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Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer () on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more This is a great cartoon with good morals and a good ending. .. I especially like the relationship between Rainbow and Darian and find it very amusing. Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer is a animated fantasy film directed by Bernard Deyriès She, however, doesn't want to end her winter fun, so Rainbow battles her for control over the season. She proves to be no match for Rainbow. Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer 30th Anniversary After Rainbow Brite's initial run ended, there were several attempts to reinvent her.

I remember the writer of the script smoked a pipe and I can still remember how it smelled - that makes me smile. I think my favorite memory is seeing all of our hard work come to life on the night of the premiere. I had been imagining how it would look based on the storyboards, and seeing all the elements come together as a child was magical. Though the series has never officially been released on DVD in the United States, the film was in However, the singled disc version has long since been out of print.

After Rainbow Brite's initial run ended, there were several attempts to reinvent her, however none of them seemed to shine quite as brightly as the original. Then, inHallmark's online network Feeln. The series was successful enough that it appears Feeln is developing an ongoing series. In comparison to characters like My Little Pony and the ever popular Barbie, Rainbow Brite's initial popularity may have been short-lived, but her colors are just as bright today as they were in and so is her fan-base.

Each of them operate their own Rainbow Brite website and together have a podcast devoted to all things Rainbow Brite, BriteCast. With all her incarnations and that fact that Rainbow Brite has never really left public consciousness is a true testament to how special and beloved this character is. She represents hope, strength of spirit, and the power of believing in your purpose," Bettina says the character. Rainbow Brite embodies that, so people will always love her.

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I'm blessed to have had the opportunity to give her a voice. We want to discover where Wisp comes from, how she becomes Rainbow Brite, and follow her first big adventure to save RainbowLand. In the original show, Rainbow Brite sort of walks in super over-powered and beats up a hydra in the first episode. Our story is all about Wisp's path to become the hero that RainbowLand needs - something she doesn't think she's capable of.

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How did you come on board? Brittney Williams Dynamite Entertainment Whitley: I worked with Dynamite editor Kevin Ketner previously on my short run on Vampirella. While that was a very different book from Rainbow Brite, we had a great working relationship and really appreciated what the other brought to the table. When Kevin got the chance to work on Rainbow Brite, he let me know they were taking pitches if I was interested.

I thought it over and put together an idea for a pitch for a book I'd really like to write. As it turns out, both Kevin and Hallmark liked the idea too, and decided to bring me on. How familiar were you with Rainbow Brite prior to this? Tried rewatching the original cartoon and was kind of shocked how dark the first episodes were. I definitely watched it - and had the bed sheets - as a kid.

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I hadn't watched the episodes in a long time, until I started working on the pitch. Those darker first few episodes were actually a lot of my inspiration for what I wanted to do with the book. After staring blankly into space for several minutes, I was left with this question: Are you following any of these, creating your own mythology, or some combination thereof? It's closest to the first-generation continuity.

That's the only one I was really interested in engaging with on any kind of story level. Some of the other stuff has some decent ideas, but as the record of their length shows, they didn't connect the way the first generation did.

Tell us a bit about Rainbow Brite as a character. She's mainly defined by Tony Fleecs Dynamite Entertainment Whitley: Rainbow Brite, to my mind, is a lot like Wonder Woman or Moana. She is a hero that's defined not solely by her ability to punch or shoot magic at things, but by her empathy, kindness, and compassion. Unlike Wonder Woman, Wisp is unsure that she is worthy of this power.

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She's not sure that she's the one who ought to be saving the day, but she's the one who's there and just because she doesn't think she can do a thing is no excuse not to try. Also tell us a bit about the other Color Kids.

They're interesting in that they've typically been represented as having personalities and such across a spectrum relating to their signature colors, which takes on additional meaning given how much we now know about the spectrum of human behavior since the original cartoon aired. Well, the interesting thing looking at the original is how much the show seems interested in diversity, and how little the cast actually reflects it.

We aim to change that up a little bit. Also, we're making a little bit of a nomenclature switch. We'd like to expand how they're represented from how they've been shown in previous generations. It'll take a while to get all of the Color Guardians in the same place, but it will be worth the wait.