whatever she chooses, to return to Sesshomaru or to remain in the village" or something like that.

And they did not. So it's more likely that the "choice" that they're talking about is the choice that Rin has already made: The "for whatever she chooses" line was spoken in present tense, and Takahashi made Inuyasha say that in order to show the audience that Rin is not being forced to stay in the village and that Rin herself has chosen to live with Kaede.

Even if she was being offered the choice to either stay in the village or to return to Sesshomaru, that could merely mean that Sesshomaru wants Rin to know an alternative to the dangerous lifestyle that she leads with him. If Takahashi had wanted for Sesshomaru and Rin's relationship to be a romantic thing in nature, then Rin would never have been left in Kaede's hut in order to practice to return to a human village in the first place.

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Rumiko would've just done a time skip to a point where Rin has grown up. They would've just drawn a scene where Sesshomaru and Rin had become romantically involved after Rin grew older, and Takahashi chose not to.

If Rin was being offered the choice to return to Sesshomaru or not, and she later resumed traveling with Sesshomaru, then they would return to the same old father and daughter relationship that they had before.

Nothing about that dialogue suggests anything romantic. Your father does not stop being your father after you grow up. Brad Pitt is still going to look at Zahara as being his adoptive daughter when Zahara grows up. Mushin still looked at Miroku as being his foster son after Miroku became an adult, and Sesshomaru is still going to look at Rin as being his daughter figure after Rin becomes an adult.

So then, who IS Sesshomaru's canon love interest? His reaction to Rin's death was bigger! Wasn't Sesshomaru willing to let Kagura drown in the river, only jumping in to save her after Rin jumped in?

Actually, he didn't jump in after Rin either. He kind of just stood there. Only then did he move. So what are you trying to say? Also, Sesshomaru did the exact same thing when he first met Rin.

Sesshomaru and Rin FAQs: Sesshomaru and Rin FAQs

When he first saw Rin's dead body after she was killed by wolves, Sesshomaru was originally going to ignore her and leave her dead manga chapterpage 5. He paused because of her smile, but Sesshomaru didn't actually save Rin until AFTER Tenseiga pulsed and told him to save her manga chapterpage 7. However, that doesn't mean that he doesn't care, now does it? Sesshomaru is like that. That's just kind of how his personality is.

He's the "stoic" character who likes to pretend that he cares about nobody, and deny that he has any good in him. But that doesn't mean that he doesn't care-it just means that he's struggling to keep his persona on and TRY not to care He saved her anyway. Kagura was the largest, heaviest and the most burdensome out of all of them, and she was wet and unconscious. It would have been much easier to just ignore Kagura, and yet he didn't.

Plus afterwards, Sesshomaru stayed there. He didn't leave until after she woke up and he knew that she was okay, which he definitely did not have to do. When and where does Sesshomaru show any hatred or annoyance towards Kagura in any way, shape, or form?

Sure at first he was wary of her because he didn't know her and because she was Naraku's detachment, but he soon gets over that. As a matter of fact, Sesshomaru was very tolerant towards Kagura-she used to yell and scream and curse at him and he'd just stand there, allowing it manga chapterpage Kagura was the one who expressed disdain towards Sesshomaru, not the other way around.

Sesshomaru never said one abusive WORD towards Kagura, even while she was standing there screaming at him. When Kagura kidnapped Rin manga chapterSesshomaru blamed Naraku and choked Kohaku, but didn't say a word to Kagura-he acted like he didn't even care about it.

No mention of it, even though Jaken constantly reminded him that it was Kagura. In fact, after a little while, he took it upon himself to go to her and not the other way around. When they were looking for the gateway to the path between this world and the next and Kagura was just standing there manga chapterSesshomaru hopped on the rock, got closer to her, and asked her what she knew even though during the encounter before, she had kidnapped Rin.

And don't tell me that Sesshomaru wasn't mad because Kagura was under Naraku's orders-Kohaku was also brainwashed by Naraku as well and Sesshomaru didn't hesitate to choke Kohaku manga chapterpage 7.

Him and Koga never meet each other in the manga so Sesshomaru couldn't have done anything to Koga for killing Rin and there's no evidence that he's even aware of the fact that Koga killed Rin when Sesshomaru doesn't even know who Koga is in the manga, and the filler episode doesn't count because it wasn't written by Takahashi. But when Kagura kidnapped Rin, Sesshomaru acted like it had never even happened and didn't seem to care about it at all, even though she hadn't done anything to apologize like Sango had.

He's also lied for her. When Kagura gave him the Fuyoheki shards, Moryoumaru asked Sesshomaru where he got them from. Not to mention the river incident. So the relationship had been slowly progressing for a while, with him showing a bit of mistrust in the beginning only, but getting over it.

Didn't Sesshomaru move on from Kagura's death very easily? Read the answer to the question above. Not only that, Sesshomaru blew aside a chance to kill Naraku in order to get to Kagura while she was dying manga chapterpage 4. He made sure to let her know that he had come to see her specifically which is something that he does not do, he usually tells people that he was "just passing through" or that they were "just in the way" when he gets caught helping someone.

He drew Tenseiga to save her. Tenseiga didn't ask him to save her, but he tried anyway and he stayed with her until the end and he was touched by her smile. Sesshomaru became infuriated and knowingly put his own life in danger and broke his only offensive sword despite everyone's warnings just because Moryoumaru said a few bad words about Kagura. He knew that he had no real way to fight without it, but risked his life anyway.

If Inuyasha hadn't intervened at the last second, he probably wouldn't have gotten out alive. Even Moryoumaru had to point it out. Tenseiga itself called out to Totosai, saying that Sesshomaru's heart had been changed in a way that it never has been before because of Kagura and that it was now ready to transform into a fighting sword manga chapterpage When he was told about it, Sesshomaru instantly knew that Tenseiga was talking about Kagura.

Tenseiga didn't transform into a fighting weapon because of Rin or anyone else. It was Sesshomaru's feelings for Kagura, as confirmed by Tenseiga itself, that took his heart to that next level. He then vowed over the sword to make sure that she hadn't died in vain manga chapterpage Sure sounds like he "moved on very easily", huh? It was a huge deal. You have confirmation from Jaken, Rin, Moryoumaru, the entire Inu-tachi, Tenseiga, and Totosai that something is happening here.

Not to mention Rin's support. That is NOT easily moving on. While I do agree that Sesshomaru's immediate reaction to Rin's death was bigger than his immediate reaction to Kagura's death, the stuff that happened afterwards with Kagura were bigger than the stuff that happened with Rin. Sesshomaru dropped his sword for Rin, but he BROKE his sword for Kagura, and breaking a sword is a much bigger deal than dropping a sword, wouldn't you agree?

And Tenseiga, which can read hearts, did not transform into a fighting weapon because of Rin.

rin and sesshomaru relationship definition

Tenseiga only transformed into a fighting weapon because of Sesshomaru's feelings for Kagura. His Meidou Zangetsuha grew wider because of what he did for Rin, but Sesshomaru got a complete and total new technique and a new fighting sword because of his feelings for Kagura, and having a healing shiv transform into a fighting sword and getting a new technique is a bigger deal than a meidou growing wider.

I thought that Kagura's feelings for Sesshomaru were one-sided? Rumiko would not have written in something like "Sesshomaru's Tenseiga, which was previously only a healing shiv that couldn't cut anything, transforms into a fighting weapon and gains a new offensive technique because of Sesshomaru's feelings for Kagura and then he vows over the sword to avenge her" in there unless she was trying to show that Kagura's feelings WERE returned.

By contrast, Rumiko Takahashi's romantic couples are not always so obvious. It may not have been blatant enough for the fans because it wasn't verbally stated, however that doesn't change her intentions for writing the scene. She probably thought that the "Tenseiga is re-forged into a fighting weapon because of Sesshomaru's feelings for Kagura" scene would be enough to show that Sesshomaru had feelings for Kagura and that her feelings were returned.

Takahashi probably didn't feel the need to verbally state it because she didn't think that she'd need to; she probably didn't realize that if it wasn't verbally stated then it wouldn't be blatant enough for the fans.

I also know that Takahashi has a habit of introducing brand new characters just to serve as love interests for other characters, and then forgetting about them.

Takahashi pretty much forgot about Akari afterwards. Ukyo was also given a new love interest in the form of an effeminate transvestite ninja master, and the ninja was also only around for one chapter and then forgotten about. Sometimes she does this just to deter the fans from shipping pairings that she doesn't want them to ship.

So I get the feeling that the same thing happened during the "Inuyasha" series. In Urusei Yatsura, which is another manga that was written by Takahashi, Ryuunosuke was given a love interest in Nagisa, however Nagisa was only around for one chapter and then forgotten about afterwards; so the same thing probably happened with Sesshomaru and Kagura. Everything with Kagura probably happened because Rumiko Takahashi realized that people were shipping Sesshomaru and Rin together in a romantic manner and then she decided "hey look, I made Kagura follow Sesshomaru like she has a crush on him, why don't I elaborate on that a bit more?

But Sesshomaru's mother said that Sesshomaru was becoming like his father! Sesshomaru's father did not just have a human mistress. His father was also a symphathizer of humans in general, as evidenced by the fact that he wanted Inuyasha to use the Tessaiga to protect humans as Myoga stated in manga chapter 18, page So it may merely mean that he's learning to care about humans. Isn't Sesshomaru keeping in touch with Rin by visiting her and bringing her gifts? But how in the world does that mean that it's a romantic thing?

Rumiko wrote that scene in order to show that although Rin is living with humans for her safety and is gaining independence from her parent figure like all children dothey're still in touch, like children and parents tend to do after the child moves out of the house. Parents visit their grown children after they leave, sometimes bringing them gifts. And most children, even after they move out, still do depend on their parent figures from time to time for financial assistance and need help.

Family members very often visit each other and bring each other gifts. Is a father courting his daughter when he picks up a little something for her? I grew up in foster care in different living arrangements, and depending on the circumstances, kids that want to see their parents have visits. The parents come to visit the kids, sometimes take them out places, and they usually bring gifts.

This is what gives a lot of kids in foster care something to look forward to. When I saw the last chapter, it immediately reminded me of that, so I was shocked when people started using even that as so-called 'evidence' of Sesshomaru and Rin's relationship being a romantic thing.

But he gave her a kimono. Rin's mother is DEAD. The only clothes that Kaede can provide for Rin are miko robes, like the robes that Kaede gave to Kagome to wear even before she was training as one manga chapter 6, page 6.

Who provided the girl's kimono if the girl had no mother? The father or the father figure. Does that mean that he's courting her? And while it's true that kimonos can sometimes have romantic connotations, the keyword is sometimes. The same way that flowers are also traditionally courting gifts-well, pretty much everywhere-espcially a bouquet. Flower bouquets are usually also traditionally courting gifts. And yet, does that mean that Kohaku and Sango are a couple?

Though it only happens in the anime, the anime writers made it so that Kohaku gave Sango something that was traditionally a courting gift, but they only meant it as a platonic display of affection. So I think that it's very possible that Rumiko Takahashi could've meant the kimono as merely a platonic display of affection as well.

Kagura and Kanna received their kimonos from Naraku as well we can assume this, because let's face it, where else would they have gotten their kimonos? They weren't born fully clothed, as evidenced by the fact that Hakudoshi was born naked. In manga chapterpage 11, Kagura goes and finds Hakudoshi a kimono because Hakudoshi told her to go and find him some clothes. Is Kagura courting Hakudoshi?

Does that mean that Naraku is courting Kagura and Kanna? No, he was just providing for them like he's supposed to do so as their creator because he doesn't want them walking around naked. What about the Tale Of Genji and other works where things like this happened? Just because it happened in one book that has nothing to do with Inuyasha or Rumiko Takahashi, does that means that that's what's happening here?

Murasaki and Genji have nothing in common with Sesshomaru and Rin. Genji takes a liking to Murasaki because she looks like Fujitsubo, who he is obsessed with.

When her family won't give her to him cause she's viewed as being too young, he outright kidnaps her. He does send her to train in a palace to learn about noble life, etiquette, sewing, dyeing, etc. He continues to be involved with tons of other women and the book ends when their relationship is so damaged, Murasaki leaves him to become a nun.

Then she dies, and then Genji dies. So exactly what does Genji and Murasaki's situation have anything at all in common with Sesshomaru and Rin's situation? Hell, even the Inu-Kik-Kag triangle has more in common with The Tale Of Genji with the whole "initially-liking-someone-because-they-look-like-somebody-else" thing. Go here for more information on what happens in the Tale Of Genji: But didn't that kind of thing happen all the time historically, with the Japanese lords having child brides?

So that makes it okay? Historically, black people were kept as slaves and people thought that the Earth was flat. Does that mean that it's okay to keep black people as slaves?

That means that the Earth is flat? Plus if you wanted to be historically accurate, if you read the Tale of Genji, when the Japanese lords had child brides, they were sent to live with nobility in order to learn about noble life, etiquette, art, calligraphy etc.

That is what happens to Murasaki in the Tale Of Genji and since the Tale Of Genji was written during the Heian era by someone who actually lived during that time period, I'd assume that it's pretty historically accurate. This link will tell you that Genji trains Murasaki in his Nijo palace, in the summary for chapter 5: Rin is sitting in a peasant village, acting as a midwife and living with a miko, which is a complete and total death-knell to her ability to perform at Sesshomaru's rank.

rin and sesshomaru relationship definition

Sesshomaru could've easily sent her to live with his mom in her castle, but he didn't. If Rin was being trained as his wife, then why would she ever need to learn how to live with humans? Sesshomaru doesn't live with humans.

If she was gonna be his wife, then she would never need that. After she died in the Hell Arc, Sesshomaru immediately thought to himself, "I should've left her in a human village for her safety" manga chapterpage 6and at the end So yeah, this is most likely for her safety and well being and things are not going to change. So it's very obvious that Rin is not being "trained as a wife" for Sesshomaru in any way-nothing close to it.

Also, the age of marriage during the feudal era was fourteen, not eight. Rin is much too young for marriage even by feudal era standards and is still only around ten years old at the end. But isn't this kind of thing more accepted in Japan? If that is the case, then why is Hayao Miyazaki so clearly anti-lolicon?

Why is it that Miyazaki is Japanese, and yet he seems to be so adamently against this kind of thing? They immediately become the subjects of lolicon. In a sense, if we want to depict someone who is affirmative to us, we have no choice but to make them as lovely as possible. But now, there are too many people who shamelessly depict such heroines as if they just want such girls as pets, and things are escalating more and more.

The quote is here as the answer to the last question from Ryu Murakami: I don't think that he is, so I think that it's very possible that Takahashi could've intended for Sesshomaru and Rin's relationship to be strictly filial. Okay, so Rumiko's not automatically gonna be okay with this kind of thing just because she's Japanese.

That's been made very clear in the way that she portrayed Miroku and Koharu. When everyone found out that Miroku had proposed to an eleven year old girl to bear his child, they were shocked, disgusted and revolted by the fact that Miroku, a grown man the age of adulthood during the feudal era was 14 so Miroku was an adult by the standards of that time when he proposed to Koharuhad proposed to a child manga chapterpage 8.

The situation was portrayed as being something that was disgusting. They didn't care that Koharu had returned to Miroku when she was grown up. All of the other characters still thought that it was perverted, regardless of the fact that Koharu had come back to Miroku when she was older and of marrying age.

Why does it matter? The only thing that exists in a romantic relationship that does not exist in a filial relationship is the physical attraction. Why do you think that in order to fully consummate a marriage, you have to have sex? Because romantic love is a sexual form of love. If Sesshomaru is romantically interested in Rin, then it does mean that he's sexually attracted to her even if they aren't physically having sexand that's why this pairing bothers some people.

Because it does mean that Sesshomaru is sexually attracted to an eight year old girl that he watched grow up since she was a kid.

If Sesshomaru ended up with Rin, how could their relationship go on? - Sesshomaru Answers - Fanpop

But isn't Rin independent of Sesshomaru, like when she gets her own food? Feeding someone is considered to be a woman's duty in East Asian cultures. Rin has to feed herself because she is the female. It doesn't matter if she's a kid, since I was expected to cook and clean around the house as soon as I turned eleven.

rin and sesshomaru relationship definition

Even if that wasn't so, the fact that he makes her get her own food is MORE evidence that he's being paternal. He's preparing her to leave the nest. And obviously that includes getting your own food. Sesshomaru doesn't want Rin to be fully grown and not be able to fend for herself or even get her own food. Who has to remind their spouse to feed themselves, unless the person has some sort of special condition?

That's not something that a boyfriend normally does. That's something that a parent trying to teach their kid to do certain things does. So I feel that it misrepresents Jaken's relationship with Rin to leave that information in the article. Or is this something from the manga that isn't demonstrated very well in the anime run? It's probably more pro-sess than anti-inu. He obviously doesn't care much about humans.

Is it that it's a child? Perhaps he's disgusted with his fellow full-blooded canine demons for being so petty? I removed the part about scaring the wolves away; Sesshomaru got there long after the wolves had gone; he didn't even know that it was Koga's Wolf Demon Tribe that mauled Rin.

He didn't know it when he met Koga, and Rin has never told him; when she saw Koga again, and I'm not recalling the precise episode now, she was so frightened by the mere sight of him that she nearly lapsed into her terror silence again. So far as the anime has established, Sesshomaru knows nothing beyond the fact that Rin was mauled to death by wolves in the forest. His rage towards Koga if he knew is a plot device from the fandom. See, I knew people shouldn't put spoiler speculations.

That doesn't really have anything to do with Rin's characters, but you could put it in the Sesshomaru article instead. People just assume she'll just stay with him after the whole thing with Naraku is through, which may not be the case at all.

I hardly call knowing someone for four to five months being adopted. I'm taking her out of that category if no one objects.

rin and sesshomaru relationship definition

True, he does not support her; and he is reluctant to express any concern for her or for Jaken verbally. However, he did raise her from the dead and has acted swiftly to protect her when necessary, e.

One reason for stating that this is a parent-child relationship is to make it clear that it is not a male-female relationship which some might otherwise suggest.

We'll just have to wait and see what happens. If she stays with him she can go back, but for now I took her out of that category.

The reason "for stating that this is a parent-child relationship is to make it clear that it is not a male-female relationship" is not valid, since you are making something up to prevent others from suggesting something else. A Wikipedia article should be objective. Also, he allows her to travel with him which I doubt that he would for someone he did not care about. Also, some scenes in the anime strongly give the impression that Jaken and Rin are Sesshomaru's children although this is subjective.