Rin and kakashi relationship

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rin and kakashi relationship

Rin was not just a team-mate of Kakashi but also a dear friend to him loves Sakura, but being a ninja comes before having a relationship. Not every romantic relationship in the Naruto franchise is good for the story, It was also, however, the connection that he, Kakashi, and Rin. Kakashi when training with minato noticed he was more relaxed around rin and obito. When training minato was much more playful with them while serious with .

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Likewise, Lee never attempted to get in the way of Sakura pursuing a relationship with Sasuke despite his feelings for her. They might have produced one of the healthiest crushes in the franchise.

Hinata And Toneri The Last: Hinata got a lot of the spotlight, as she worked to save her little sister and her relationship with Naruto blossomed. Before that relationship could bloom, however, she agreed to marry Toneri. The problem was that no one actually believed that Hinata wanted to marry Toneri except for Naruto, who suddenly became the most gullible character in the franchise. It was an unnecessary way to move the plot of the movie along. Often forgotten is his wife.

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She also happened to belong to a very important clan that would eventually vanish - the Uzumakis. She was by his side in battle and eventually became the first jinchuuriki of the nine-tailed fox.

Without Mito and Hashirama, there would be no story for Naruto.

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Naruto used his crush as an excuse to follow Sakura, get in between her and Sasuke, and rush headlong to her defense in battle. Naruto The Movie, citing his crush as a form of competition with Sasuke. Ino, despite being empathetic and intelligent, was also incredibly shallow.

She was more worried about her appearance than physical training. Sai, despite being an incredibly capable shinobi, had no people skills.

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The two had a lot to learn. Over time, they valued one another as more than just a pretty face or a good battle partner, providing plenty of growth for the duo.

rin and kakashi relationship

Sakura And Sasuke They might be a fan-favorite couple, but Sakura and Sasuke have one of the most troubling relationships of the entire saga. Sakura spent nearly all of her formative years pining after Sasuke, wanting to be stronger so she could fight alongside him, and excusing a lot of his bad behavior.

For his part, Sasuke spent a lot of his formative years ignoring Sakura and trying to make himself more powerful. The only time he showed concern for her was when she was the weak link in the chunin exams.

rin and kakashi relationship

Sasuke also tried to mortally wound Sakura in battle several times, something she forgives a little too easily when she winds up marrying him. Filler episodes are created specifically for the anime to fill in gaps.

They occur while the animators wait for the manga story to catch up. Hanare being captured and interrogated in Konoha was one of them. After being interrogated, and supposedly erasing all of her own memories of the village, Hanare escapes.

Despite catching up with her, Kakashi allows her to leave. The two never interacted in the Naruto series that fans saw. Perhaps some of their potential story was cut for time? Even without any interactions, the two wound up married and with a daughter in the future. Fans would love to know. During this bell test, Sakura shows off her strength by punching the ground to find Kakashi. Stunned by her power, he stands there motionless. Throughout the arc, she is shown battling alongside her sensei proudly while showing off her strength.

After returning from fighting one of the Akatsuki members and encountering Sasuke for the first time in three years, Sakura returns to Konoha with her teammates to give intel of the events to Kakashi. Five Kage Summit Arc Edit Kakashi stops Sasuke from killing Sakura When Sakura approaches Naruto and confesses to him that she loves him, Kakashi is one of the many who are shown watching suspiciously and forbids Yamato from interfering in the conversation between the teammates.

When she leaves, he is informed by Sai 's clone of the purpose behind Sakura's fake confession to to keep Naruto at bay while she sets out to personally kill Sasuke.

Knowing that the medical nin was no match for the Uchihahe chases after her following the ink clone, which later disappears after Sakura uses a smoke bomb to knock her teammates out, and Kakashi rushes to her location.

rin and kakashi relationship

Upon arriving, he saves Sakura just in time to stop Sasuke's attack. Furious at Sasuke for trying to kill his own teammate, Kakashi then orders the medical nin to aid Karin who was heavily wounded at the time being. Sakura protests and asks him what about himself, to which he claims that Sakura shouldn't burden herself on killing Sasuke and, as Sasuke's teacher, he should be the one to stop him.

Sakura reluctantly relents and leaves with Karin to heal her. Contemplating his feelings being the same as the Third Hokage 's, the two Sharingan users clash.

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Sakura, who is mentally shattered of what Sasuke has become, leaves Karin and rejoins the battle. Upon watching the teacher and the student, she mutters to herself that she wouldn't allow Kakashi to burden himself.

rin and kakashi relationship

Rejoining the fight, she prepares to attack Sasuke but realizes she can't do it. Sensing her presence, he grabs her and is about to kill her while, Kakashi, who is exhausted for overusing the Sharingan, is unable to reach Sakura in time to save her. Naruto then arrives in time to save Sakura. After the team reunites, Kakashi again orders Sakura to leave with Naruto because he doesn't want them to witness him killing Sasuke but Naruto stops him.

Soon after, Sasuke leaves with Tobi. When naruto collapses from the poisoned kunai cut mark, Kakashi tells Sakura to get the antidote and later tells her to apologize to her comrades for knocking them out earlier.

Upon the reunion, the two comment on how much Sakura has grown, much to her surprise.

rin and kakashi relationship

Infinite Tsukuyomi Arc Edit Right after she got herself teleported outside the Kamui's dimension by Obito, Sakura is shocked, seeing Kakashi missing his left eye. She rushed to his side giving him medical aid while reporting to her team the situation from the Kamui's dimension and warned them about the upcoming danger with Madara. As they wait for Madara, Sakura discusses their strategy with Naruto and Sasuke while Kakashi takes the moment to reflect how much his students have changed since their first introduction; with Sakura, Kakashi notes her feelings for Sasuke are the same but stronger and she continues to love and care for him despite his previous attempt on her life.