Rick and morty season 2 episode 7 ending relationship

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rick and morty season 2 episode 7 ending relationship

Of all the relationships established in Rick And Morty's first season, Beth Episode. 7. Of all the relationships established in Rick And Morty's first 12/10/ 18 PM off against one another, only to realize in the end that their particular That's a factory in the episode's other storyline (which is not, as Rick . Rick and Morty Season 2 Episode 7 Review: “Big Trouble in Little Sanchez” a great secondary plot that focused on the relationship between Beth and Jerry. Rick and Morty: "Auto Erotic Assimilation" (Season 2, Episode 3) - Episode Discussion (rhein-main-verzeichnis.infodmorty) .. Which really harshes Rick's buzz (and, tying into the relationship analysis, threatens to take Unity .. load more comments (7 replies) .. That might be why he's so passive at the end with Beth.

It's an excellent episode and any prior knowledge will really detract from the impact of it.

rick and morty season 2 episode 7 ending relationship

This week's Rick and Morty fed us a total mislead. From the episode's title and the opening scene, where Rick and Morty from universe C are getting on their scuba gear prepared us for an underwater escapade.

But if there's one thing the Rick and Morty writers love, it's slapping you right in the face with something unexpected, preferably in the form of graphic violence. Our C heroes barely featured in this episode, only appearing in the pre- and post-credit scenes. Instead we were given lots of parallel plots in The Citadel, a place where infinite Ricks and Mortys have formed a society in the wake of C annihilating the council of Ricks.

A key plot-line was the political campaign of 'Candidate Morty' who unexpectedly beats his rival Ricks with an impassioned speech about social division between Ricks and Mortys. Once in office Candidate Morty goes even more Machiavellian than Frank Underwood, and in the final shot it is revealed that he is the same Morty from Season 1, episode 10 'Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind', affectionately known by fans as "Evil Morty".

Adult Swim The reappearance of Evil Morty does not bode well, but so long as Rick and Morty C stay away from the citadel they should be safe A fan theory uploaded on reddit thinks otherwise.

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The theory hones in on a few subtle inconsistencies in the show's plot. As a rule Rick and Morty is extremely conscientious to remain consistent, even when it comes to really minor details.

rick and morty season 2 episode 7 ending relationship

A pretty appropriate reaction to being in Rick's vicinity. Adult swim Seeing as Morty is only fourteen, how is this possible?

Glexo notices that neither of them are in the cell. A guard is sent in the cell to search, when Jerry's Mytholog, smeared with Beth's mytholog's dark blood shrinks, revealing Beth's mytholog behind him. Beth's Mytholog immediately smacks the guard into the electric gate, shocking him to a crisp, leaving his skeleton behind. The other guards are told to secure the cell, but it was too late, allowing Beth and Jerry's mythologs to escape and rampage across the retreat, killing several guards and visitors.

rick and morty season 2 episode 7 ending relationship

At the Smith House, Tiny Rick plays a song, which happens to sound like Rick's older mind wanting to escape out of his younger body, but nobody notices except Summer, who seems suspicious of something happening. Back at the therapy retreat, Beth and Jerry's mythologs continue to wreak havoc. Glexo, Jerry, and Beth hide in a room, with Glexo questioning why the two are married and why they're still together, with Beth saying that this is just bad couples therapy.

rick and morty season 2 episode 7 ending relationship

The three begin to run amongst all of the chaos occuring to a ship at the end of a hallway. Glexo Slim Slom then escapes after hearing there's only room for one person on board, leaving Beth and Jerry stranded at the retreat. Jerry finds a crawlspace behind a small hatch, asking Beth to find one so both of them could survive the rampage of their mythologs. Beth states Jerry might survive staying there, but she'll look for a way out.

Suddenly, Beth is taken by her Mytholog and Jerry is chased by his Mytholog.

rick and morty season 2 episode 7 ending relationship

Back at school, Mr. Goldenfold tells the students they'll look back at being in high school with Tiny Rick and Morty, then dismisses class. Summer walks into the classroom and asks Tiny Rick if he'll transfer into his older body today. Tiny Rick says no since it's the big dance, and Morty's bringing Jessica. Summer again questions Tiny Rick when he'll return to his older body, and he responds saying he'll do it whenever he feels like it.

Morty reminds Summer that Tiny Rick was her idea, and now she's trying to stop him.

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Cornered, Jerry gets into a fighting stance and yells at his mytholog to "get back". The mytholog scoots back in fear, leaving Jerry confused. Jerry then feigns an attack the mytholog, making it flinch. He's immediately angered because this is how Beth sees him, and orders his mytholog to take him to Beth's location. Meanwhile, Beth is held hostage by her mytholog, which wants Jerries. Beth's mytholog straps the helmet on to Beth to create more Jerry mythologs to eventually dominate the universe.

Beth asks her mytholog why she doesn't strap Jerry into the chair to make more of her, and the mytholog explains it's because there can't be more than one of her, since she's the smartest being alive since that's how much stronger and smarter Jerry thinks Beth is than him. Many Jerry mythologs are then produced out of the machine. At the dance party, Tiny Rick sings a song similar to his first one while dancing, with the last line being "I'm dying in a vat in the garage. Gene pulls out a bag of wooden stakes, saying they were found in his locker, then expels Tiny Rick.

Rick is automatically angry, goes back into the gym and spills Summer's drink on her top, telling everyone that Summer got him expelled, then marches out. Fortunately, everyone begins to boo Summer for her stupidness and selfishness, including Toby Matthews presumably ending their relationship. Summer runs out, crying while everyone tosses soda cans at her, something she deserved. Back at the retreat, dozens of Jerry mythologs have been produced, when Jerry shows up with a gun and begins to shoot the mythologs.

Beth then begins thinking of Jerry stronger than before, causing normal Jerries to appear out of the machine.


As Jerry kills more mythologs, muscular Jerries are produced and begin to kill more mythologs as well. Rick's older body is seen in the garage, while Tiny Rick sneaks up, wielding an axe. Right before attacking, Morty, unfortunately and stupidly, tackles Tiny Rick while Summer kicks away the axe. Tiny Rick then tries to get Morty to back away from him, until Morty again tackles Tiny Rick, knocking him into a shelf, causing the two to get into a fight. Tiny Rick tosses a camera at Morty and misses, and is then pinned down by him.

Summer then puts earbuds into Tiny Ricks ears and turns on a song by Elliot Smith. Tiny Rick tears up, questioning life and realizing he's old, not young.

Rick and Morty Season 3 - Episode 7 Evil Morty (ENDING SONG)

Tiny Rick then gets the two to transfer his mind into his older body. Jerries are still beating up mythologs as narcissistic Jerries shake hands, while Beth's mytholog kills the muscular Jerries.