Resident evil degeneration leon and claire relationship

Leon and Claire throughout the ages. Are they going be couple in the end ? : residentevil

resident evil degeneration leon and claire relationship

If there's ever a game about the Resident Evil biohazard coming to an end . Claire's relationships share a similar fate as Leon's, where she keeps .. an attraction to Leon like Angela Miller kinda had back in Degeneration?. And even the upcoming CG movie Resident Evil Degeneration reunites Leon and Claire from RE2. In other words, RE2 is essential in the series mythology. Yeah I always felt the relationships in Resident Evil were about It's canon that Leon and Ada fucked in Degeneration, with very very cringy.


I have a working theory that Leon prefers brunettes anyway. Hunnigan would also be making a bad career move if she fell in love with an agent. They care for eachother and it seems to help their working relationship but it could go no further.

resident evil degeneration leon and claire relationship

They'll have to be content being friends. He tries to flirt with her in RE4 "Hunnigan Angela and him definitley had chemistry.

She confirmed it by asking him "to go diving together" and he didn't turn her down. Helena wants to keep their relationship professional since she blames herself for Tall Oaks, but over time she starts to like any attention he gives her.

Leon Chapter One cut scene when they jump down into the sewers they have a 'moment' but then Helena interrupts it and this is when she's still feeling guilty.

Later, on the plane when he hits on her she's into it.

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In the end both of them survive the events along with Barry, who arrived to look for them, and a little girl named Natalia Korda. Claire is playable in Resident Evil: Veronica, in Resident Evil Survivor 2 — Code: Veronicathe entire plot of which is actually just her nightmare dream after the escape from Antarctica in the original Code: Veronica, and in Resident Evil: Uprising, a mobile game version of Resident Evil 2. She is a further playable in the non-canonical spin-off games Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3Dand in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City where she is also one of the game's bosses in the game's main mode.

In addition, Claire is one of two playable characters in Resident Evil: Zombie Busters, which started as a browser game in the Capcom Party line and in was converted for mobile phones. Behind the scenes[ edit ] Claire Redfield was originally known as 'Elza Walker', the female lead in the original version of Resident Evil 2 inafter a year of work, this version of the game was scrapped by the development team and is now widely referred to as " Resident Evil 1.

resident evil degeneration leon and claire relationship

In the released version of the game, rewritten by Noboru SugimuraElza Walker, a blond [12] college student and motorcycle racer, [13] [14] [15] was changed into Chris Redfield's sister named Claire.

She was given physical features which more closely resemble her brother, her signature jacket with "Made in Heaven" printed on the back, and a sheath for a standard-issue S. I thought she should look the same, but the game director made her that way because she had such an experience in Resident Evil 2, she could handle any situation now!

Leon x Claire !❤👑

The game's producer Michiteru Okabe said: Her wardrobe was also redesigned, with her original hotpants replaced by jeans trouses and the jacket now being long-sleeved. Anderson 's series debut Resident Evil: ExtinctionClaire is the leader of a convoy of zombie apocalypse survivors who, at the end of the film, go to Alaska in search of a safe haven.

AfterlifeClaire is ambushed by the Umbrella Corporation and manipulated by a device that controls her and impairs her memory by injecting a drug into her bloodstream, before she is rescued by Alice and reunited with her brother Chris.

resident evil degeneration leon and claire relationship

Claire did not return in Resident Evil: They have a closer history, and in RE4, Leon even toldd Ashley that Ada was a part of him that he could never let go of. I mean, despite Ada's attitude, you can still tell that she loves Leon as well, she's helped him A LOT, even though she makes it seem like she doesn't.

And labelling Ada traitor and Clarie trustworthy is a bit too biased for a poll, don't you think? If anything, it's actually regressed since then. Leon and Ada were only with each other for only a few minutes or hours at the most in RE2. In RE4 they are once again with each other for a short time.

The fact that they got into a fight and are ready to kill each other doesn't say a whole lot for them as a couple.

resident evil degeneration leon and claire relationship

As for what was said in Behind the Scenes of RE: Damnation… keep in mind the writer knew pretty much knew nothing about the series going into the project, and his comment about the line is his own fucking head-canon.