Relationship goals april and andy

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relationship goals april and andy

Funny photos. Relationship Goals with April and Andy. Relationship goals Gracioso, Frases, Chris Pratt, Leslie Knope, Ron Swanson, April Ludgate Andy Dwyer Andy And April, April 3, Parks And Recs, Andy. Abrir. A subreddit for the fans of the show Parks and Recreation. Discussion of the show, pictures from the show and anything else Parks and.

Their imperfect relationship made them perfect. It was realistic, and almost every woman could relate to something the couple had been through. In real life, who knows if they both would have ever been able to commit. But I am happy they ended up together after all life had to throw at them. They will forever be my favorite on-screen couple.

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Forget Kim and Kanye, Westley and Buttercup will always be the epitome of relationship goals for me. Boy Meets World aired for seven seasons in the s.

15 Times April And Andy From 'Parks And Recreation' Were The Cutest Couple Ever

Cory and Topanga were grade school, then middle school, then high school sweethearts. They had their ups and downs but they never really gave up on their relationship. They got married near the end of the series.

But the way their relationship formed hits my soft spot. Dwayne always had a thing for Whitley but he was more of her best guy friend. Kordale Lewis and Kaleb Anthony This pair of hot dads who rose to fame on Instagram after posting a pic of the two of them styling their daughters' hair together, broke hearts around the internet when they split up last year.

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But love and family ultimately prevailed and the couple is back together and posting loving pics on Instagram. Zachary Quinto Instagram Andy starred and Michael directed.

relationship goals april and andy

Michael Arden Instagram Lena Waithe and Alana Mayo Producer, writer, and actress Lena Waithe may be on her way to being a household name, but the other half of this power couple is equally impressive. These two could take over the world together.

The couple actually announced their engagement in March of this year! The pair is past the newlywed stage and still going strong.

relationship goals april and andy

The couple is raising fraternal twins, daughter Olivia Lou and son Lucas Claude. Greg Berlanti and Robbie Rogers Now this is another major power couple. The couple has been together sincegot married last year, and have a two year-old son together.

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The adorable couple is still married two years later. Lily Tomlin and Jane Wagner Actress Lily Tomlin and writer Jane Wagner may have gotten legally married inbut the pair met 44 years ago, in Tomlin discussed her relationship instating: Even if they knew, they would [refer to Jane as] "Lily's collaborator," things like that. Some journalists are just motivated by their own sense of what they want to say or what they feel comfortable saying or writing about. In '77, I was on the cover of Time.

The same week I had a big story in Newsweek.

relationship goals april and andy

In one of the magazines it says I live alone, and the other magazine said I live with Jane Wagner. Unless you were so really adamantly out, and had made some declaration at some press conference, people back then didn't write about your relationship. Their long-term commitment is completely inspiring.