Ramachandran and jayalalitha relationship trust

How Jayalalithaa Lived Up To The Promise She Made To MGR

While the incident which revealed that she could not trust her own The tumultuous ups and downs in her relationship with MGR started in the. S. Ramachandran recalled that 'nobody' wanted her in the party. Here is an excerpt from the biography which focuses on MGR's tumultuous relationship with Jayalalithaa. Because he said he could not trust the people around him, and, at that time, his . TAGS: jayalalitha, tamil nadu, aiadmk, mgr. I would say it is apparent that MGR had a relationship with Jayalalitha in their the other part a major one was dominated by 'M.G. Ramachandran' (qv) as I had .

None had a portfolio like her in the movie industry. She got it all which eventually led her into the political scenario. Back then Sasikala was a frustrated housewife who wanted to hit on the Film Industry. As Sasikala was interested in films, she chose the business of video renting in order to earn some more bucks.

She also bought a video camera and started shooting marriages in her locality. She along with her husband managed to convince the then collector of Cuddalore district to shoot a video film for Jayalalitha to which the collector gladly obliged. Very soon, Sasikala became the trusted companion of Jayalalitha. She stood along with Jayalalitha in both the good and the bad times. Supporting her on and off the screen.

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With the resolve she made, she ended up swooping the assembly polls of by a huge margin. The fact that MGR did not identify her as his successor till the end speaks volumes of his ambivalence towards her.

Thirunavukkarasar acknowledged that MGR would suggest Jayalalithaa conduct public meetings, instead of him, as his health was not good.

How Jayalalithaa made her political debut

Solai was given the task to train her in public speaking and to write her speeches. Valampuri John appears to have also assisted with her speeches.

Solai recalled her reading the first speech he had prepared and repeating it on her request thrice. Solai was astonished when she was able to repeat the speech verbatim. Her debut speech was not political. But she turned it into a political speech, when she rhetorically posed the question: MGR seemed both possessive and eager to flaunt the star as a trophy.

Her independence, bordering on disobedience and disrespect to MGR, led to their relationship blowing hot and cold by turn, and her detractors taking advantage of her shortcomings to widen the chasm between the mentor and the mentee.

It is not clear if MGR was suspicious, protective, possessive or a control freak. Salem Kannan too would have us believe that MGR watched her.

The Company that kept Her

Ramachandran said that MGR monitored the size of her meetings, the reception and the content of her speeches. It is true that Jayalalithaa had to take instructions and approval for her activities. But she took her job seriously. She was given the green light then to attend the party office and go on a tour once in ten days.

Her debut political meeting on 17 October happened at Mangollai, in Mylapore, Madras. She criticized the Centre for not involving itself in the Cauvery issue because of the elections in Karnataka.

She also said that if Karnataka were to claim ownership of the Cauvery water then a situation would arise where Tamil Nadu might claim ownership for the oil discovered on its shores. Ananda Vikatan reported that there was a heavy police presence around the meeting venue and policemen locked arms to form a human chain, preventing entry even to residents of the street where the meeting was held.

Jayalalithaa wore black blouse and a dark red silk sari, and spoke last of all, with notes. Navaneethakrishnan — were removed from party posts. Jayalalithaa wrote to the DGP asking for police protection for her supporters. Pandian — who was among the first to revolt against V. Sasikala now — who was then the Speaker, forwarded a petition to Nedunchezhian and six other Ministers seeking their disqualification from the Assembly under the anti-defection law. Davaram said the arrest was a preventive measure.

Jayalalithaa Biography: MGR Swept Her Up In His Arms

Jayalalithaa alleged a plot to kill her, and the police registered a case. Pandian said that they were still members of the party.

ramachandran and jayalalitha relationship trust

She also went to Delhi to meet the President R. Venkatraman and Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

Jayalalithaa and MGR love story goes viral: 6 things to know about it!

Aranganayagam urged party workers to elect her as the general secretary. The Congress [then the Congress I ] had promised its support to the government, but on the day of voting, it was clear that the party would vote against the government.

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Elangovan, Durai Krishnamoorthi, T. Sornalingam had informed the Speaker that they had resigned from their Membership of the House.

ramachandran and jayalalitha relationship trust

A few minutes later, these MLAs entered the House.